Baby Girl PeterOr "Female" as her name tag said. The poor little girl was nameless for 48 hours. Brynna Paige Peter
7 pounds 15 ounces
19 inches long

Tylee was a lot more interested in Brynna the next day. I think the issue the night before was that Brynna was swaddled and all you could see was her head. I'm not 100% sure that Tylee knew it was a baby. When we got to the hospital Wednesday night, Tylee immediately started asking for Poppy - not the baby. I told her that Poppy wasn't there and we were going to see the new baby! She apparently had no recollection of the night before. As soon as we walked in the room and I got the baby, Tylee was all over me. "I wanna hold," and cupped her little hands. So we situated them in the chair and Tylee was in heaven. I am anxious for another 6 months to pass so I don't have to watch Tylee like a hawk. She gave Brynna Cheez-its, her binky, showed me Brynna's eye, hair, and pretty (bow). When she was done holding her Tylee just flipped her little legs around and started to get up. Brynna almost fell out of the chair. Lucky for me, this is Lindsey's 4th baby and she knows by now, Brynna isn't going to break or be overly harmed from getting a little Cheez-it shoved in her mouth. Who needs breastmilk when you have Cheez-its?

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Sunni said...

Oh, I'd definitely go for the Cheez-its over breastmilk...actually, milk of ANY kind. ;)

Nice to see Tylee's attitude had changed after a bit more rest. Too cute!!