Home Sweet Home

My trip to St. Louis was wonderful but I'm glad to be home and back to everyday life. It was great of my work to send me and I truly appreciate the oppurtunity. I made the most of it, that's for sure! We've been super busy since I've been home. I'm almost ready for Tuesday to come so I can get back to work and rest! I got home around 10:30 Friday night and Tj and Tylee were up and waiting for me. I was so excited to see her but in typical Tylee style, I didn't get the homecoming welcome I was hoping for. She started to run towards me but then went and hid behind a kitchen chair and was very bashful. It was like she was mad at me or something. It didn't take long for her to warm up to me and we've been best buddies ever since. I'll leave you with the only 5 pictures I took on my trip. One thing I learned for sure, photography isn't near as fun without a cute little 2-year old subject.
I bought Boone some treats at this dog bakery. I carried them around all week and babysat them so they didn't melt but apparently it doesn't take long in 100 degree weather. They weren't even picture worthy by the time I got home. Of course, Boone didn't care.

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