Favorite TV Show - Day 3

I have no shame. Tj and I watch nothing but reality TV. (And Family Guy, which is embarrassing as well.) His lineup consists of American Pickers, American Chopper, Top Chef, and Pawn Shop. My lineup consists of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, Kendra, Bachelor Pad (or The Bachelor when its on), The Real World, Hells Kitchen - you name it, we watch it. But our all time favorite show? I'm going to go ahead and speak for the both of us and say Survivor. Come on, the 21st season starts on September 15th! If it's been on air for that long, its gotta be good.

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Reed Family said...

I totally forgot about Kendra! One of my fav's too! And yes Robby's obsessed with American Pickers and Pawn shop also...so they have weasel'd into my fav's too.