How could you not?

I'm starting to love this little face. It has taken me awhile. Sorry Boone, but I've struggled within myself to love you. You have some pretty big shoes to fill and I'm not sure you will ever be able fill them. And unfortunately for you, I don't think you will ever come close. But that is okay, you still deserve to be loved. And its taken me awhile, but I'm coming around.Saying puppies are a lot of work is an understatement but I think we've been really lucky with Boone. We let him out a couple times during the night the first week or so but other than a few random times since, he sleeps soundly in his crate all night long. Whew! I was afraid we were going to backtrack to newborn life without that sweet little newborn. He follows the "dogs won't go to the bathroom in their crate" rule wonderfully and has caught on to using the doggie door (from his pen in the garage) during the day without incident. I can't tell you the last time he had an accident in the house and although he is far from potty-trained, he does not blantantly pee right in front of you mere seconds after coming back inside like previous dogs we've had. I think he "gets-it" and I wouldn't be suprised if it wasn't long before we are marking that check off the list. Although he is catching on to lots of things quickly, he needs a lesson in how to ride in the back of the truck. Or maybe he got his lesson. We are lucky Boone is still with us.
He is decent with Tylee, although she has no tolerance for him whatsoever. Her and Dutch were best buddies but I don't see any sense of the word friendship between her and Boone. She likes to talk about him and always greets him (Hiiiii Boone!) but the second he gets in her way, takes her baby, or even looks at her wrong, she is yelling, "Noooo Boone." Hopefully that relationship will blossom with age.
I'm starting to love this litte face. How could you not?


Christal said...

Such a cute little face!! They are a handful

Curt and Sunni said...

He's definitely precious! I trust that you've seen Marley & Me? Christal is right: they are a handful but labs are very smart...glad the puppy phase is going well (beware of garden hoses though...they are expensive chew toys!)


kaylee said...

he's precious, chelse!