Moke Bombs

Decisions, decisions. I always have a hard time deciding what I want to do on Holiday weekends. It seems like whatever I do, I should've done the other. I was torn between staying home and spending the 4th with Tj (he was tied up at home most of the weekend with work), going to Chanute and spending some time with Nanny, Poppy, and the kids, or going to the lake. Going to the lake on the 4th was my childhood tradition so I decided to follow suit and take Tylee down there with Papa Randy and the rest of the Finley family. Tj, Tylee, and I had picked up a few fireworks earlier in the week but we didn't get many because we thought our little scaredy-cat would be afraid of them. Boy were we wrong! She loved them. Tylee and Tj went back the next day and then I stopped again in Grove before we headed to the trailer. I let her hold her smoke bombs the last 20 miles and all she could talk about was, "Papa Randy help me light moke bombs. Janis help me light moke bombs." She had a handful ready when we pulled up and couldn't get out of the Jeep fast enough.Friday night was pretty low-key but that was okay because we had big plans to get up early and head to the beach. Yah, didn't happen. It rained, rained, and rained some more and at that point I was thinking, I knew I should've stayed in Chanute! (Apparently, it was raining there too so looks like I made a good decision by going to OK!) Tylee stayed in her Pj's until late afternoon, Uncle Lance and Erin showed up, and we had finally had as much fun at the trailor as we could handle. What to do, what to do? So we headed to the beach in the rain. Tylee didn't care. It was new scenery and we were in good company. It was nice visiting with aunts, uncles, and cousins that I don't get to see all that often. Naptime was skipped but about 4 hours past it, I regretted my decision. I decided I had to do something to get that girl asleep. We loaded up and drove about 45 seconds. She was out like a light. We headed up to the trailor so my Dad could get the fire going to cook. We have a fully functioning trailor with a kitchen, stove, and all the fixins but most of the meals at the lake are cooked outside over the fire. YUM! Tylee was raring to go when she woke up from her nap and we spent the rest of the evening doing fireworks with her. She had a blast doing smoke bombs with Janis while I got to relax and enjoy the show. I could've sat there all evening watching her be that happy. My 4th of July was complete, rain or no rain. We headed back to the beach after dinner to watch the fireworks on the water. We fairly centrally located so we could see a lot of the big ones from our beach. Tylee loved them as well. She and Uncle Lance lit sparklers and (what seems like) 20 packs of snakes before she ended up getting cranky and cutting the evening short with a ride up to bed. (4th of July post 1 of 4. Bet you can't wait...)

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Jen said...

Looks like super fun 4th, despite the rain! Looking forward to the next posts. Love the rounded corners on your photos - might have to steal that!