Palm Tree

Some friends of ours have a beautiful deck, equipped with lots of neat landscaping and potted plants. I've always admired her palm trees and remember commenting on them several times last summer. Apparently I got my point across because she gave me a start off of hers a few weeks ago! I can't wait to watch it grow but I'm doubtful it will look like hers anytime soon. I thought it would be fun to document it on the blog and see what the end of the summer brings. Supposedly, I should have several new branches coming out of the middle by the end of the summer. So far - zip, zero, zilch. I'm a little disapointed but still have faith. I think we'll trim down the other two branches once I see new growth and make everything symmetrical. I'm OCD like that. All of you people that make comments that you like me updating but never know what to write about yourself? See...I get desperate too sometimes. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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