Slumber Party 2010

Lindsey's girls used to stay all night often, but haven't since Tylee was born. I cannot believe its been almost 2-years since they've stayed. I also can't believe its been almost 2 years since Tylee was born but that is another post altogether. I was worried that the big girls may get tired of Tylee after awhile but they were actually very patient. They were fascinated with my high-heels. Apparently, Lindsey doesn't own any high-heels. Who would've guessed? Bathtime was a blast as well. I cannot wait until I have Tylee trained to look at me and smile. These girls were pictures taking fools!Tylee's room was played in more than it has ever been played in to date. They walked in the door and headed straight for her room. Who knew bedrooms were meant for playing? I thought we were supposed to drag every single toy into the living room every single night, only to put them back in the bedroom. Hm.
It finally quit raining and warmed up enough to go play outside. Thank goodness. Going from 1 to 3 children overnight is quite the adjustment. I needed a break. And then, oh then, the famous Papa Randy, Janis, and Brax showed up. Tylee talks about Papa Randy non-stop.
"Tylee, do you love Mama?"
"No, I like Papa Randy."
"That isn't what I asked Tylee. Do you love Mama?"
"No, I like Papa Randy."Maybe its because Papa Randy pulls Tylee in the wagon on demand. Or maybe it's because Papa Randy organizes races in the backyard. And wins! Or maybe it's because Papa Randy takes Tylee to look at the cows on her command, which is every few minutes. ALL. DAY. LONG. Tylee loves Lindsey's kids and I love that they see each other often. I don't get to see Tylee interact with other kids very often so it is fun to watch her explore her personality. She is always right in the mix at the very beginning but she usually ends up venturing off and doing her own thing. Like picking flowers...or looking at cows.

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