Katy Days 2010

Tylee and I continued our tradition of spending the Saturday of Memorial Day downtown at Katy Days. I was really torn between going to the lake with my Dad or staying and enjoying our hometown festivities. I'm sure the lake would've been more fun but I had a wedding in town Saturday that I wouldn't have missed for the world, which made my decision lots easier. Last year I knew Tylee was too young but thought she would be old enough to enjoy it this year. Alas, she was still too young to enjoy all they had to offer and I think will have more fun next year. Figures.
The petting zoo was a hit but was super busy and didn't really compare to Deanna Rose. I think Tylee enjoyed it but I was annoyed with the 50 unsupervised kids dropping bunnies and trying to pick up baby goats, so we didn't say long. We headed to ride the train and Tylee was freaked out. I figured there was no better time than the present for her to face her fear so we loaded up anyways. She keps saing, "Noooo. Nooo. Bye-bye Mama. Nooooo." Once we got going she lay her head down on my shoulder and snuggled up close. I think she will enjoy it a little more each time we ride.
I could not believe it but she ate this entire turkey leg...by herself! She loved it! I told her that her Uncle Nate would be very proud. :-D I normally buy her a shirt but they weren't very cute this year so I figured I would spend my $15 elsewhere. I think I made a great decision.

Squeeeee! Isn't this soooo cute!

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