For: Aunt Lindsey

These are Aunt Lindsey's favorite pair of pajamas. I agree Linds, it's hard to believe. Out of all the pink, cutesie, fancy Pj's we own borrowed, these are your favorite? But I can't argue, Tylee sure looks cute in them! Click to enlarge



Apparently this was the 3rd annual Wreath-Making party, however it was my first year in attendance. This is quickly going to turn into a Holiday Tradition. I went without plans of making a wreath/swag but after I saw how the first one turned out, I dove in head first. Since I hadn't planned on making one, I didn't take any of my own stuff. I am much more a whimsy/fun type of person than fancy but I worked with what I had. Isn't it beautiful? I guess sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone pays off!



If I hadn't seen you in a year and you asked me what I'd been up to since last Thanksgiving, I would probably say, "Same 'ol, Same 'ol! Work, Tylee, Home. Work, Tylee, Home." But when I take the time to sit down and think about what I am thankful for this year, so much has happened since last November.
First and foremost, I am thankful for my health and the health of my family - both old and young. I am so lucky to have 3 of my 4 grandparents left and I cherish every holiday that I can with them. Tylee is so lucky not only to have grandparents that love her but great-grandparents as well. More recently however, I have been ever so grateful for the fact that Tj and I have a perfectly healthy little girl. Although it was in my mind at delivery, I was never overly concerned that Tylee would come out healthy. It was just a given that she would. It was one of those things that would never happen to you. But unfortunately, it happens all too often and this time, it has happened to one of my very best friends. I have been living her situation by her side for over a month now. It has completely consumed me and every night I hold Tylee a little tighter, kiss every finger and every toe, and am so very thankful for each day that I have with her.
Although I've always had a great group of friends, for some reason this year, I feel blessed to have the friendships that I have. I have a handful of friends from highschool that I remain close with and will always cherish but I've also gained several adult friendships the past couple years that I could not be more thankful for.
Although I feel blessed to have a new home that we built from the ground up, I feel blessed this Thanksgiving to even have a home at all. My eyes were opened in May when we could've lost so much more than we lost. I shed lots of tears that month and at this point in my life, I can say that has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Now I know, however, if that remains the worst thing that ever happens to me, I will consider myself lucky. I cried to my mom that this was our home: our home that we spent the first years of our marriage, where we brought Tylee home from the hospital, and where we created her first Christmas memories. In the moment, I know I cared more about "the stuff" than I did the fact that we were safe. Now that it is all over, I realize that it is not about the stuff, it is about the memories you have and keeping your family safe. I know from my Grandma and Grandpa's experience, sometimes all you are left with is memories, but those memories and safety are truly what is important.
And last but not least, I am thankful for my job. Less than a month ago, I wouldn't have even mentioned my paycheck. I would've said that I am thankful that I enjoy going to work every single day. I am thankful for the girls that I work with and for my work-family. (And I wouldn't have just said that because I know they are reading!) But this year, I am grateful to even have a job. Again, losing your job is one of those things that you think won't ever happen to you. But it has happened to two people in my immediate family and that is a little too close to home.
So, yes, a lot has changed in the past year. Last year, I was not truly thankful for the health of my child. I did not realize how lucky I was to have the friendships that I have. Nor was I the least bit thankful for the roof over my head. People were losing their jobs last year as well, but again, it did not affect me. So, this next year, I'm making a Thanksgiving Resolution. I am making a promise to myself to be more thankful. To be more appreciative and grateful of the things that I have. To not realize how lucky I am only when something bad happens, whether it be to me or someone close to me. But to realize how lucky I am 100% of the time and be thankful for all that surrounds me daily.

Gobble! Gobble!

Thanksgiving really snuck up on me this year and I just wasn't mentally prepared. We ended up having a great day but I didn't wake up with that excited feeling that shouts, "It's a holiday!" Ya know, kinda like when you wake up on your birthday when you are little and you are instantly having a good day? I normally still get that feeling on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I didn't this year. Does anyone else? Or is it the simple fact that I'm getting older and everday is just another day? I sure hope not because I'm not ready to give up that feeling!
Tylee didn't even have anything in her closet in the fall color spectrum! So we had to wear a baby pink cardigan.
We started the day out at Grandma Ann's and although there were more people there, none of them wanted to get up to get a picture with Tylee. I won't mention their spouses any names but here is a picture of Tylee with her two Uncles. We ate until we were stuffed, just to head to another feast.
My Dad's side of the family is so big, we either have Thanksgiving in my cousins garage or at a public community building. We skipped the meal but made it in time for the party. My Dad and 4 uncles are 5 of the most happy, go-lucky people that you will ever meet. It is not unusual for one (or even two) of them to have on a funny shirt or hat at a holiday gathering. This year however, there were 35 people with tuxedo shirts on celebrating my Uncle Andy's 50th birthday. It was a good time but we couldn't stay as long as we wanted. Tylee needed a nap and we needed to head home for yet another gathering.

