A Hobby of Yours - Day 20

For the first time in my 27 years of life, naming a hobby is actually easy. Honestly, until a year ago, I had no hobby. I was involved in activities in highschool, I've dabbled in sewing here and there, I half*ss scrapbook, but nothing that I was truly passionate about, throughoughly enjoyed, and kept up with regularly. My hobby is photography and it is quite ironic that I got my camera almost exactly a year ago. Boy, I have come a long ways.
I feel like I finally have a grasp on the basics of photography and know enough to throughoughly enjoy it. I understand the photography triangle, ISO, metering, focal points, and all the technical stuff. I don't get flustered shooting in manual anymore and feel like I can take my time and actually consider composition and be creative when I'm behind the lense. I haven't ever voluntarily taken the time to learn or study something this much before in my life. There is so much knowledge at my fingertips and I am excited to learn. And upgrade! You should see my Christmas list. I'm debating between a new camera body or a new MacBook computer for storage and editing. Have I mentioned this is an expensive hobby? Nonetheless, I finally have one.

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amanda said...

i know the feeling...i want a mac and a new telephoto lens. i wish my money tree would start producing.