2-year Pictures

I went and saw Tylee's 2-year pictures yesterday and at some point exclaimed, "I cannot believe that she is mine. She is beautiful!" I am seriously in awe. I know that the soft-tint may not be every persons taste but I for one, LOVE it. I was thrilled with the whole experience. Nothing could have turned out better.Here are the 3 static images that he gave me and there is a slideshow with a several images on Facebook...if you know how to use that. I have no clue but was able to see it through my sister's account. (Read = I am lame, I don't have Facebook.) I think it shows up if you click this link but you have to be signed in. I have no idea if you have to "friend" them to see it or not. Again, no idea. Let me know if you can see them and what you think!!


Happy Birthday Party

Where do I even begin? Tylee had an amazing 2nd birthday. I cannot believe it is all over. I tried to soak in every moment but I can't lie, there were a few stressful whirlwind moments. Tylee went with me Friday to pick up her cake and she was so excited. "That's my birthday cake!" She wanted to hold it on the way home but of course, I actually wanted the cake to make it to the party. She spent the rest of the day with Grammy and Grammy said she must've asked 20 times, "Where my birthday cake go?"I also ordered matching cookies that were a hit. The cake was super cute but not overly tasty. I think I'll order from the place I used for birthday #1 next year. That is...if I get to order a cute cake next year. I see a Dora cake in my near future. (I took this picture before most of her gifts arrived.)
I had this banner made at BirthdayExpress.com for next to nothing. Someone had a good idea (Poppy, I think) to just get one that says, "Happy Birthday, Tylee" so we can use it over and over. Hm - good idea Popster! Tylee went down for her nap before I did any decorating. She was excited for her party but didn't have a clue what was going to happen. I mostly decorated with balloons but the house looked really cute when she woke up from her nap. It was so cute watching her awe over the decor. I think she thought that was the extent of the party! All of the guests arrived and we opened presents. Tylee was going a lot faster than I was. She would dig in a sack, grab the card, open it, throw it down, and move on to the next gift. I was thoroughly confused who brought what but she was having a GREAT time so I tried not to intervene too much. I was able to get everything worked out before we finished things up. She had a hard time putting something down after she opened it because she was afraid someone else would get it. She had both hands crammed full trying to open her next gift. It was really cute. (I should have more pictures soon! I was too busy sorting and organizing gifts/cards to take any pictures myself!) Next up? The pinata! Another cheap party favorite. Since Tylee was only 2, I got the pull-string one. Tylee got to pull the first string and guess what? It was THE one. All the candy didn't fall out and the other kids got a turn before we shook it and got everything out. After everyone had filled their sacks, the other kids were in the garage going through them and Tylee snuck off to the front porch by herself to go through hers by herself. I hope that isn't the first sign of a hoarder. And finally, the moment Tylee had been waiting for! Birthday Cake! I wanted to practice blowing out the candle last week but Tj thought we should leave it spontaneous. Tylee kind of got the idea but wasn't strong enough to get the flame out so Mommy had to help her.She has used a spoon and fork for over a year now and eaten several pieces of birthday cake but what does she do? Eats it just like last year! Without hands! Overall, it was a great day. Tylee had SO much fun and was so good all day. It was great to see her so happy and having so much fun. I'm sad birthday week is over but am trying to soak in every moment and live in the now rather than wishing it was closer to Christmas or thinking about how much fun she will be next year. We finished the weekend off with a couple days at home playing with her new toys and enjoying our big girl. One last time - Happy Birthday, Miss Tylee!



A big thanks to Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Nate, Brecca, Braylee, Brax, and Brynna for Tylee's balloons! She hasn't put them down but tells me a different person sent them everytime I ask. Last time I checked, "Poppy bought them for me."
(That is seriously the best picture I could get. She was wound up!)


Happy Birthday, My Love!

