Tylee is obsessed with all things Cowboy and is quick to point out anyone wearing a cowboy hat when we see them. "Look Mom! A cowboy!" She also can point out spurs, chaps, boots, indians and horses, and would rather watch a Western than cartoons. See? Tj really did get his little boy. This weekend is the Farm Heritage Days in Parsons and as Tylee and I were discussing our weekend, I told her she was going to that with Grammy and Pom-pom on Friday. Apparently, it had already been discussed because this is the discussion that followed:

Tylee: I'm going to ride the Cowboy's horse!

Me: You are?! You won't be scared?

Tylee: No. I not scared. They won't shoot me.

Me: They better not shoot at you!

Tylee: No. The (s)nake bite them in the leg.

Me: Oh, so there will be snakes there too?

Tylee: Hop on, Cowboy. Hop on. *Giggle*


We Quit Too

Tylee is annoyed with the blog challenge also, so we are quitting too.

I have no idea what my hopes, dreams, and plans are for the next 365 days but if you stay tuned, you'll find out right along with me!

My immediate plan is to figure out how in the heck to get this child to look at me when I get out my camera. If she would cooperate and take just one.single.picture, she would learn that I would put my camera down much faster and actually play with her.


Your Year, In Great Detail - Day 28

I think I'm a good enough blogger, I can skip this day. You probably know more about my year than you probably care to know.


Your Month, In Great Detail - Day 27

October is probably my favorite month of the year but I am a little irritated this year because EVERY weekend is booked. Annoying! At least it is booked with things I want to do. It still just sucks not having any free weekends.

October 2-3: As noted here, this weekend is full with Boone's Certification, 3 Baby Showers, and a Fish Fry.

October 9-10: This weekend is Gueda Fest, which is always a blast but sounds like 2 out of the 2 people we go out there to see, are busy. We may still make the trip but also may go camping as well. I've been begging Tj to take Tylee to Silver Dollar City but at this rate, I would be okay with just camping at Farlington. Our poor camper hasn't gotten much love this summer.

October 16-17: This weekend is the big Texas/Nebraska game that we are in hopes of getting tickets for. I just checked on Ebay and tickets are going for around $250 a ticket. OUCH! We have an inside connection that we are still hoping pulls through but our hopes are not high. Tj will not be any where but the couch.

October 23-24: I have written every year since I've had the blog about going on the annual October Road Rally. The first year, I had just found out I was pregnant and was my first real experience not partaking with everyone else. I am happy to partake this year and not only do we get to go on the Road Rally, we get to plan it as well! We have the 40-mile route mapped out and need to go back in the next couple weeks and fill in the clues. That task will fill-in any of the remaining free days we have during the month.

October 30-31: This weekend is busy as well, with 3 Halloween parties to attend Saturday night and Halloween on Sunday. To top that off, we are thinking of going to the Nebraska/Missouri game that Saturday as well. I will be happy when October is over.


Your Week in Great Detail - Day 26

Last week? Or the week that is to come? Hm. Again, this sucks because it falls on a Sunday. We'll go with my plans for this coming week.

Monday - No plans. Recover from the weekend and spend some much needed time with my little girl.

Tuesday - Brecca's 8th birthday so I assume a Birthday Party is in the making for tonight.

Wednesday - No plans. I have yet to get my fall stuff out so I may do that. I also haven't had my camera out in several weeks so may have a mini-photoshoot with Tylee.
Thursday - A dinner date at the Golf Club for my friend Kerri's actual birthday.
Friday - Staying home, cleaning the house, and getting ready for our busy weekend to come.
Saturday - How many things can we cram into one weekend? Saturday morning we are getting Boone APLA Certified. Tj is renting me a Telephoto lense so I can take pictures. I am SO excited to have a $1200 lense in my posession for a week! I also had a Baby Shower in Gueda Springs for our good friends Curtis and Sunni that I guess I'm not going to make. After the Certification, (if I make it in time) I have both a fish fry and a baby shower in Chanute that afternoon. Tylee and I may just stay all night Saturday night because....
Sunday - Only one obligation on Sunday and I am SO excited for it. My brother and SIL's baby shower is in Chanute that I am helping host.


Your Day, In Great Detail - Day 25

I was exactly right! My Saturday went something like this:

7:00am - Wake up.
7:30am - Make breakfast.
8:00am - Eat breakfast, clean up, watch E! News.
8:30am - Get in the tub.
9:30am - Finish getting ready, dress Tylee, and head to Grandmas.
10:00am - Get home from town to find my husband taking a nap. NOT FAIR! Play on the computer. Obviously, do not update my blog.
11:00am - Head to town with Tj to find some lunch.
12:00pm - Go to Cherryvale to my friend Kerri's big birthday bash...partake in the festivities.
12:00am - Arrive home and crawl in bed.


