Katy Days 2010

Tylee and I continued our tradition of spending the Saturday of Memorial Day downtown at Katy Days. I was really torn between going to the lake with my Dad or staying and enjoying our hometown festivities. I'm sure the lake would've been more fun but I had a wedding in town Saturday that I wouldn't have missed for the world, which made my decision lots easier. Last year I knew Tylee was too young but thought she would be old enough to enjoy it this year. Alas, she was still too young to enjoy all they had to offer and I think will have more fun next year. Figures.
The petting zoo was a hit but was super busy and didn't really compare to Deanna Rose. I think Tylee enjoyed it but I was annoyed with the 50 unsupervised kids dropping bunnies and trying to pick up baby goats, so we didn't say long. We headed to ride the train and Tylee was freaked out. I figured there was no better time than the present for her to face her fear so we loaded up anyways. She keps saing, "Noooo. Nooo. Bye-bye Mama. Nooooo." Once we got going she lay her head down on my shoulder and snuggled up close. I think she will enjoy it a little more each time we ride.
I could not believe it but she ate this entire turkey leg...by herself! She loved it! I told her that her Uncle Nate would be very proud. :-D I normally buy her a shirt but they weren't very cute this year so I figured I would spend my $15 elsewhere. I think I made a great decision.

Squeeeee! Isn't this soooo cute!


Natural Instinct


Looooong Weekend

I figured I better blog about the 4-day weekend that I had last weekend before another one hits this weekend! Friday night I went to the girls dance recital in Chanute but no cameras were allowed. I snuck some pictures anyways but they aren't even worth sharing. They did such a good job and I am so proud of them. I cannot wait until Tylee can take dance. Aw, the joys of having a little girl. Sorry Tj. Skip ahead to Sunday as we headed back to Chanute for a hotdog roast at Nanny and Poppy's, aka the real reason I'm blogging. Tylee went straight to the tub after that icecream bar and her clothes have yet to come out of the washer. I need to Oxi-clean them but haven't had a chance to get much done around the house this week. And now, the star of the show...


A Lesson in Comprehension

Me: "Tylee, your boots are on the wrong feet."
Tylee: "My boots on wrong feet!" (Big Smile)
Me: "Yah, you need to switch them."
Tylee: "Boots on wrong feet Mama. I switch them." (Big Smile)

Tylee sits there...

Tylee: "Boots on wrong feet Mama. I switch them." (Big Smile)


Me: "Tylee, don't drink out of that Dora cup. I don't know how old that juice is."
Tylee: "Don't drink Dora cup. Bad juice."
Me: "Yah, bring it here."
Tylee: "Don't dink-dink Dora cup. Bad juice, Mama." (Big Smile)

Tylee takes a drink. And gags.


Me: "Tylee don't stand on Boone like that. It will hurt Boone.
Tylee: "I not stand on Boem-Boem. It hurt Boem-Boem."
Me: "Yah, don't stand on him. It hurts him. Get down."
Tylee: "I don't stand on Boem-Boem, Mama."
Me: "Tylee! Get down!"
Tylee: "Get down Boem-Boem."


Enjoying Our Weekend


Stream of Consciousness

Remember this little dog? Well, little is no more! He is a horse! He already weighs 50 pounds and is growing quickly. Word to the wise, do not space your dogs out by 13 years. It is hard going from a 13 year old trained dog to a new puppy. He is doing really well but I am ready for him to know all the rules and be calm. He does great with Tylee but when the big kids are here, he doesn't realize how big he is and gets a little too excited.He did great modeling for me while I tried to shoot in some different light. I'm normally safe and just take snaps in the shade but my friend Amanda snagged me this wonderful UnManual from the Momtog blog, which gives some great tips for shooting with backlight and sunshine. *Note the two really big shadows in front of Boone - so obviously I did something wrong but what can I say, I'm learning. Of course, I had to take some of miss Tylee too. I think they were a little more successful. Good light isn't something we've came across a lot lately. I am so sick of this weather. I guess, aren't we all? We started working 4 10-hour days at work. Our schedule is now 7am-5:30pm. It is only the first week but so far I think I am going to love it. I wasted a lot of time getting ready in the mornings (aka laying in the tub watching the news) so by cutting that out, I am only getting up 30 minutes earlier. We'll see what happens the longer this goes but for now, I think the loss of sleep is worth 4-day weekends (mixed in with some 2 or 3-day weekends)!! I can't see myself changing my mind about that anytime soon. I'm going to try to spend a majority of my extra days off one-on-one with Tylee. Since spring has hit, it seems like we haven't spent much quality time together. We don't read books and color anymore. We play outside, go to the park, and have barbecues. Our time outside is only going to be amplified once we can SWIM! Ugh, I cannot wait. I know that any time together counts but sometimes at the end of the day, I miss her. Even though we've been together for 12 hours straight, I feel like I haven't spent much time with her. Hopefully we can use these days to squeeze in some extra activities (coloring, painting, reading, shape sorting, ect). And because I can't think of a way to close - I'll leave you with a picture of "Boem-Boem."


Slumber Party 2010

Lindsey's girls used to stay all night often, but haven't since Tylee was born. I cannot believe its been almost 2-years since they've stayed. I also can't believe its been almost 2 years since Tylee was born but that is another post altogether. I was worried that the big girls may get tired of Tylee after awhile but they were actually very patient. They were fascinated with my high-heels. Apparently, Lindsey doesn't own any high-heels. Who would've guessed? Bathtime was a blast as well. I cannot wait until I have Tylee trained to look at me and smile. These girls were pictures taking fools!Tylee's room was played in more than it has ever been played in to date. They walked in the door and headed straight for her room. Who knew bedrooms were meant for playing? I thought we were supposed to drag every single toy into the living room every single night, only to put them back in the bedroom. Hm.
It finally quit raining and warmed up enough to go play outside. Thank goodness. Going from 1 to 3 children overnight is quite the adjustment. I needed a break. And then, oh then, the famous Papa Randy, Janis, and Brax showed up. Tylee talks about Papa Randy non-stop.
"Tylee, do you love Mama?"
"No, I like Papa Randy."
"That isn't what I asked Tylee. Do you love Mama?"
"No, I like Papa Randy."Maybe its because Papa Randy pulls Tylee in the wagon on demand. Or maybe it's because Papa Randy organizes races in the backyard. And wins! Or maybe it's because Papa Randy takes Tylee to look at the cows on her command, which is every few minutes. ALL. DAY. LONG. Tylee loves Lindsey's kids and I love that they see each other often. I don't get to see Tylee interact with other kids very often so it is fun to watch her explore her personality. She is always right in the mix at the very beginning but she usually ends up venturing off and doing her own thing. Like picking flowers...or looking at cows.