Day Three - Cozumel

From the looks of the empty decks Wednesday morning, the storm Tuesday night must've been bad. I guess I'm glad we were tied up in our room. It was miserable but I think I would've been a nervous wreck if I would've known how bad things really were. Although we did feel better the next morning, we were both still a little off. It all started making sense when we were able to look at the ocean on the way to breakfast. It took me awhile to get a feel for the size of the waves but the longer I looked out the window, the choppier and bigger they seemed. That was just fantastic considering the only thing I needed was land and we were running behind because of the storm. Once we finally got to Cozumel, it was beautiful. The water was much clearer and a brighter blue than Key West. My sister told me when she looked at my pictures that the dark stuff is seaweed on the bottom of the ocean. I wondered what that was! I thought it was fish. Ha. We were lucky enough to dock downtown (I guess that is not normal) so we didn't have to take a taxi anywhere. Thank goodness because Tj and I both were a nervous wreck. I guess we are in-experienced travelers because all the forums raved about how great Cozumel was. We don't agree. It seemed that no one spoke English and nothing was converted from Peso's to the dollar. $300 for a shirt? They said it would convert to $$ but I was a nervous wreck letting them run my debit card. Since we were a little skiddish, we just stayed in the downtown area and walked through some of the local markets. And of course, we had to hit the hot spots.The first stop was Carlos and Charlies and oh my! I don't even have a word to describe that place. That place held true anything and everything you've ever seen on TV about Spring Break in Mexico. It was C.R.A.Z.Y. I don't know who all these people were but they were adults! I guess they were from another cruise ship and had been there awhile because they were nuts!! There were crazy balloon animal hats, conga lines, dancing, beer bongs, liquor bongs, free shots of Tequila, LOUD music, and really creepy workers that were a little too handsy. It was an interesting place to say the least and Tylee is never, ever, going to Cozumel on Spring Break. Never. We went to Senor Frogs next which was a lot more our style. Still a pretty happening place but a lot more low key. Not much to say about it - except if you go to Cozumel, you should check it out. I hear it gets crazier at night.Our next stop was Margaritaville. The server actually told me that the "Classic Margarita" wasn't very good and he would recommend the ".... Margarita." I thought that was interesting. It was probably my favorite place. We sat on a deck out over the ocean and just watched the water. It was very relaxing. There was a place to get in the ocean (which was my plan since we didn't get the chance anywhere else) but it was closed because of the weather. The water looked calm to me but apparently it was still pretty rough from the storm.
It was a pretty long day of walking through the markets and from place to place so Tj and I headed back to the ship early. Neither one of us really wanted to just go to bed because we felt like we were wasting a night. We were both tired so we (of course) ate and then hit the sack to make the most of Thursday, our last day.

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The Nutters said...

I agree..I wasn't too crazy about Cozumel. I went on a week vacation there and don't recommend it because there isn't a 'whole' lot to do there. We are planning a summer cruise and most all cruises go there. We found one that we are interested in! Glad you had a good time..sorry about the storm..no fun!
If you have any pointers..let me know! Never been on a cruse before.