Dear Tylee,

2 years ago today, at 4:08pm, we met for the first time. You were a complete and total stranger. At that moment, I could only dream of what you would look like, if you would have my curly locks, and what your voice would sound like when you first said, “Mama”. I could only imagine what you would look like when you took your first steps, how proud I would be every time you learned a new word, watched you danced around at a wedding, or when you said, “I love you” for the first time. On that day 2 years ago, I would have never guessed how much joy and happiness you could bring to me.2 years ago today, I couldn't imagine how my heart would melt after hearing your little voice hollering from your crib in the mornings. "Mama, come get me." I love that big smile when I open your door. But most of all, I love the way you nestle your little face in the crook of my neck when I lift you into my arms. I've always known that you loved me but it is so rewarding to actually see you express your love. Just last weekend at nap-time, I told you that I was going to get you some milk to lay down and you walked straight over to Daddy, told him "Night-night", gave him a kiss, and said, "I love you." You tell me you are sorry when you have barely done anything wrong. I hope you can hang on to that innocence for a few more years.
2 years ago today, I couldn't imagine that you would be my best little friend at such a young age. I knew you would be my little partner when Daddy was on the road but I didn't know you would grow up so fast. You are such a big girl now. I cannot even begin to write all the words and phrases that you can say. I swear you are 2 going on 7. We can have complete conversations about your day, what you want to do, or what we did the day before. I love that I’m the only one who can fully understand your "language." You have the cutest voice that I've ever heard. I love the way you put tone into words but at all the wrong times. I hear you saying phrases and words the same way I say them and it really shows me, your little ears are always listening, always taking everything in.
2 years ago today, I was anxious about bringing you home and rocking Dutch's world. When we walked in the door to bring you home for the first time, he cared more about playing ball than he did about seeing you. It wasn't long before you guys clicked and he would snuggle on your clothes, sleep in your Boppy, and play with you. You were the best of friends. The day we lost Dutch, you were in your bed awake when I started looking for him. I was not in good shape after I found him and came right to your bed to get you. I was crying like you've never seen me cry before and you just sat on my lap and hugged me. I needed you more in that moment than you'll ever know. And you knew exactly what to do. Thank you. You and Boem-y, as you just started calling him, are good friends too. If we are outside playing, you want me to, "Let Boemy out." He pesters you and you pester him right back. You like to stand on his back when he is laying down and he likes to take your toys and carry them off. Boem-y is blamed for everything. If you have a scratch on your chin, "Boem bit me." If you have a stain on your shirt? "Boem-y did that, Mama." Poor Boone, he gets blamed like a sibling but can't fight back.2 years ago today, I wasn't sure if I could do it. Your Daddy and I were responsible for your life. We were going to shape and mold you into a person all of your own. That is a big responsibility! There were bumps and hurdles along the way but sitting here with you today, we've done a great job. I love every last thing about the person you've beome. You are very maticulous and would rather help Mommy or play with household objects rather than play with toys. We color, play outside, play with your babies, and read books but that is about all. A towel will occupy you for hours, as will a baby wipe. You will spend a long time playing with one sticker, sticking it on things and taking it off. You like to figure out how things work - so rather than playing with the highchair, you spend a lot of time buckling the straps and unbuckling them. If you are laying a blanket out for your baby, you won't stop until every last corner is straight and it is all flat. Your mind is just always going. I think you get that from your Daddy. You love to help us do things around the house. If I'm carrying a bucket of water out to the flowers, you have one hand on the handle as well and will walk all the way out to the fence with me. If I'm trying to fold a blanket, you have to be touching the blanket also. If I'm vaccuming, you hold the cord and rock back and forth. You stand so proud when a task is completed and I enjoy watching you and letting you think you finished it all by yourself.2 years ago today, the terrible two's were something I'd only heard of. Now, I am living them but wouldn't change it for the world. We have a long ways to go before we hit 3, but I'm thinking the worst is over. You were really hard between 18 months and 2 years but now that you can communicate, most of the fit-throwing and frustrations are gone. You still throw fits, but just when you can't have something you want or Daddy and I don't follow your rules. You are going through a "mine" stage right now but you are not hateful or stingy. You will still share but you want everyone to know that everything is yours. And I mean everything. "That's my sack. That's my rubberband. That's my Boem-y. That's my car." The list goes on. I am anxious for your birthday party when you open your new gifts and there are other kids around playing with your stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can still say that you are not hateful or stingy after it's over. 2 years ago today I knew I loved you, but I could have never imagined how much more I could love you today. I love you so much and am so proud of the little girl you are. I can’t wait to see how much you change and grow over the next year. But, please don’t grow up too fast. These past two years have flown by. I’d just like you to stay my baby for a little bit longer.
Love always and forever,


Ready and Waiting!


