Big Girl Bed

Call me dumb, but for some reason, I've been longing to make Tylee's crib into a big girl bed. No, she wasn't crawling out, nor was there anything wrong. I just wanted her to be in a big girl bed. I've been considering this move for 6 months or so now - ever since I saw this bedding in Pottery Barn and knew that very second that I had to have it. Something in my head didn't click at that point and I never realized that lowering her bed and putting a rail on it does not require a need for a new twin bedding set. Dangit. We do not need this bedding in the least but its just one of those things that has been nagging away at me for months, watching it go on sale, the price dropping lower and lower. Yet, I still have NO NEED FOR IT! Ugh. Either way, Tylee is now in a big girl bed and the first few nights when I went to check on her, I found this. (Insert sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach here.) Thank goodness she was just on the floor. The first week was rough - she would fall out, walk in our room, or wander around the house at random times in the night. That is not a good sound when you live in the middle of nowhere and your husband works random hours. (Insert sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach here.) Thankfully, Tylee would then peek around the corner, wanting in my bed. She hasn't gotten out of bed randomly, nor fallen out in the past 4-5 days so I think we are on the upward slope to easy. However, just this morning I was sound asleep and woke to a little voice chatting away...in the living room playing with her toys! Wonder how long she had been awake?! So now what? Wait until she is 4 feet tall and we need to convert her bed to a twin bed? There is no way that bedding will still be there is what, 4 years? How can I manuever this from a want to a need?

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