Bluesfest 2010

Tj and I just got back from our annual anniversary Eureka Springs trip, + or - a few. We went on our first anniversary but I didn't have a blog and have no idea where the pictures are. We skipped the next year because I was 9.5 months pregnant. We went last year but had just lost our roof so didn't end up going over our anniversary weekend. And now this year. We stayed in the Best Western, which was really nice. Everything in town tends to be Victorian, so our motel was somewhat themed around that. They had a pretty little scenic walkway that I toured while killing time so Tj could nap. He had worked Thursday night/Friday morning so I layed out at the pool and took some snaps so he could get some rest. I am not one to lay around so I was a little ancy but it was nice to get some sun. We ate at our favorite restaurant that evening and walked around downtown for a bit. Tj was still groggy so we called it an early night. It was nice to wake-up Saturday morning, feel good, and be rested for long day ahead of us. Breakfast started out with one of these...which I wouldn't mention but it was the neatest place! If I ever grow up and own a bar, which is very, very, very unlikely, I will be sure to have a Bloody Mary bar. They had like 30 different garnishes to choose from and you could pick whatever you wanted until it filled your glass up. They had everything from pepperoni to dill spears and boy, was it good!We spent the rest of the day going from pub to pub, listening to band after band. All the bars are very unique and so neat. Most of them have outside seating, which we tried to take advantage of as much as we could but it was 95 degrees outside!! I could've sat at this little place (above) for days. A woman jazz singer was performing here and her voice was so relaxing and soothing. I can't say that I'm a jazz fan but I can't say that I'm not either. I should've bought her CD though. She was wonderful.One of the more popular bars in Eureka Springs is the Pied Piper Biker Bar. They had a great band as well but no A/C! Everyone there had on jeans and leather and I think we were hotter than all of them! I guess bikers are hardcore. I think my Dad would love this place. I'm going to try to get him to go down with us next year. This is by far my favorite spot in town and I'm not even a biker! We lucked out that our anniversary falls on Bluesfest weekend every year because man, it is a blast. I'm just thankful we have an excuse to go every year!
*Note: Tj hates pictures. It is like pulling teeth to get him to let me take one of him and normally the one way he obliges is if I promise not to put it on the blog. Who knows? Also, I have some crazy focus settings programmed into my camera and it is too complicated to explain to a by-passer to get a snap of the two of us together.

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You know I was wishing for a picture of you two! :)