Dora Stickers

Tylee got a slew of gifts for her birthday. Her favorite two toys? A 1-inch man that came with a Snow White doll set and a pop-up frog that I put in the pinata. She got a Dora 4-wheeler (that she is deathly afriad of), a digital camera, a crib, highchair, and swing for her babies, a Dora Mermaid, a bathtub baby, a LeapFrog computer, toys, books, a Dora backpack, toys and more toys. What was she playing with Sunday morning after her party? Some stickers she found in an old Dora coloring book. She put them all on her arm, took them off, and put them on Daddy. Then she put them all on Mommy's arm, then took them all off, and put them back on.

I knew I should've put "No Gifts!" on the invitations!

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