Getting Closer!


Party Time!

I saw an invitation on Shutterfly with the word One written out and a picture in the "O". I loved it but of course, I can't just order an invitation from Shutterfly. I had to get my creative juices flowing. So I found the O, loved the colors, and designed the rest of the invite around that. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.


All good things...

must come to an end. And we are at the end of my 4-day weekend. Don't fret my friends, I have a 3-day weekend next week followed up by another 4-day weekend. Life is good. I don't have a lot to say but know my sister, Grandma, and Patsy are anxiously awaiting another blog post. I'm sure my weekend events are at the bottom of everyone else's list of things you are wondering about but I'll continue anyways.
Friday we had Tylee's 2-year pictures at Bishops Studio in Pittsburg. I've always drooled over Bishops but since we were having pictures every 3 months, I knew I couldn't afford it. Now that we have a whole year before we'll get professional pictures? Bishops here I come! Lindsey takes her kids there and their pictures are to die for! I've been very, very, very pleased with my photographers thus far but Bishops just takes things to a whole new level. I hope I get to share them with you but last I knew, you had to spend over $1,000 before they would put your pictures online. See? A whole new level. I know they've broken that rule for Lindsey before so I'm going to try to use my best bargaining skills and see what I can do. Anyways, the pictures went great and I cannot wait to see them.
My Mom and I headed to Joplin after the pictures to do a little birthday shopping. I ordered most of my stuff online but needed to pick up a few more plates and such. I think I'm ready other than my final grocery trip on Friday. I'll have a birthday post soon.

The rest of the weekend was spent in our swimming suits at home. Swimming lessons wore me out and for once, I was happy to stay home all weekend! Tj had also been working a different job and we've only seen each other in passing the last two weeks. We played in Tylee's little pool during the day Saturday and that evening we went to his cousins wedding reception. Tylee was a dancing fool. I was grinning from ear-to-ear watching her dance. I swear, I never knew true happiness until I had her.

Tylee and I spent Father's Day at home with her Daddy. I didn't have anything special planned but was excited to spend the day at home with him. I made him his favorite meal (steak and potatoes) and again, we spent the day playing in Tylee's little pool. Tylee took a 4.5 hour nap so Mommy and Daddy got some much needed down time as well.

And that brings us to today. Exciting stuff, huh? Good thing I have cute pictures to lure you in. Even after her 4-hour nap, Tylee (and Mommy) slept in until after 9am. 5:30am is going to come awful early in the morning when we have to get up for work! We went to the library a few weeks ago and checked out some books. Of course, we ended up bringing home a Diego book. It was due today so we headed to the library to return it and check out a few new ones. I thought it was going to be very tramatic but she dropped it in the box and walked away without a fuss. We headed straight for the "D's" and grabbed another one. We also got a Dora Birthday book! When we got home, we headed down to the beach to swim. Tylee was weirded out by the sand and Daddy got called to go to work, so we didn't stay long. And that brings us to now! Tylee has been asleep for almost 3 hours and I've been relaxing and getting the house in order for her birthday party next weekend! I am so excited. I wish she knew to be excited because I think she is going to have SO much fun. I hope to have a birthday sneak peak up sometime soon. And that concludes the most boring post ever. What can I say? I'm in a blog rut.


