Favorite Book - Day 4

This isn't really a fair question because up until last year sometime, I hadn't read a book since highschool. The last book I read in Honors English was the last book I read since graduating highschool in 2001. Sad but true. THEN - my sister told me I should read the Twilight Series. I was just going back to work after having Tylee and had several 30 minute pumping sessions in the bathroom each day with nothing to do except sit there. So I said okay, I'll read it. I was addicted within minutes of opening the very first book and didn't stop reading until I was through all four. I already know what you are thinking, Twilight wins by default, right? NO, omg, NO! It is the best series of books, ever. If you haven't read it, you need too. Trust me on this one - it isn't as weird as it sounds.

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