Stream of Consciousness

I think it is funny that I have to type consciousness in to the blog and spellcheck it before I can title my post. Maybe if I keep doing these, I'll learn how to spell. I am so very happy it is Friday but I don't think next week is going to be any better. I enrolled Tylee in swimming lessons (Thanks for the info Gina!) and they started on Monday. Other than being from 6:45-7:15 in the evening, they are going great. We are getting some quality Mommy/Tylee time and learning a lot. Full blog post coming soon but I am waiting on Lindsey to come watch and take some pictures.
We have a pretty relaxing weekend this weekend, which I am looking forward too. I need to clean my house in the morning and Sunday we are headed to Chanute for Grandma Ann and Uncle Lance's birthday party. They were born on the same day, just like Tylee and Tj! Strange we have 2 "same-day" birthdays in our family. It makes it fun. Except Tj is having a totally pink/purple themed party again this year. One of the girls at work told me to enjoy this year because it is probably my last year to plan a party. Next year Tylee will be begging for a Dora (Diego, actually) party. We'll see who wins. I'm thinking I can bribe her with a Candy party. Anyone want to place bets? This is by far my favorite picture that I've gotten of Tylee lately and wanted to get one developed. I cannot decide between color or black and white. Any preference? I think I've only developed one other picture that I've taken so this is a big decision. I've been thinking of doing something in her room with some pictures I've taken of her but is that a little conceited? To have pictures of yourself hanging all over your room? Hm.


Wyatt's Momma said...

hard choice on the pics but i do love the color one! great job taking pictures as always :)

Sunni said...

No...she's not the one decorating her room so it isn't conceited that she have photos of herself in her room.

My vote: color photo.

Really hope we get to come to TJ's 2nd annual pink & purple party! =)


Chris and Darci said...

love the color on this one! im usually a b/w fan, but her eyes, the grass, the pink and yellow on her shirt! perfect!

im still waiting on YOU to come take pictures of jack!