Baby Shower - Part 2

I wanted to show Tylee off Tylee to join me at the shower but knew I would have tons to do and was worried she wouldn't cooperate. Her newest hobby is coloring so I was hoping that would entertain her while I did my part. Lucky for me, I chose to do the behind the scenes work so as soon as the place was decorated and the food was served, I was finished. The colors were a big hit with all the kids however, Tylee was not okay with sharing. I said more than once, "Can you tell we don't go to daycare?" I was very embarrassed but I'm sure it was one of those things that sticks out in your mind but no one else really noticed. I hope that is the case anyways. Isn't this little girl darling? I am friends with her Mom and she was in our swimming lessons class as well. She has the cutest personality to match these looks. Unfortunately, her name is Braylea so I had Tylee all pumped up to play with Bray - not realizing she didn't know the difference between her cousin Braylee and this Braylea. She asked me several times during the shower, "Where Bray go?" Oops! I think they will be good friends and I hope we get some more play dates together. It won't be long before Tylee will know the difference. The Mom and Dad! (aka, the cutest pregnant girl ever!)We decided to copy off my Sister-in-law and throw a Baby Brunch instead of your typical cake/punch shower. Unforunately, I didn't snap pictures of all the food before the line started but I think everything was a hit! We had brownies, veggie pizza, fruit and dip, and a meat and cheese tray. We didn't take home many leftovers so apparently it was good!I was not in charge of the games so they can't blame me for these silly pictures!
I think the shower turned out great and Kaylee got lots of good stuff. I was honored to throw it for her and cannot wait to meet baby Kennedee!

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