The first of many memories

I had plans on keeping you in suspense all weekend and coming back on Monday and sharing a slew of pictures with you of our first weekend in our new camper!! Things didn't work out that way though and here I sit at home on Saturday morning updating my blog. Stupid railroad. Oh well, hopefully we have many, many, years of camping ahead and plenty of opportunities to share pictures. We picked it up on Thursday morning and Tj pulled it straight from the "camper store" to Parsons Lake (1/4 mile from my house). I was not happy about this but just kept having to calm myself because I knew he was excited. The organizer and planner in me wanted a few nights at home with the camper - you know, to fill it with necessities such as toilet paper, trash cans, and sheets. Tj and Tylee got it all set up and I headed out there after work - with no intentions that we would actually be staying there! About 8:30 I mentioned going home and Tj told me, "No! He was camping!" So I ran home, grabbed Tylee some milk, a couple blankets, and headed back. I can't say our first night camping was the best. We were very unprepared but just happy to be making memories. I got up for work on Friday, headed home to get ready, and left Tj and Tylee there to "camp" without me. I think they ended up spending most of the day at home. Kinda hard to camp without toilet paper or a trash can.
I am standing directly in the middle of the camper in this picture (above), facing the front. The door is on the right. They offer this same camper in several patterns and of course, the only one they had was my least favorite. This was the best deal we found so I wasn't going to pass it up because it had ugly interior. I'm hoping to change out the shower curtain, bedding, ect over time to add my own personal touch and make it better.

These three pictures (above) are taken laying on the bed from right to left.

To the left of the bathroom back in that little corner, are 3 bunk beds. That was definitely a HUGE selling point for us. I don't know if we are planning on having my kids or not but if we do, we have room to grow. If not, Tylee has room for friends (and cousins!) to come with us.

Here is the layout for the visually challenged. (I cannot ever picture anything in my head from just an explanation. Pictures, please!)

I got off work Friday night and headed to Wal-mart. We want to have the camper completely stocked so that we don't have to load and unload anything whenever we decide to go. Do you know what that involves? Sheets, pillows, baggies, rubbermaid containers, foil, toilet paper, shampoo, bowls, plates, cups, a can opener, kitchen cleaner, toothpicks, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect. The list goes on forever. It was fun shopping but I text Tj (he stayed home with Tylee, thank god) and told him I was overwhelmed and coming home. I got a lot of stuff we needed but really the list making has only just begun. I know there is no hurry and Wal-mart will never be too far away, but again, the planner in me wants to just have everything done.

We camped again last night and had a ton of visitors. It was so much fun. Tylee loves her little bunk but woke up scared a few times in the night. (If Tj will let me) I want to make one of those little areas completely hers - which means changing the ugly gold curtain to a hot pink one and getting her some fun pillows and blankets. The OCD in me wants everything to match and it is killing me there is a hot pink/orange/blue sheet just steps away from our red sheets but I think Tylee will LOVE having her own little space in the camper. Turns out, camping close to home was a good idea after all. Shhhh...don't tell Tj. We had the excitement of being in the camper but close enough to home that we weren't out-of-luck if we forgot something. Heres to lots of memories and lots more pictures to come!!

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Jen said...

How fun! I haven't seen the inside of a camper in years. Wow! They have sure changed. How nice! You guys will have so many fun memories!