Although I was disapointed they cancelled, I was also a tad bit relieved when Tj's Mom wasn't feeling well and said they would come out another time. We were all exhausted! And stuffed! Tylee and Mommy both went to bed around 8pm and thank goodness Tylee got the memo to sleep in on Friday!


Coming Soon!

Boy! It seems like we've been going non-stop since last Tuesday night. We had our Parents-as-Teachers meeting*, made soup for work on Wednesday, had our work Thanksgiving meal, made homeade noodles and rolls to take to Grandma Ann's, went to Grandma Ann's Thanksgiving*, went to Papa Randy's Thanksgiving*, got a touch of the flu, went shopping, made Christmas wreaths*, and visited with friends. We have not put up Christmas decorations, cleaned up the house from said activities, or blogged about any of the above holiday.

*Coming soon to a blog near you!


Grandma Knows Best: Volume 2

Although I don't remember Grandma Katy making these until a few years ago, they've quickly became a family favorite.
1 bottle Orville Redenbachers Butter Oil
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch
2 tsp Dill Weed
1 tsp Onion Salt
1 tsp Garlic Salt
32 ounces Mini Pretzels

Mix Oil and seasonings. Pour oil over pretzels and seal container. Flip container every hour until oil is absorbed. The longer they set, the better.


Grandma Knows Best

If you are on a diet, stop reading now. If you aren't, please continue and enjoy one of my families favorite holiday recipes. Mmmmm! Mmm! I remember when I got this recipe from Grandma Katy for the first time and I realized how easy these were to make. Anything Grandma Katy makes is always 100X's better than when I make it. Isn't that always the case? Except for these! I've 100% mastered Grandma Katy's Ranch Oyster Crackers. The trick? Just following the recipe - they are that easy!
2 packages Oyster Crackers
1.5 cups Vegetable Oil
1 tsp Lemon Pepper
1.5 tsps Dill Weed
1/8 tsp Onion Salt
1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch

Open crackers and spread on to a cookie sheet. Pour oil mixture over crackers and stir until coated. Bake on 200 degrees for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Avoid the scale for a few days because I promise, you cannot eat just one.



