Who is ready for fall? I'm going to assume every person in the midwest just raised their hands. I am so sick of 100+ degree weather. This past week of 80 degree temps has been amazing and I doubt that I'm alone in thinking that. I'm tired of sweating, tired of our (Tylee and I's) summer clothes, tired of grilling (I need me some casseroles!), ready for some new candles, new house decor, and a new routine. Our delightful 10-hour days are about over at work and it appears that these cooler temperatures are going to be half-way staying put. Thank you, Jesus.
I read an article in my Womans Day Magazine (that I got a year subscription for FREE off the For the Momma's website) that said September should really be your "start-over" month. The start of the school year brings a different budget, (possibly) a new dinner-time, new activities, and earlier bedtimes. After 3 months of chaos summer and being on the go, September is the month we tend to slow down and start to settle in for the winter. The author said that she uses September to get organized and "stock-up" for the long winter ahead. I am finding myself agreeing with her. I need a fresh start. I always love need Sunday nights at home to get organized and prepare for the next week. I especially love the Sunday nights around payday when my budget is fully stocked and ready for the week. It always seems to be a better week when my fridge is full, my gas tank is full, my bills are paid, lunch is prepared for the week, my house is clean, laundry is done, and I'm ready to start the week. It is kinda sad that 99.9% of that revolves around money, but its true. When I'm broke, its like my tank is half empty and I can feel it in everything I do. That is why budgeting is so important for me. Sometimes I get off track but I am trying to pay attention. Money makes the world go round, right? You should head on over to my friend Audrey's blog for their weekly "Monday Money" post. They paid off over $28,000 in debt in just a few years. AMAZING, huh? I bet her tank is always half full. (Do you like that shameless plug? Ha!)
So what do you say, you want to make September your "fresh start" month too? I actually got motivated last week so I'm a couple days early but I'm geared up to start a new routine. I've been slacking on my budget, diet, cooking vs. eating out, house cleaning, and maintaining Tylee's schedule. Even though we aren't starting school, something about this cooler weather and change in seasons is motivating me. Wanna join me?

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