What an amazing weekend! I feel like I ditched every single obligation I had this weekend (at the very last minute) but it was all worth it. 1) I was supposed to help at my Mom's garage sale. 2) I told my Dad that Tylee and I may go to the lake with him. 3) I was supposed to make Bennett a shirt. 4) I promised Tylee before I left for work on Friday that I would spend ALL weekend with her. Not a single one of those things happened and I feel guilty. I feel guilty but indulged. Isn't that okay every once in awhile? I think a Mom needs that sometimes. I went to Grand with my two best girl friends and one of their husbands. Tj got off work mid-morning Saturday and headed down. We went out on the boat from 2pm-12am and had more fun than we have had in a LONG time. I have some pictures but don't have persmission and am not sure pictures of us bobbing for beer they are appropriate. We needed that. Badly.
I left bright and early Sunday morning to head home to my Monkey. She is so much fun right now, I hate leaving her and was anxious to spend the rest of the weekend with her. I also got my creative juices flowing again - which I hadn't done in awhile either. Happy Birthday Bennett! Sorry I blew off all my obligations didn't get you your birthday shirt on time. At least you'll have it for your party. I also worked on the decorations for my friend Kaylee's baby shower that I'm co-hosting this weekend. I loved making these centerpieces. They made my creative juices flow and I loved it. I hope it all comes together IRL like it looks in my head. My fabulous friend Alicia has an Etsy store that you HAVE to visit. I cannot wait for you to see everything she made for me. Needless to say, I cannot wait until Tylee's birthday next year. She will be furnishing all the decor. It is that fabulous.
Monday night, we had a family dance party in the front room. Boy does that girl have some moves! Uncle Lance and Nate should be proud - they are the dancers in the family. (Well, I'll dance with the best of them but if Tylee's moves have anything to say about mine, I wouldn't be signing up to take any lesson from me anytime soon.)

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