Whatever Tickles Your Fancy - Day 24

I am so excited that the high is only 80 today and tomorrow and 65 on Sunday! Welcome Fall! I still don't have my fall stuff out but that is my goal this weekend. I was dying to put it out at the end of August but somewhere between then and now, I lost my motivation. Corn harvest has been in full force for more than a month now so I hope I can still find corn stalks. They are my favorite part of all my fall decor. I bet its too late. Either way, hopefully Tylee and I can accomplish that this weekend. I assume that is one of those projects I'm excited to do with her but will quickly realize that she is too much help.
We have a busy weekend planned but I'm looking forward too it. I'm a little annoyed that the blog challenge tomorrow is to document my day in great detail. It will be something like, "Wake up, drop Tylee off at Grandmas, and head to Cherryvale to a bonfire birthday party at 10am." What a great mother, I am. In all honesty, Tj and I need a break. Although I loved my 11 days at home with Tylee from my surgery, I am 100% not cut out to be a stay-at-home-Mom. I am looking forward to a great day with friends and no responsibilities. I'll go back into Mom-mode on Sunday.
Tylee has been as cute as ever lately. Tj has been keeping her a lot and whenever I ask what her and Daddy did, I usually get, "Um - we played." Sometimes I'll get a story (that is usually only half-true) but for the most part when you ask what she is doing, she'll answer with, "Just playin." She is fascinated with Barbies and Mermaids at the moment and has recently started having interest in anything Princess related. On the total opposite of that, she is obsessed with riding the Rhino and lawnmower and is quite a Daddy's girl. Looks like I got my girly-girl and he got his tomboy all bundled into one beautiful little girl. I keep thinking that she can't get any more fun but she never seizes to amaze me.


A YouTube Video - Day 23

I am not a big YouTube fan. My husband will randomly find something funny on there and although hilarious, none of them are appropriate for this blog. So I'm going to copy my friend Audrey (again) and post this Rear-facing carseat video. I'm not even going to pretend to know the facts so just click on over to her blog if you are interested - AND YOU SHOULD BE. She does all the research, I (or Tylee) reap the benefits.

I have turned Tylee around now, although it is probably recommended she still be rear-facing. She was rear-facing up until sometime around her 2nd birthday and during a carseat exchange with my Mom, I decided to turn her around. Tylee, as well as most kids I assume, hit a major growth spurt between 18-months and 2 years old and I am okay with my decision to have her face-forward now. 1 year old = baby, 2 years old = toddler.


A Website - Day 22

I cheat. I only actually go to 2 websites a day. Okay, maybe 3 because my friend Sunni has her blog locked so it doesn't show up in Google Reader.
Google Reader - This is my list of blogs I read. I have around 75 blogs in here and as soon as you update, it pops up that I have something new to read. Think it is coincedental that I comment on your blog within seconds of adding a new post? Not so much.
People - I added People in my Google Reader once and it was a mess. Everytime I would sign it I would have 45-50 new updates to read. Who has time for that? So I deleted it and I check this first thing in the morning when I get to work, after lunch when I sit back down at my desk, and at least once more before I leave.
Here are a couple other sites (or blogs) worth mentioning that are in my Google Reader (that I didn't mention the other day.) .
Audrey's Blog - If you don't read this blog, you need to start immediately. She is both real and funny - and takes good pictures to boot!
Ashley Ann - I initially started reading Ashley Ann's blog for photography purposes but she is also an amazing crafter. (Is that a word?) She has some great ideas if you are looking to redecorate.
The Spohr's are Multiplying - This couple lost a baby over a year ago and although I started reading because of that (sad but true), I now read because she is hilarious and updates daily. Honestly, cracks.me.up.
OMG, I'm a Mom - My friend Amanda showed me this blog and I was hooked at first glance. I don't know what it is about her but it was blog love at first site. Beware - she 100% tells the truth about raising a child.
My list could go on and on. Maybe after this challenge is over I'll highlight a blog I read a week. Not that anyone really cares but who doesn't need more to read? Ha. Kidding.


Recipe - Day 21

Since I just posted that my talent was cooking, I really shouldn't cheat and just link up to the old recipes I've posted. But I'm going to anyways and ya know what's sad? These are even all of them. I've forgotten to label half of them. I'm a bad blogger.
Anyone else ready for this challenge to be over?


