Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I knew it was going to be a long day at the hospital so I loaded Tylee up with goodies and hoped that between several adults and Lindsey's kids, she would be entertained. She did very well considering we were at the hospital from 8am until 2:30am. That's 18.5 hours of being run-ragged trying to contain a 2-year old in a hospital waiting room and 18.5 hours of stress for Lindsey being in labor. Can you see where this is going? It was a long day for everyone involved. Except I think Lindsey got the blunt end of the deal. Lindsey got her kids these super cute T's from Luna B Tee to wear that said Big Sister and Big Brother. They turned out so cute that I got Tylee one to coordinate with just her name on it. Obviously, this baby wanted to show everyone that she was already the boss and didn't let any of Lindsey's plans play out. There were never any photo ops of the kids in their shirts with the baby. Good thing its gonna be around for awhile.I am not going to go into detail, mostly because it is not my story to tell, but we spent most of the day waiting on the baby to turn and drop down into the birth canal. Once it did that, we were assured that labor would go fast and we would have baby #4 in our arms very soon. But, it never turned and dropped. Turns out, she is a stubborn little girl. It started getting late and Lindsey wasn't progressing so we sent the kids home and told them that the baby wasn't coming until the next day. Two fell for it, two did not. Brecca and Tylee camped out in Lindsey's "after-birth" room while the rest of us patiently waited for something to happen.

Around 11:30pm, the doctor finally decided to do a C-section. He said the baby was still really high and if she did try to deliver naturally, it would involve a LOT of pushing and possibly end in an Emergency C-section. Lindsey was exhausted and by that time she was ready to call it a night.

To be continued...

Happy Birthday Little Girl!

She is here and healthy! More details coming soon...



We went to dinner with Nanny and Poppy (and Lindsey, Nathan, Brecca, Braylee, and Brax) the other night at the Corner Post Mexican Restaurant. Nanny and Poppy were keeping Tylee for the night and wanted to take her into Humboldt, hoping to see someone they knew so they could show her off. Nanny got lucky and there were a couple of ladies in there that she knew. They came over to the table and started making small talk, asking which kids belonged to who and so on. Tylee immediately grabbed all the hot dog she could fit into her two little hands, put her arms over her plate, and glared up at the ladies and said, "MINE!" I assured her that those ladies were not going to take her hot dog and she needed to stop! So very badly I wanted to tell those ladies, "That snotty one with the grubby little hands full of hot dog is hers, not mine!" Lindsey probably would've claimed her.


Boy or Girl?

Am I getting another niece? Or another nephew? I can't hardly wait to find out!



Much to Lindsey's dismay, we are still waiting on #5.

Random Update

  • Tylee is talking up a storm. I started to list phrases and words that she says but she can say almost anything she wants. The other day I walked in and Tj had taught her how to say "Quail". She'll repeat anything and everything you want her too but she doesn't grasp/remember everything she says. Which may be a good thing! The biggest milestone to mention would be that she is putting words together left and right. "I want/wanna...eat, drink, hold, up, down, bye-bye, outside, play, read book, _______, ect." And says "I don't want/wanna" accordingly. "Me hold...baby, banana, book, baby cow, pretty, _______." Its truly amazing watching her little mind work.
  • I hope I don't get hate mail for writing this but around nap time and bedtime, Tylee will gently take your hand and walk you to her bedroom. She'll tell you "night-night" and then want "up" and into her crib. Seriously - its the best bedtime routine ever.
  • Possibly the cutest thing I've seen her do yet, is cupping her little hands and wanting to hold things she cannot possibly hold. "Me hold Diego, Mama." She'll want to hold objects in her books such as balls, eggs, birds, animals, babies, ect. And the cutest and most repeated phrase of the month would be, ""Me hold baby tow." Meaning, she wants to hold the new baby calves in our pasture.
  • Every month her Parents as Teacher mentor asks me anything new that Tylee is doing. In the past couple months, I would say that she is very much into pretending. She has a tub full of stuffed animals and normally when she gets them out, we play "name the animal." That apparently is not fun anymore and Tylee has taken it upon herself to play "house." We now have Daddy, Mommy, and Baby animals. I have no idea how she put this all together but she always gets out 3 different animals and names them accordingly. They remain in that role until we put them back up. She has also grasped that when there are 3 animals in a book - one is the Daddy, one is the Mommy, and the other the baby.
  • Since we are on the "pretend" topic, boy, is she motherly. She'll set up her sheep, bib and all, and feed it food from her kitchen. She rocks her babies (and sings!), feeds them, tucks them in, makes me give them airplane rides...those babies are her little sidekick.
  • Another new game she has developed is moving things between objects. I gave her a cup of Smarties the other day and before I knew it, she had a bowl from her kitchen and was transferring them back and forth. In and out, in and out. She does the same thing in the tub. She'll take water from her balls (that have holes from Dutch chewing on them) and dump the water into the lid of a bucket until it is full. Then take the water from the lid, and dump it into the bucket. She repeats this until the bucket is full, dumps it out, and starts over. I think these tasks probably go along with developing her fine-motor skills but I'm a little worried because she also likes to get in things herself. She would really love to fit into the microwave of her kitchen, the bucket in the tub, and a toy bus at my Mom's house. Its amusing to watch her try (and try and try and try) to squeeze in. She has no concept of how big she is at all.
  • She knows most of her body parts: Head, Hair, Ear, Eyes, Nose, Teeth, Tongue, Lips, Elbow, Hands, Belly, Back, Knees, Feet, and Toes.
  • (Can you tell she was totally annoyed with me taking her picture this day?)

