Stream of Consciousness

MckMama does these posts called Stream of Consciousness which have ended up becoming some of my favorite posts from her. I have a lot of random stuff to say so I thought I may give it a try. Tylee loves bathtime. Can't you tell? I'm kidding. She really does enjoy bathtime but this particular night was annoyed with my camera. I am in awe of these big golden brown curls that have started forming again when it gets really humid. I don't know why I'm longing for her to have curly hair. I have curly hair and have hated it my entire life. I think she'll appreciate it on rainy/humid days though. Her hair is getting really shaggy again and Tj wants to cut it. I'm putting my foot down this time and saying no. She has started calling herself Ty-ty which drives me insane. I've made it known from the get-go that her name was Tylee and she would not be called Ty. Nanny and Brax are the only two that haven't listened so I'm blaming them for her new nickname. She also calls Boone, "Boem-Boem" and outside, "Side-side." Strange. But calling herself her own name is a huge step developmentally. Not huge, I guess - but she recongizes that she is a person now and has started becoming even more independent than before...if that is possible. When she sees a picture of herself now she says, "Tylee" or "Baby Tylee" rather than thinking it is just a random baby. Have I mentioned how sad I am that this barn is gone? I didn't post this picture awhile back because it needed some major editing. Tylee's face was too dark and I couldn't figure how to just lighten her face. Thanks to the help from a nice lady on a photography forum, I learned a few new tricks in Lightroom. Big difference, huh?
A few weeks ago, my friend Darci and I went to see my friend Chelsea (and her new little bundle of joy) and Darci had the cutest flower in her hair. I flat out told her I was going to copy her and headed to Claires on my way home from visiting. I couldn't find any adult sized flowers I liked so I just got a pack for Tylee. I wore one to work the other day but didn't put it in until I had dropped Tylee off. Whenever I walked in to get her at Grammy's, she flipped out. "Mine flower," and started pulling it out of my hair. Apparently she is not okay with sharing accessories. Are these not the cutest shoes that you have ever seen? Tj got some new Puma's awhile back which is totally not his style. I really like his though and have been eyeing some for Tylee. Everytime he wears his he asks if we wished we were as cool as him. Well, now Miss Tylee is as cool, if not cooler than her Daddy.


Sunni said...

LOVE. THE. BARN. PHOTO! Perhaps my favorite to date!

The Puma's: oh-so-cute!

I love that Tylee's getting curls, too. I wouldn't want to cut them either...girls look so pretty with longer locks.

Hilarious that she doesn't want to share accessories. Or not. Still, very funny. ;)

I've always been a big fan of stream of consciousness...ever since reading 'The Jilting of Granny Witherall' (sp.) in high school. I think you would enjoy it too.


Christal said...

LOVE the shoes, They are super cute

Chris and Darci said...

super cute hair bows! did you ever try to make your own yet?