What A Weekend!

Our days were so busy Saturday and Sunday that I can't even remember what went on Friday night! Thinking, thinking, thinking...it must not have been that exciting if I can't remember so we'll just skip that day! My brother and Erin came down Saturday morning with Lindsey's girls to go to an Easter Egg hunt. Thankfully, the hunt was at the park because it lasted all of 5 minutes. I didn't even have time to get any pictures! And then we got to play. There were several hunts on Saturday so we hit up another one that afternoon. Tylee understood the concept a little bit more this time around but unfortunately, it lasted all of 5 minutes as well. This hunt offered CUPCAKES and G-ma thought it was a good idea Tylee have one. Tylee spotted the cake from afar and who can say no to, "I want cake. I want cake." Mommy can, Grandma can't. Tylee managed to stay somewhat clean and we headed to Chanute for Easter with my family. Except there wasn't really anything "Easter" about it. Lindsey and Nathan finally got to come home and we all spent the day snuggling Brynna and playing outside. Just not at the same time.
We made it home Saturday night for the Easter Bunny to come Sunday. Nothing too exciting here either. Except maybe Tylee will stop telling me that Boone popped her Diego Ball every five seconds. "Boone. Diego Ball." That nice 'ol Easter Bunny brought her a new one. We headed to Grandma Cathy's Sunday afternoon for dinner. It was such a beautiful day. You can tell that Tylee is there everyday because boy did she make herself at home! She was hot, sweaty, and filthy by the time we left! She ran around going 100mph for several hours.
Ugly picture but can you tell the curls are coming back? Yaaah! Unfortunately, the excezma is too.

It was a beautiful spring weekend and that was just what the doctor ordered. It has been a long winter couped up and I am so thankful we can get back outside again.

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Tara said...

So many cute pictures! It looks like she had so much fun all weekend.