Memorial Day Weekend

If you consider Memorial Day the start of summer, we kicked summer off with a bang! Tylee was a little fish this weekend and I cannot tell you how happy that made me. She was so timid of the water last year that I was nervous as to what this year had in store for us. I had Tj pick up a little pool on Friday so that Tylee could play in it this weekend. It no longer got warmed up and Boone took his turn. Silly Boem-boem. Guess it's true, labs love water. I think Boone paved the way for Tylee because once we drained all the pee water out, got it washed up, refilled it and let it warm up again it was her turn, she didn't miss a beat. Her little pool didn't hold her excitement for very long. She was ready for the real deal and of course, Mom couldn't let her down. Monday, we headed to Chanute to try out the new Aquatic Center.
Jill and her little girl, Maddie, were there (don't forget little brother Tyler!!) and compared to Tylee, Maddie was fearless. They are only a couple months apart and Maddie was crawling up the stairs and going down the kiddie slides all by herself. Tylee wasn't quite as brave but I have faith we will be just as fearless by the end of the summer. I guess a little fear probably isn't a bad thing.
Tylee and I left the Aquatic Center early and headed to G-ma Ann's for a nap. Yaaaaah, right. Like that happened. I wanted to lay out and have G-ma Ann stay inside with the monkey but of course, Tylee couldn't be that far from the action. She joined me in the pool and again, couldn't have been happier.The big kids showed up a bit later and joined us in G-ma Ann's pool. Tylee was fascinated watching them swim and only got out when they did. As soon as they went back in, guess who wanted right back in with them? She was only 1/2 step behind them all day. Thank goodness for cousins. We were actually celebrating Nanny's birthday (Happy Birthday Nan!) so Nanny and Poppy joined the fun later that evening for a barbecue.Look how big Tylee looks! Whenever she wanted her towel on she would bring it to you and turn around so you could put it on her back. So cute! At one point, she crawled up in the chair next to Lindsey and said, "Hi Linds." Where did my baby go? Nope, that's not her! But I would sure claim her!

Tylee didn't get one single second of sleep all day but she wouldn't stop going, going, going! Right before we left she was begging to get back in the pool. 30 seconds after this picture was taken, she was sound asleep and slept for 13 hours straight! Welcome Summer, we are so glad you are here!

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