A Weekend Behind

No need to get excited about blogging about the fun stuff we did this weekend...I haven't even had a chance to blog about the fun stuff we did last weekend! And I don't take all these pictures to not share them! Even if no one is reading/cares. Ha. Last Saturday morning, Tylee and I loaded up and headed to Chanute. I wanted to practice my photography skills on Brynna (a non-moving subject = sooooooo much easier!) and Braylee had a soccer game. I think I need to mention two things: 1)There are no actual pictures of Braylee...I didn't have my zoom lense on my camera. 2)Brax had on a purple sweater because he stayed all night with Nanny and that is all she had. She bribed him by telling him purple was a K-state color. It worked. Tylee and the other girls got in some quality time with Papa, as well as the rest of the family. Braylee has quite the fan club. We then made our way back to Lindsey's house for some more picture taking and cuddling Brynna. Tylee loves to hold Brynna. As soon as we walked in the door Tylee took Brynna her new hats that we got her, her binky, and a dirty bottle that was laying on the floor. She is such a little Mama. I also took these three pictures of Boone last weekend and haven't found a place to squeeze them in anywhere. Again, what good is a picture if you aren't going to share? Enjoy!

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