It is hot

So what's better than busting out one of my favorite memories as a child? One of the cheapest toys Wal-mart carries. The big, scary, slip-n-slide. Oooooh. I mentioned before that my Mom kept Tylee a few days when I was in St. Louis and said Tylee loved the slip-n-slide. Unfortunately, at home by yourself, the slip-n-slide isn't near as much fun. "You slip-n-slide, Mama. Take your shirt off. Where your swimsuit go?" Lucky for Tylee, she has a brother named Boone. I don't think he cared he was solo. The cheap*ss in me kept worrying he would tear it. My frugal husband kept reminding me it was only $5. Can't a dog have any fun?
It was cold for a bit but in 110 degree weather, it doesn't long before the cold hose water starts feeling good. Even when you are 2 years old. These next 4 pictures to me shout "summer!" Isn't this what it is all about? Life is good.
Even though it wasn't quite as fun as when it was at Grandma Ann's with the kids, Tylee was super sad when it was time to put it away. I told her we would get it out again some night this week. We were couped up all winter in the cold and are couped up now because it is so. stinking. hot. Not fair! My "look at Mommy's camera one time" technique didn't work out. She was super annoyed to be taking a break from her slip-n-slide to look at me. Oh well, so goes the life of a 2-year old. Those eyes would be better with a smile but I'll take what I can get. I have plenty of real life smiles to live by these days. Especially when the slip-n-slide comes out.

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