I hate mice. Hate. Actually, I don't even think hate is a strong enough word. I am completely and udderly scared to death of them. Tj lectured me the other night, "Chelse, I promise. They are just as scared of you as you are of them." I don't know if that's possible. I'm not normally a prissy girl that is scared of bugs and snakes. I grew up at the lake having to get the crickets out of the tub before you bathed. Having pet Daddy Long Legs, Tarantulas, and Stick Bugs. (We even had a snake in our bathroom at our house before this one. Although Tj never believed me. I turned on the bathroom light in the middle of the night and it slithered under the bathtub. I just went back to bed - not phased one bit. I even ran into the people that lived in the house before us and she said, "I loved that house but we had a really bad problem with little garden snakes." See - told ya so Tj!)
My first confrontation with a mouse was years ago but the memory is so vivid in my mind, it feels as if it were yesterday. I was probably 8 or 9 years old and I was sitting in my room on the floor, going through boxes of pictures. My Mom and I had just switched rooms and I was determined to get every last thing of hers out of my closet. It was a huge closet (so I thought then) and I wanted to make a little den back there so that I could lay down at night and write in my diary. Unfortunately, the closet was full of tubs and totes, boxes and clothes. That didn't stop me. Until I opened that one box that would forever scar me. There it was. A dead mouse. I did not see another mouse for 15 years. That is until, we moved into our new house. Our new house - right in the middle of an 80 acre pasture. We were on their turf now.
Tj and I were working on the house one night before we had moved in and it got pretty late, so we decided to stay. I had bought new bedding but we were without a bed so we made a pallet in the middle of our bedroom floor and spent our first night in our new home. Little did I know, we were probably surrounded by teeny tiny little disgusting creatures - right down there on ground level. I have never, and will never, make a pallet on the floor again. Ever.
We moved in on June 10th, which fortunately, is not mouse season. All is well for several months. Winter came soon enough and along came our pet mice. I spotted my first one (in 15 years) on a Saturday morning. Tj happened to be at work (Figures!) and I roll out of bed to see one scurry back under the dresser. I hop back into bed and stare at that dresser for hours. Not sure where he went, but somehow convinced he was gone, I got brave enough to get out of bed and walk past the dresser and out into the kitchen/living room. I was skeptical from that moment on but made the most of my day, turning on lights and making lots of noise before entering a room. Tj got home, set a trap under the bed, and caught the mouse the next day. Little did I know...
Our friends came over for dinner that next evening and sure enough, John sees a mouse run out from under the couch. "I thought you said you caught it?" I asked Tj. "I did! I promise." To make a long story short, that was only the beginning. We caught 30+ mice that winter. It wasn't just as easy as catching them though. They HAUNTED me.
I was on my way to work one morning shortly after the first spotting. I heard a noise when I turned on the kitchen light that stopped me in my tracks. I scanned the room for a good minute and didn't see anything. I grabbed my coat that was hanging on the kitchen chair, got one arm on only to have a mouse jump out of my pocket. It took me 2 years to wear that coat again. On yet another morning, I went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me as not to wake Tj up. I sat down to pee, rubbing my eyes and thinking about the day. Sure enough, here comes a little mouse, scurrying around the bathroom, trapped in with me because I had shut the door. And yet another Saturday morning, I got out of bed and started my daily routine. I walked back into our room and notice little black droppings all over my white sheets. I called my Mom BAWLING. I remember her asking me what exactly I wanted her to do. I still don't have an answer to that. I got brave and washed my sheets - only to find hundreds of droppings on the backside of our bed where the mattress and box springs didn't quite match up. Along with these other frightful events, we also had the normal mouse spottings that winter. Opening the cabinet under the sink to see two mice scurry away. Finding droppings on the desk. the bathroom sink, and in the bathtub. I dreaded going home every single night after work. I think it was finally decided that the mice were built-in. Built in since the summer, hibernating in the walls reproducing like rapid fire. The saga finally ended that winter and I think we've caught a handful of mice since. I can live with that.
And the story ends there - until this past summer when we lost our roof and tore out our cabinets. I'll spare you the details but directly under our lazy susan, underneath all of our food, back behind the inner most part of our cabinets, lay a pile of dog food. A pile - a huge pile. Like, a whole bag of dog food. Mixed in? Some rat poisoning, mold, and mouse droppings. Nice, huh? Thank goodness we gutted the house or that dog food would've been there forever. I can only imagine the smell, the stinch, and the # of months spent looking for something rotten. See, everything happens for a reason. (Ha, Ha....yah.)
I hate mice. And I hear they are going to be bad this winter. Great!


Knowledge is Power

It's kind of scary sometimes when I realize how much Tylee actually understands these days. I remember when my sister had Brecca and somebody asked, "So when do we have to stop cussing around her?" It was comical at the time because Brecca was merely days old but oh my, how soon little ones do realize what you are saying.

So far we've been safe in the language department. Tylee has yet to learn any inappropriate words to use at inopportune times. But I know thats coming. It's her ability to comprehend, "speak" with non-verbal communication, and has the memory to go along with all that in order to communitcate with Tj and I that has me floored. I guess I'm not referencing Tylee specifically (although I am about to) but what amazes me is that any 17 month old has the ability to comprehend, reason, repeat actions, memorize, and communicate - both verbally and non-verbally. Tylee wasn't even alive 18 months ago and now she can tell me when she is hot, hungry, tired, and thirsty. The guessing game is over.

Here are a few recent non-verbal milestones:

  • Bringing you a sweatshirt when she is cold and trying to take it off when she is hot.
  • Walking over to her highchair and saying "Up" when she is hungry.
  • Going to her crib and wanting "Up" when she is tired.
  • Ask her if she is ready to go and she will start looking for her shoes.
  • Warming up her milk (yes, still) and her automatically saying, "Night, Night Dada."
  • Tell her its time to change her diaper and she will walk into her room and say "Up" by the changing table.
  • She knows at bathtime that we go in the bathroom, start the water, and pour the bubbles. She then takes off full-speed into her room and waits on me by the changing table. Once up on the changing table, her hands go above her head to strip her down and she unfastens her diaper with her own two little hands.
  • Brings you her cup (or says Dink-Dink) when she is thirsty.
  • Ask her to go get almost anything in her toy totes in her room and she will come back with the correct thing.

