Auto vs. Manual

I've had this post written for a long time but have yet to publish it. I worry about coming across as a know it all when I really know nothing at all very little. I can say with certainty that I have been using the "M" setting on my camera for a few weeks now. I can also say with confidence that my pictures are turning out a lot better. You may not notice because in the end, they tend to look the same. It takes a lot less editing to achieve the look I want. Using manual mode allows you to be 100% in control, which is the biggest perk. There are no prefabricated settings and if you want your pictures a little brighter, you can make your pictures a little brighter. If you want the background a little blurrier, you can make the background a little blurrier. If you don't want to use the flash, you can open the camera up and (sometimes) get away without using the flash.
Auto:Manual:Edit:Auto: Manual:Edit:And some more cute photos from this day. Taken in manual mode and edited in Lightroom:

I used to hate it when people had to edit every single picture. Now, I am one of those people but I am striving to get better pictures SOOC (straight-out-of-camera.) Maybe I'll have a post on editing sometime too. Again, not that I know a whole lot about it.


Wyatt's Momma said...

i have been waiting for this post!! keep the tips coming, i'm loving them. i don't have a camera as fancy as yours but i love hearing and seeing the effects of the pictures. :)

Clueless photo girl said...

I love that her face is so dirty. Obviously she was having a great time!

I feel sooo behind when it comes to my camera. I think people assume that I know what I'm doing. I don't. I don't have a clue. I don't know how to shoot in manual. I don't understand the settings. I usually shoot w/ the flash off. I edit and brighten the colors. Teach me, oh wise one!