• Whenever we pull up to the house, Tylee will always shout, "My pool home!!" If the pool is put away, she shouts about whatever else she sees. "My bike home!" ect.
  • If something is small, it is her baby ____. Such as a baby chip. If she has 3, the biggest one is Daddy, the middle one is Mommy, and then the baby. She does this with anything that she has multiples of that are close in size.
  • If Tylee gets hurt, Boone did it. No matter what. It should be interesting now that Boone is off to training for a month.
  • Tylee has just started studdering. I've asked a couple people and apparently that is a normal stage of speech development. Her mind seems to be working faster than her lips. She will say, "I - I - I - I want to sleep in Daddy's bed."
  • Before bed she has started telling me, "I want to play a few more minutes."
  • She says "Bless You, Mama" whenever you sneeze. I have no idea where she learned that.
  • She has always had an attitude as far as actions are concerned (temper tantrums, throwing something, or hitting whatever is close when she gets mad) but has recently gained a verbal attitude. You better not annoy her or she will let you know. IE: She got the cookies out the other day and Tj told her to put them up. After he repeatedly told her no, she couldn't have a cookie, she yelled, "Puh-LEASE!"
  • Tj was asking her what Pom-pom (Grandpa Allen) does and she said, "He's working at Grammy's." Tj thought it was cute so asked her again so I could hear and she yelled, "HE WORKING AT GRAMMY'S." Geesh, Mom and Dad are so annoying.
  • We went to the Independence Zoo the other day and we were looking at the fox. We asked Tylee if she could see the fox and she immediately swung her hand around to hit it and said, "No Swiper the Fox! No!"

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