("Give the baby a kiss!")

She is on track verbally as well. She can say 20-30 words - some of which amaze me as well. Elephant and Flower being the two that suprise me the most. It seems we are learning about 1 new word each day and boy am I suprised when she just points at something out of the blue and tells me what it is. "Where did you learn that?!?" Oh, the things I'll never know!


Monster Cookies - Check!

1/2 Cup Oleo
1.5 Cups Brown Sugar
1.5 Cups Sugar
4 Eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla
18 oz. Chunky Peanut Butter
6 Cups Quick Oats
1 Pkg Chocolate Chips
1 Cup M&M's
2.5 tsp Baking SodaMix oleo, brown sugar, eggs, and vanilla.
Add Peanut Butter. Mix Well. Stir in chips, M&M's, and baking soda. Mix well.
Stir in oats.
Drop by heaping teaspoonful onto an undergreased cookie sheet 2 inches apart. Flatten some with your hand. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. Realize after you've bought the stuff, mixed and baked, that your 18 month old is not allowed to have nuts and you are on a diet, therefore neither of you can eat a single cookie. You are welcome Daddy!


Oh, today is the perfect fall day! A lazy day at home with nothing to do except spend time with my little one, play with my camera, cook some comfort food, and bake cookies! Fall has officially arrived and with a couple more days like today, I'll be ready to jump into Christmas Season along with everyone else.

Play with my camera? Check! Apparently I wore out my models. Before the session was over, Tylee walked into her room, pointed to her crib and said, "Up!" She is now peacefully sleeping in her bed - thankful that task is done.

Dutch had enough too. The bad news? Both my children at mad at me. The good news? These pictures were shot in 100% manual mode complete with Manual Focusing by yours truly. The only thing I wasn't able to figure out was the yellow tint. Fortunately, I have several photographer friends willing to help me out.

Still on the agenda?

  • Homeade Beef and Noodles
  • Homeade Rolls (to practice for Thanksgiving since I only make them twice a year)
  • Monster Cookies!
  • And put away the laundry. (Yuck!)


Food for Thought

Man, I could eat dinner with this little cutie every night.
Oh yah, that's right. I do!
I've been letting her eat certain things with a spoon for probably a month now. We started with applesauce because it is the most neutral colored, non-staining thing I could find. Once she had the concept figured out, I started letting her play with eat her yogurt. We  have since moved on to mashed potatoes, macaroni, and Gerber Graduate stews.

I cannot believe how big she is. While setting down for dinner the other night, I noticed there were 2 plates full of spaghetti, 2 sides of peas,  and 2 Cheddar biscuits. Not far from the table on Tylee's highchair was a baby bowl of spaghetti, a baby bowl of peas, and a Cheddar biscuit. All three settings complete with Spoons and Forks. Hers being plastic, of course.  
For the most part, she eats what we eat. Instead of two servings, I dip out three. I cannot believe I have a toddler that is actually old enough to eat Tacos and Steak. Her favorites are still Macaroni, Hot Dogs, Yogurt, and Fruit. She doesn't eat much meat and even goes as far as picking it out of a dish and setting on the side. I've been a little concerned about her protein in-take because she doesn't like eggs either, but she looks plump and healthy and fills out my sister's 2T clothing perfectly. (Notice those molars back there? She has her 4 bottom teeth, is missing 2 or 3, then has her molars on both sides. She only has her front teeth on the top! Weird!)


What about Thanksgiving?

