Tylee had her Denver Screening (aka big word for skills test) with our Parents as Teachers instructor over a month ago and I kept thinking I would write a detailed post about what she could/couldn't do. I am officially giving up hope since we've had yet another PAT'S meeting since the testing and I've yet to write the post. It is now very outdated because you know, 2-year olds learn at an exponentially fast pace. She was right on track with her motor skills (jumping over an object with two feet was her stopping point, which she can do now, as well as dressing herself, which she still can't do) but lets face it, who wants there child to fall into "average" category? I think its natural for a parent to always want their child to be advanced and I'm no exception to the rule. I was a tad disapointed that she tested within her age group for her motor skills. Ridiculous, I know. True? Yes.

That said, she was over the 3-year mark verbally. (Her stopping point was action words. Such as, looking at a picture of a man and saying that he was running. Or a lady by a stove and saying that she was cooking, which she still can't do.) Putting 4 or 5 words together? More like 15 or more. She talks non-stop about anything and everything she wants too. She has recently started using words like probably and actually. It cracks me up. I was making sure her macaroni wasn't too hot the other day and when I handed it to her, I told her, "It's not too bad." Since then, every meal we eat she tells me, "Not too bad. It's not too bad." Thanks Tylee. I didn't know you could critique my cooking skills at 2-years old. Good thing Easy Mac is fail proof. It is like I'm having a conversation with another adult. And boy, do I love it! We can go to breakfast together and I don't look like a loser eating all by myself! Bonus points for growing up!


(Tylee calls Tj's truck his home. She knows trucks, cars, tractors, big trucks, ect. but I guess she calls his specific truck his home because when we pull up and his truck is there, I say, "Daddy's home!" Or if we pull up and it's not there, I say, "Daddy's not home." So she associates him being home with his truck.)

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Reed Family said...

That story about daddys home got me laughing out loud! Too cute tylee!