Thank goodness when we woke up (super early!) Sunday morning there was sunshine! We ate breakfast and headed to the beach. It was almost unbelievable but we were the 1st ones there...probably because everyone else sleeps in when they are at the lake. Thanks Tylee! My Dad and Janis put the boat in while Tylee played in the water with Uncle Lance. She did not want to go on the boat. I had mentioned it several times last week and then tried talking it up Saturday but all she could say was, "Noooo. I don't wanna go on boat Mama. Noooo boat." It was sad but I knew she had to face her fear. She didn't start loving it right off the bat like I figured she would but it didn't take long before she started enjoying herself. Papa didn't know that Tylee has some strange fascination with dinosaurs and he mentioned going to Dinosaur Point. Tylee heard the word dinosaur and immediatley latched on to that. "I wanna go see dinosaur, Papa." So off we went. But suprise, suprise - she was scared. She wouldn't touch it and wanted to go bye-bye as soon as we pulled up. Guess what she has asked me every day since? "I wanna go on boat and see dinosaur, Mama." Ugh. She passed out shortly after we got back on the boat. I have many pictures of me laying on this same pontoon when I was her age, snoozing away. We headed back to the beach and by this time, it was full! No one in the family has lake front property but together, we own a section of beach. I guess I shouldn't really say "we" because I have nothing to do with it but "we" as a family own a section of beach, meaning it is private and there are only people there that we know. I have great memories on this beach as a kid and I can only hope Tylee has the same.
If this weekend is a preview of what is to come, Tylee will have as many great memories here as I do. She loved every minute of it. (4th of July post 2 of 4)

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crazyfordaisies said...

Your posts make me want to go to the lake... I havent been in years, and Nora has never been. I have to say I am a bit jealous that Tylee got a seat to take a nap on. I recall lots of naps on the floor of the pontoon =0)