We went to dinner with Nanny and Poppy (and Lindsey, Nathan, Brecca, Braylee, and Brax) the other night at the Corner Post Mexican Restaurant. Nanny and Poppy were keeping Tylee for the night and wanted to take her into Humboldt, hoping to see someone they knew so they could show her off. Nanny got lucky and there were a couple of ladies in there that she knew. They came over to the table and started making small talk, asking which kids belonged to who and so on. Tylee immediately grabbed all the hot dog she could fit into her two little hands, put her arms over her plate, and glared up at the ladies and said, "MINE!" I assured her that those ladies were not going to take her hot dog and she needed to stop! So very badly I wanted to tell those ladies, "That snotty one with the grubby little hands full of hot dog is hers, not mine!" Lindsey probably would've claimed her.

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Jen said...

hahahaha! that's awesome!!