Is anyone else annoyed that it is only November 10th, yet we are already being flooded with Christmas decor? I was not pleased when I heard a Christmas Carol on the radio yesterday. I was even offered Christmas Stamps at the Post Office. No thank you! What happened to fall? What happened to cool days playing in the leaves, college football weather, opening the windows on Saturday morning to feel the cool breeze and smell the fresh air, candles that smell of pumpkin and spices, hoodies without coats, sweaters, and long-sleeved T's? Everyone has seemed to forget about Fall and dove head first into Christmas. A neighbor down the road has begun stringing Christmas lights. The irony being that they still have a yard full of Pumpkins and Mums. I just don't understand. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. However, I almost wish the actual day wouldn't ever come. I love the decor, the shopping, Christmas carols, the weather, family - everything about it. But I am always let down when it's over. It's the weeks leading up to it that are my very favorite. Christmas Day is fabulous as well, but there is always a hinge of disapointment that it is over. The season is over, decorations come down, and everything goes back to normal. I agree that the season comes and goes too fast, but I'm not ready yet! Stop with the Christmas stuff! We missed fall!
(I have a total of 0 daylight hours at home in order
to get a decent picture without flash)
Normally, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving until after the first of the year are my favorite weeks of the entire year. I'm just not into it this year. Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks and I haven't given it a second thought. Normally, I'm busy buying candles, making shirts, hitting the stores for a little more fall decor, enjoying the cool evenings eating Chili, and snuggling on the couch in my sweats.
(The corn stalks around my mailbox looked 100X's better but someone
thought it would be funny to run over our mailbox shortly
after I put them up.)
This year? Well, lets just say that I went to buy a birthday gift this weekend and all I could find was anything and everything CHRISTMAS. Rather than burning a pumpkin candle, I'm still burning my summer linen candles, the air conditioner still kicks on, and I somehow missed everything fall in decor department.
(My Mum has seen better days. Most days when I pull up, it
has been blown over and is lying in the yard. Oh well, I can't say we've
had but 1 guest since I put my stuff out weeks ago.)
What makes this year different than others? Is it the weather? Is the economy driving retailers to get out the Christmas stuff sooner rather than later? Or is it the fact that I have a 16 month old and priorities are different this year. Time spent previously dreaming about fall is consumed by books, baths, and babies? I wish I knew, because I want fall back.
(This is my favorite fall idea ever. Ignore the
Christmas Berry wreath. See above - I never made it
to find a fall-colored one. It is just a cheap candle from Wal-mart
that I sat down into a big glass vase. Then, fill in around the
candle with Coffee Beans. Light and Voila! A whole house
that smells of coffee. Yuuuuum!)


"No, Tylee!"

There is the hour post-dinner, pre-bedtime in which Sundry refers to as "The Witching Hour." She is a much better writer than I am so head on over there and read about it. For the Trollope household our Witching Hour occurs between walking in the door from work and setting dinner on the table.
In the evenings, Tylee tends to cling to whomever keeps her for the day. The days that Tj is off and stays home with her tend to go a little better than the days that I pick her up from G-mas and bring her home. When Daddy has her all day, as soon as I walk in the door, she runs 90mph away from me. Fantastic! Run, Tylee, run! I can cook dinner without a toddler between my legs hollering, "Up. Up. Up. Mama. Up." When I bring her home with me, she will not leave my side. Her permanent space resides right under my feet while I'm standing and on my lap when I'm sitting. (Last night, however, she played for 1+ hours by herself on the living room floor with a WASH RAG. A wet wash rag she pulled off the stove handle. 1+ hours. By herself. I kept asking if she was ready for bed and she would say, "Nuh-uh" and give me the glare from hell. You'd think I'd taken her toteful of toys washrag from her or something!)
I despise this hour between arriving home and eating dinner because I feel like the only words that come out of my mouth are, "No, Tylee! No - you cannot play in the oven drawer with rat poisoning in it. No - you cannot play with the wooden spoon and salad bowl that you just found in the cabinet. No - you cannot play with the ceramic dip server sitting right next to it either. Nor the knife that comes with it. No - you cannot cover up Dutch's food bowl because his water sets right next to it and then you get water everywhere. I know you like to clean it up but the floor shouldn't be wet to begin with."
I worry a lot disciplining her and in return, her not liking me. Ridiculous, I know. It breaks my heart to tell her no and make her cry. Logically, I know that she won't hold it against me for more than 5 minutes. But deep down, it hurts.
Tj has always been the more logical one of the two of us. He is way more grounded and reasonable than I. It's a good balance. He has this discipline thing down. I still struggle. I think we are definitely going to be in the "When your Daddy gets home...!" situation when Tylee gets bigger. I am a total pushover. Tj wrestles her and when she gets tired of wrestling and cries, he'll hold her foot so she can't crawl away. She cries harder and he drags her back to tickle her some more. She finally escapes in to Mamas arms and 10 minutes later, she'll go out of her way to crawl up on the couch, leans in, and gives him a kiss.



There isn't much more I can say about the park since we go there all the time. How about I write a normal post and insert pictures of the park? Okay, great.

