Deanna Rose Farmstead

It seems as if every other word that comes out of Tylee's mouth is "Baby Cow." She loves looking at the baby cows out the window and one of the first phrases that she actually spoke was, "Me hold baby cow." Tj and I figured she would be elated to go and see and touch a baby cow.I had heard good things about the Deanna Rose Farm in Kansas City from my friend Jen and have been nagging Tj to take us up there since the weather has started warming up this spring. Apparently, he grew weary of my nagging and we finally made the trip this past Sunday. The verdict?
Tylee was scared to death of the baby cows. We were both highly disapointed. I had pepped her up the whole way there talking about going to see and pet the baby cows. She walked right into the barn like she was on a mission. I was walking behind them snapping some pictures (that didn't turn out because I couldn't get my manual settings switched fast enough from outside to inside, dangit!) and she latched right onto Tj as soon as she spotted that first cow. I bent down with her and pet the (sleeping) baby cow on the ear and she proceeded to tell me, " Wanna go Bye-bye." I was also excited for Tylee see see the baby goats but knew there was NO way she would touch them seeing how scared she was on the cows. We had been over to a friends house a few weeks ago that had goats living nearby. Tylee was fascinted by those goats and told for me weeks, "Baby goat jump house. Baby goat eat bottle." (The adult interpretation of that is the baby goat jumped on the dog house and the owner bottle-fed the baby goats a bottle. Tylee witnessed both of these events.)

I was baffled when Tj sat her down in that petting zoo and she gave me all these adorable smiles. She LOVED the goats. She pet, pointed, and bossed those goats around like she was an old pro. I can't even explain the feeling it gave me inside to see her so happy. And then...like things can get even better...we gave her a bottle to feed the baby goats. Aw, pure heaven. She got malled by these goats. They knocked her down, ate at her sweater (don't worry, no holes Lindsey!), and climbed all over her to get that bottle. None of it phased her. Boone, on the other hand, will barely touch her and she flips out on him, yelling, "No Boone!" with a smack. The rest of the day is pretty self-explanatory. We enjoyed looking at the farm animals and playing on the playground equipment. Nothing else there compared to those baby goats. We even tried petting the baby cows once more before we left and it was a no-go.
Now, all Tylee can talk about are the baby goats and cows. "Tylee feed baby goat bottle. Tylee sceeeeed (scared) baby cow. Wanna go bye-bye." I hope I can get a video of her talking about the farm before the next broken-record topic comes up. She is just too cute.

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Sunni said...

Too funny. My favorite picture of them all...the one where she's crouched down and face-to-face with the goat. Precious!