I about dropped over dead when I turned on the TV a few weeks ago and Tylee started shouting, "Diego! Diego!" I think my response to her was, "You cannot say Grandma but you can say Diego?" Since then, she has gone Diego crazy! She can spot Diego from miles away. I hate to admit it but with Tj gone in the evenings when I need to cook dinner, Diego is a pretty good babysitter. She recognizes the theme song from the first few notes and comes running bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. While we were on our cruise, Tylee stayed with Nanny and Poppy and one of the kids babies had on these Diego pajamas. (It is a rather large baby. Haha.) Nanny said Tylee latched onto this shirt that very first day and wouldn't take it off the rest of the week. Lucky for me, she sent it home with us and we are having the same issues. I always hoped I could instill a sense of fashion in Tylee at an early age so I wouldn't have to fight with her over her clothes later. Doesn't look like that's happening. Much to her dismay, I've yet to let her wear the Diego shirt in public.I remember Brax really being into Dora when he was around Tylee's age and I always kinda chuckled that he was into the girl-version of the show vs. the boy-version. I guess what goes around comes around!

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