A Hobby of Yours - Day 20

For the first time in my 27 years of life, naming a hobby is actually easy. Honestly, until a year ago, I had no hobby. I was involved in activities in highschool, I've dabbled in sewing here and there, I half*ss scrapbook, but nothing that I was truly passionate about, throughoughly enjoyed, and kept up with regularly. My hobby is photography and it is quite ironic that I got my camera almost exactly a year ago. Boy, I have come a long ways.
I feel like I finally have a grasp on the basics of photography and know enough to throughoughly enjoy it. I understand the photography triangle, ISO, metering, focal points, and all the technical stuff. I don't get flustered shooting in manual anymore and feel like I can take my time and actually consider composition and be creative when I'm behind the lense. I haven't ever voluntarily taken the time to learn or study something this much before in my life. There is so much knowledge at my fingertips and I am excited to learn. And upgrade! You should see my Christmas list. I'm debating between a new camera body or a new MacBook computer for storage and editing. Have I mentioned this is an expensive hobby? Nonetheless, I finally have one.


A Talent of Yours - Day 19

If you would've asked me 5 years ago what my talent or hobby was, I would've been blank. I remember my freshman year of college at KU, my dorm dined together at first and we all had to go around the circle and say something about ourselves. I said that I was shy. Ha. What a great way to make friends! "That girl over there is shy." How intriguing. I wouldn't have wanted to be friends with me either. Now, if I was asked to go around the room and say something about myself, I would say that I was a mother to a beautiful two-year old little girl, loved to cook, and was a hobbyist photographer. I've come a long ways!
I definitely don't feel that I'm good enough to call photography a talent, so I'm going to go with cooking. (Photography will be on tomorrow's blog - a hobby.) Cooking is probably more a hobby than a talent but I guess I would consider myself a good cook. Its always hard to compliment yourself. One of Tj and I's favorite things to do over the weekend is get up early, head to the store, find something to make, and spend the day cooking it. In the summer it is normally some sort of meat on the grill/smoker (Pork Butt, Brisket, Ribs, Chicken) and in the winter it is normally soup, casserole, or dish that takes all day. It is normal for me to bake a turkey, smoke some ribs, make homeade noodles, hot rolls, cookies, or a pie so I have a hard time considering this a talent. It just comes natural to me but I guess it doesn't to some.


Whatever Tickles Your Fancy - Day 18

Learning early.


A Piece of Art - Day 17

I'm with Chelsea, I have not been interested in the last few topics. We should've revamped the blog challenge before we started. I'm glad I have had an excuse to do lame posts. My favorite piece of art is Starry Night by Vincent VanGough. I actually have a poster of this print framed and matted, ready to hang. However, in the last two years my house has been overtaken with pictures of Tylee. Good-bye art. I miss you.


Surgery Update

So, I had my gallbladder out on Monday morning. I have been having trouble with it for a couple of years but only recently diagnosed the problem. I was in surgery by 7am and home before noon. From Monday morning until yesterday afternoon, I think I was only awake for 10 of those 60 hours. I think the worst is over as far as surgery related pain but I am still fighting my pain meds and nausea. I knew this would happen, I always get sick after surgery. The pain pills make me nauseous so I pair them with some anti-nausea meds, which make me zombie-like and very sleepy. I wrote an email I don't remember writing, I sent a text message that made no sense at all and have no idea what I was trying to say, and threw the brand new loaf of bread in the trash. I hate pain pills. I don't see the addiction. I've been able to go quite a few hours at a time without any meds in my system so I think the end is near. Hopefully I can keep stretching them out longer and longer and be off of them before next week. Boy, was I wrong when I thought this was just a simple outpatient procedure. I guess I used my almost non-existant stomach muscles more than I thought. I told Tj that I think this has been worse than my C-section. Thankfully, I should be on my way to a speedy recovery from here.
Tylee has been great through all this, thanks to Mr. Mom taking such great care of her. She knows that I have "ouchies" and walks around non-stop saying, "Mommy sore. Mommy has ouchies. The doctor hurt Mama." I miss snuggling her and holding her but it should all be over soon enough.

A Song That Makes You Cry - Day 16

I should have a lot more to say about this, perhaps listing a few songs and putting meaning behind all of them and why they are important to me. However, I'm not feeling the best and don't have energy to put that much into it. So for now, the only song that ever makes me cry is Remember When by Alan Jackson. My sister and I spent HOURS and HOURS putting together a slideshow to this song for my Grandpa Finley's funeral. It still carries a lot of meaning to me today.


A Fanfic - Day 15

We had no idea what a Fanfic was so Amanda googled it and decided it was a professional person writing that is not yet published. I'm stealing her idea and going with a few blogs that I read.
My favorite blog ever is All & Sundry. She was actually the first blog I ever read. She is hilarious and deep, at all the same time.
My second favorite blog is Dooce. She literally makes me laugh out loud. I rarely do that while watching TV, a movie, or reading, so for her to accomplish that, is triumphant.