  • We didn't have any issues when Tylee started walking. I actually thought it was easier when she was walking vs. crawling because she wasn't on ground level putting everything in her mouth. Somehow, over the past month or so, the girl is into EVERYTHING. Maybe it is annoying all the sudden because she knows better. She reaches up into the kitchen drawers and just grabs whatever she can get her little fingers around. I am going have to either get a little more stern or rearrange my knife drawer. She'll go get a chair from her play set and use it to get a binky off her dresser. Tj found her on top of the kitchen table the other day when he came back in from taking Boone out. She has been getting in the cleaning supply cabinet and getting out supplies. "Clean Mama," she'll tell me when I catch her. She is just everywhere! I think she is either too smart for her own good or the terrible two's have started early! I think its the latter.
  • On the potty front, she has been telling me for awhile when I take Boone out, "Boone poo-poo, Mama." I realized she must somewhat know what was going on so I thought I would start putting the bug in her ear. I talk to her whenever I am changing her saying, "Tylee just pee-pee this time!" Or vice-versa. I have also started taking her to the bathroom with me whenever I go. I have no plans to push potty-training but thought I would introduce the idea to her. Her PAT's lady told me I would recognize the signs that she was ready and I'm starting to recognize them. The other day she came walking in with her legs spread wide telling me she had peed and wanted changed. I guess that is as good of sign as any! We got a potty chair at Wal-mart and as soon as she saw it in the isle, she started telling me, "Pee-pee Mama. Pee-pee." Of course, we had to strip down the second we got home...and 100 times since - and we've yet to pee in the potty. The potty is going in the closet for another couple of months.
  • And last but not least, fit throwing. It is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. If you tell her no or won't give her something, she gets down on the floor in slow motion and kicks her feet and cries. No tears come out or anything. I can't do anything but laugh at her!



I despise using the pop-up flash on my camera. So much in fact, I went back to find some pictures I took using the flash and had a hard time finding some. I found this post that I wrote right after I got my camera and its quite shocking how far I've came in just under 7 months. I'll admit, since then I've become a flash-snob. If there isn't natural light, I don't take pictures. Simple. However...I keep missing moments because I don't want want to use the flash. And aren't moments really the whole reason for taking pictures?
I realized this when Lindsey asked me to take pictures when they have their baby. I've been thinking what lens I am going to use and how I am going to set the settings on my camera so that I'll have enough light. D.O.R.K. - I know. But it's a huge moment and I don't want to miss anything or let her down with blurry pictures. I commented to Lindsey on the lack of light in the hospital and that I may have to use my flash. Her response was, "It's okay. The other 3's birth pictures were taken with a flash. I won't care." But seriously, I cringe when thinking about having to use my flash and ruining all those beautiful moments. Hi. My name is Chelse and I am a flash-snob.

(Flash = Yuck! vs. No Flash = Cute!)

Thank god my photographer friends came to my rescue. (See? Thinking about my lense, settings, and talking it over with someone who knows more than I do paid off!) My friend Amanda recommended I order one of these Lightscoops and boy is she genius! I am not totally confident I was using it right because I think I should be getting better results than this based on their website (figures!) and reviews from other sites. However, I was still super impressed...no blur!! I'll give you the run down on the pictures below.

Both of these pictures above were taken with no flash. In both instances, I knew there was not enough light (it was dark outside when I took both of these) but I didn't want to turn on my flash. And look, I missed the moment.

This picture was taken in the tub with the flash (as were these). I do like how blue it makes here eyes look but in my opinion, it gives her the "deer in the headlights" look. Which I'm not a fan of. I want some professional looking, anatomically correct, bathtub pictures...which you can't get with a flash.

These were taken in the tub with my Lightscoop. Look at that water just standing still! I've never gotten a tub picture even close to these. And it was my first time! It can only get better from here, right? That top one even looks like there may be a window in the room! And I can promise you, there isn't.

The best thing I've noticed about the Lightscoop so far is that you can still catch that moment but then fix it with a little post processing. On the 3 pictures above, the color is still off and I don't know enough about Lightroom to fix it. So...I'll let you in on a little secret. What do you do when you mess up the color and can't get everything fixed just right? Make them Black and White. And now you have some professional looking, anatomically correct, bathtub pictures...that you can't get with a flash. Unfortunately, they still don't compare to natural light. But at least I didn't miss the moment. I am going to a Snapshop in May and I'm hoping she can give me a little insight to the nasty color that I'm still getting with my lightscoop. She probably knows nothing about Lightscoops but I'm hoping to learn more about my camera, its settings, and how to work it in low-light situations. For now, I'll just be thankful that I have my Lightscoop and Lightroom when the baby comes.