It cooled off for what, 3 days? Boy was I thankful for those 3 days but somehow, I didn't get the memo that it was HOT again. I wore long sleeved shirts to work several days last week and kept having the itch to do something outside - because it was nice! Except it wasn't.Well, because it was (not) so nice out, we took advantage of my last Monday off and took Tylee to the zoo. Ohmigosh, it was hot! We should've waited. This trip, I opted out of pictures voluntarily because believe me, we don't want that documented. Tj commented about 10 minutes into the trip that my makeup was melting off. For him to notice, means it must've been bad. I promise, it was. Oh well. The important thing is that Tylee didn't care about the heat at all. She had a blast. The whole way there she was so excited to see "the Dragon." I was a little nervous about this but lucked out. Iguana = Dragon. She loved all the "am-mi-mals" and went 100mph all day. She was literally out before we even got out of the parking lot. That is always a sign of a successful day.
*I feel like I'm wasting a blog post by posting 2-in-1 day but I don't want to wait until October to post about our zoo trip.


Sunni said...

Sedgwick County Zoo, right? I LOVE it. =)

The Kepley Family said...

That is the best zoo!! We are taking the kids tomorrow.