Non-Fiction Book - Day 14

I'm skipping today. I had my gallbladder out yesterday, am doped upped on pain meds, and in a lot of pain. I have an excuese, right? The last non-fiction book I've probably read was in Highschool. I think it was Moby Dick but that is in no way, shape, or form a favorite of mine. Have you seen that book? It's like 3 inches thick. Not fun.
*My lovely husband just informed me that Moby Dick is not a non-fiction book. I am glad I have pain pills to thank for that mistake.


A Fictional Book - Day 13

I guess this means your favorite fictional book but I dunno. The other posts say, "You favorite..." so who knows. But since I am knee deep in childrens books, its not an issue for me to pick a favorite. I'm going to have to go with a classis, "Goodnight Moon." We have over 100 books and that is probably the only one that I will read at any given moment - without a big sigh. I know reading is important but Tylee never, ever, ever tires of reading books. It gets old. I'm sorry.


Sunday Fun Day

How can such an adorable, innocent, little girl create such a mess in less than an hour?

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy - Day 12

Strategic, but messy.


A Recent Photo Taken of You - Day 11

I had planned on having Tj take some pictures of Tylee and I but he isn't home and its getting late so I figured I better get something posted! This is the last decent picture I have of myself.


A Photo of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago - Day 10

These aren't the pictures I wanted to share but forgot my other ones at home. Maybe I'll scan them and share them with you one of these days. I honestly don't see it at all but I run into people all the time that tell me Tylee looks like me. Thoughts?


A Photo You Took - Day 9

I'm gonna cheat today. All the other girls have cheated thus far so it's my turn, right? Here are some of my favorite pictures that I've taken - whether it be great photography-wise or subject-wise, these are my favorites.


A Photo That Makes You Sad - Day 8

I've been missing Dutch a lot the past few weeks. I guess its cause Boone is gone so we are without a dog. Actually, I am without a pet for the first time in my entire life. We weren't dog people growing up but we always had a cat. You don't realize how much company they are for you, until after they are gone. I remember when Tj and I first started dating and I was warned that it was a precursor that I liked Dutch. I didn't like dogs but heard over and over how cool he was from Tj and his friends. I remember going to Tj's house right after we started dating and Tj was not home from work yet. I went in, made myself at home on the couch, and soon Dutch came and joined me. He kept me company until Tj got home and when Tj walked in and noticed Dutch sitting on my lap, he commented that it was good Dutch liked me. Apparently Dutch wasn't always so friendly to some of the girls Tj brought home.
It was always obvious that Dutch was most loyal to Tj. As the years went by, I slowly became #2. Tj lived with several guys the first 4-5 years of Dutch's life and they all ranked above me for quite some time. Anytime we had a party and people would occupy the spare bed, Dutch made his preference known and slept with them over us. Thankfully, they liked him snuggled up in the crooks of their knees as much as we did.
Dutch had lots of tricks but I guess a "friend-favorite" was that he would attack someones feet on Tj's command. Said friends above could also give the command but he would normally only stop when Tj called him off. All you had to say was "Pssst" and Dutch would bite, chew, and shake his head around on your toes until he was called off. It was always a fun game when someone new came to visit. Tj stuck him one me one day when we were wrestling and I tucked my feet up underneath me on the couch. We had forgotten all about it until about 30 minutes later when I got up to do something. We forgot, Dutch hadn't. I think Dutch loved his ball as much as any dog could love their ball. He would play ball with you until...well, until you quit throwing the ball. I can't think of a better way to put it but he would've went and got his ball for 8 hours straight if you would've sat there and thrown it for him.
What I loved most about Dutch was how well he behaved. He never jumped on people when they came over, you could go on walks without a leash and he wouldn't leave your side, if he got sick in the house - you knew the minute that you walked in because he would mope around until you told him it was okay, he never begged for food or even looked at your plate when you ate, and we could leave the house for a week and he was 100% self-sufficient. It is hard to train a dog that you trust with everything you have, but that was Dutch. (True story: you could lay a T-bone on the floor and walk outside and he wouldn't eat it.) I cannot imagine leaving Boone in the house for days on end and not worrying about what he may or may not tear up.
It is bittersweet that say that Tylee never asked what happened to him. I guess it was a blessing that it happened when it did vs. now because I couldn't have imagined her walking around the house asking, "Where's Dutch?" She knows who he is and likes looking at his pictures but has never once asked where he is or what happened. I guess that is a blessing in disguise.

We miss you ol' Buddy.


A photo that makes you happy - Day 7

June 25th, 2008


Whatever Tickles Your Fancy - Day 6


definitely tickles my fancy.