"Swimmy Leshons"

I've heard rumors the past 2 summers that there is an amazing lady in McCune that teaches private swimming lessons. I was on the brink of getting her name and number from a friend when my other friend Gina told me she enrolled her kids in swimming lessons at the Core. You'll never guess who the teacher was? Voila! The exact same lady! In Parsons! And they offer evening classes! Woo-hoo! Can it get any better? My spirits were dampened when I was told the 3 & under class was from 6:45 - 7:15. Yuck. That means I rush home from work, grab Tylee, eat in the car, and pull up right on time. 99.9% of the time, Tylee falls asleep on the way home. Sucks. I haven't had a normal night/meal at home in 2 weeks! And to top it all off, Tylee's birthday week starts on Monday! I have a bunch of stuff to do for the party next weekend, as well as spending quality time with her and making her week special. Swimmy leshons, as Tylee would say, have worn Mommy out.But boy, oh boy, is it worth it. The first night we had to take the first 5 -10 minutes just to settle down from excitement! She was squealing, she was so happy. Everything was funny, she was showing off like crazy - total bliss. We started off the first lesson blowing bubbles. Tylee just stuck her face smack dab in the middle of the water. I was so proud of her. Then, on the first night people, we went underwater. My heart was pounding! I was so nervous for Tylee but she did great! She fusses a little but within 2 or 3 times, she had already learned when she was supposed to hold her breath. Our nightly routine is to blow bubbles, go under, backfloat, doggie paddle, kick and pull, the submarine (aka swim underwater), jumping in, jumping in - then practicing turning around and grabbing the wall - all while underwater, and last but not least, manuvering a lifejacket.
I have been so proud of Tylee and how well she has done. Her teacher has all the confidence in the world in her which makes me feel safe, and in return gives Tylee confidence. The more we do and farther we go, the more scared she seems to be each night. At times I feel like we are going backwards but then all the sudden, we take 10 steps forward. She fought backfloating all week but has finally started to relax the past couple days. She even kicked her feet last night! I could go on for days about all the things we've learned and how excited I am that we decided to take her. I think it has been a great experience for both of us but I can't tell you how happy I am - ONLY 1 MORE DAY!


Stream of Consciousness

I think it is funny that I have to type consciousness in to the blog and spellcheck it before I can title my post. Maybe if I keep doing these, I'll learn how to spell. I am so very happy it is Friday but I don't think next week is going to be any better. I enrolled Tylee in swimming lessons (Thanks for the info Gina!) and they started on Monday. Other than being from 6:45-7:15 in the evening, they are going great. We are getting some quality Mommy/Tylee time and learning a lot. Full blog post coming soon but I am waiting on Lindsey to come watch and take some pictures.
We have a pretty relaxing weekend this weekend, which I am looking forward too. I need to clean my house in the morning and Sunday we are headed to Chanute for Grandma Ann and Uncle Lance's birthday party. They were born on the same day, just like Tylee and Tj! Strange we have 2 "same-day" birthdays in our family. It makes it fun. Except Tj is having a totally pink/purple themed party again this year. One of the girls at work told me to enjoy this year because it is probably my last year to plan a party. Next year Tylee will be begging for a Dora (Diego, actually) party. We'll see who wins. I'm thinking I can bribe her with a Candy party. Anyone want to place bets? This is by far my favorite picture that I've gotten of Tylee lately and wanted to get one developed. I cannot decide between color or black and white. Any preference? I think I've only developed one other picture that I've taken so this is a big decision. I've been thinking of doing something in her room with some pictures I've taken of her but is that a little conceited? To have pictures of yourself hanging all over your room? Hm.


Hair Oh Hair, You're Everywhere

Hair Oh Hair, You're Everywhere
I love the curls and wave and flare
but what will we do with so much hair?
It goes up nicely in a pony.
Piggies aren't far behind.
But darlin watch out if you have a bad hair day,
because your curls are anything but refined. Hair Oh Hair, You're Everywhere
Daddy wants to cut it but au contraire!
Mommy won't do such a thing
to your pretty curly wings,
I promise little bear.
Hair or no hair,
your cute as a button!
But Mommy promises,
we won't do no cuttin.