Hair Oh Hair, You're Everywhere

Hair Oh Hair, You're Everywhere
I love the curls and wave and flare
but what will we do with so much hair?
It goes up nicely in a pony.
Piggies aren't far behind.
But darlin watch out if you have a bad hair day,
because your curls are anything but refined. Hair Oh Hair, You're Everywhere
Daddy wants to cut it but au contraire!
Mommy won't do such a thing
to your pretty curly wings,
I promise little bear.
Hair or no hair,
your cute as a button!
But Mommy promises,
we won't do no cuttin.


Aud said...

What a great post! You are one creative mama :)

Mrs. Hale said...

okay, okay...you're poem is better than mine. i'll admit it. BUT i do want to know your camera settings. :)

Anonymous said...

chelse, I just love your little poem and her little curls. I agree...no cuttin! :)