Then finally!

They wheeled Lindsey off not long after the decision was made and we all waited. And waited, and waited, and waited. I took this picture in the waiting room and guess what the baby's time of birth was? 12:13am! Apparently, I have a weird "aunt-sense" about me. Nathan finally came walking around the corner and gave us a look at all her squishy goodness. Lindsey may make me take that 2nd picture off of here once she sees it so enjoy it while you can. We all made guesses as to what it was and then Nathan told us the bad news - we had to wait until Lindsey was out of recovery before they told us the sex. So there we were, with a baby for over 2 hours, not knowing if it was a boy or a girl. I swore it was a boy. I would've bet money. It looked just like Brax! They got it all cleaned up but Nathan wouldn't even let us hold it, thinking we may steal it and take a peak. I can't say - that may've happened with all the Grandmas around. What seemed like forever later, they finally wheeled Lindsey back in and we all anxiously awaited her announcement. This was her first peek at the baby. C-sections suck. Brecca woke up during all the commotion and I think she was throughouly confused. She really didn't know what to think.Tylee eventually woke up as well and I didn't get the reaction that I was hoping for from her either. Can't anything go as planned? What can I say? It was 2am and we had been at the hopsital since early that morning. I guess I shouldn't have hoped for much more. Up next? More squishy pictures!


Jen said...

Great pics - you're killing me with the suspense!! ;-)

Sunni said...

Yes, great pics, indeed! Ok, Tylee is KILLING me with her facial expressions. Apparently she isn't as proud a cousin as you are an aunt...ha ha ha! Hopefully she'd welcome a baby brother or sister a little more willingly. Too funny. Love that you were able to capture it all!