I'd like to think I've always been a fairly easy client. I've had the same hairdresser for a long time and even after leaving Chanute, I still continue to drive the 30 miles back home for a haircut. There is very high level of trust there and I just don't want to start over. He knows me well and there are no awkard moments to sit through. No small-talk to make and no fake reactions to liking or disliking something he's done. He knows my hair, embraces my curls, knows my length limits, and knows I never leave the house without it fixed.

I have a theory. Whether its true or not, it's what I live by. No matter how gross of clothes I have on, and without a single drop of make-up, I will go in public as long as my hair is done. And still (feel like I) look decent. These pictures are a good example. My hair was straight as a whistle when I walked into OB to deliver Tylee. I spent a lot of time on it before going in because I knew that hair could make or break a picture. Just being honest here! Little did I know, I would shower at 5am the morning of delivery. I didn't know that was an option going in but when they offered, my thoughts were, "Hell yes. Anything that may make these contractions stop." Note to self: showering does not stop contractions. So I get out of the shower like a drown rat and crawl in bed, wet hair and all. Labor quickly intensified and alas, no time to fix my hair. UNTIL! I got my epidural. The first thing I remember doing after I got that was telling my sister to get my Chi. Halfway through straightening, something started happening with Tylee's heartrate. Doped up on pain-meds and halfway distracted, I didn't really understand what they were telling me. Today? Yes, I know - baby's heartrate dropping drastically low = the baby is in danger and we may need to get it out right away. Duh. But, I continued to straighten, hurrying because I knew they were about to tell me to stop. And alas, my halfway straightened hair pictures. But if I hadn't had a chance to at least do what I did? I would not be sharing a single picture of myself from the day of Tylee's birth. My curls are out of control without some taming of their own. So! Yes, hair is very important to me.And the biggest thing on my mind right now? Cutting Tylee's hair.
Daddy wants to. Mommy doesn't. Tj and I both agree that we want Tylee to have short hair when she is little. I think little girls with cute little bobs are to-die-for. But only if they have thick, straight, hair. Tylee's hair has yet to thicken up and it is defintely not straight. It's still fine wispy baby hair covering her whole head. Which is why I can't bring myself to cut it. It's still baby hair! My precious baby girl can't be old enough for a haircut yet. She just can't be. I cannot believe its been over 16 months since she was born and her hair is actualy long enough to cut. It can't be true. I guess I'm scared that we'll lose her curls. However, more importantly, I think it's a milestone that I am just not ready to cross yet. Its the only "baby" thing left about her and I'm not ready to let that go. I agree with Tj that she needs a haircut. I think maybe we could just shape-up her side bangs a little and fix her big wings that stick out from behind her ears. I just don't know if I'm ready for this. Who knew a haircut could be such a big decision?


Fall Back

It's 7pm. Do you know where your child is?
I do. She's in bed. Because 16-month olds don't understand the time change. And how exactly am I supposed to teach her? Leave her up until 8:00pm letting her cry, fuss, and rub her eyes until she can't hardly see where she is going because she is so tired? I don't think so.

I'm sure I will rethink that when I get my 5am wake-up call. But I just couldn't do it tonight.


Wow! What a busy day trick-or-treating! Tylee definitely had different plans than Mommy and Daddy and didn't go down for her morning nap until after 11am. Daddy got called to go to work at 1:00pm and Miss Priss was still snoozing. He didn't even get to see her in her costume, let alone, go trick-or-treating! No biggie though - we actually have a couple of houses we need to hit later this week and we'll make sure Daddy is home to see little miss Pebbles in action. Apparently, I was the only one that truly got the Pebbles upgrade. Tj questioned me when I was making the tutu but I assumed once we had everything on, it would all come together. I thought she was too cute and was glad I made her into some sort of character rather than just a ballerina. I wanted to make her a tutu but knew she wouldn't wear a crown or anything. Without the Pebbles-play, she would've just had on a black leotard with her tutu. What fun is that? Once Tylee Pebbles woke up from her nap, we headed to town to see a few friends before heading to Chanute for the evening. What a long evening that was with 4 munchkins to load and unload at every stop. My sister has obviously done this several times and planned a dinner-break in the middle of the festivities to give the adults the kids a break. My Mom, Nanny, and Poppy stay at her house to hand out candy. We hit the road pretty early and stopped back by Lindsey's around 7:00 to eat soup and sandwiches. Then back out for more candy! I think Tylee and I headed home sometime after 10:30. We were both exhausted!!