Happy Halloween!

From the Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch!

And her oh so patient puppy.


Pumpkin Patch

I missed our yearly trip (okay, so this was only the 2nd annual but I was still sad I missed it) to the pumpkin patch but of course, I couldn't miss out on the photo-ops fun! So I decided to take Tylee last weekend and enjoy the beautiful day with Mama and her Grandmas. Grandma Cathy didn't end up going so my Mom brought my sisters girls - back for the 2nd and 3rd time this year. Thank goodness because it would've been a b.o.r.i.n.g day without them. It just reassured my feeling that Tylee needs a sibling. We went to the same Pumpkin Patch that we did last year and unless something changes, I think this will be the Pumpkin Patch of choice from here on out. I'm not sure it is the closest but they have so many activities. Lindsey said the first thing Brecca said when she woke up Saturday morning was, "I'm going to ride the train with Tylee." I was afraid Tylee would cry as they pulled away but she was pretty content with "Keh-Kah". Brecca said she whined at some point but then she started squealing because she was having so much fun. I can't say I've ever heard Tylee squeal but I'm sure Brecca only speaks the truth. :-)
"Look Mom! I want this one!""There Tylee, this one is more your size."
Then there is the corn pool. I had to literally pull Tylee out kicking and screaming. She loved it. Messy hat-hair and all.
Weather-wise, it was the best day we've had in awhile. I was glad to get out one more time and enjoy the sunshine. I've already been trying to come up with things to do this winter with her inside. I usually love winter - this may change things!


Spooky Party

I remember my Mom's Halloween Party 2 years ago and I remember thinking, "This time next year we'll have a baby!" Then I remember attending last year and thinking, "Next year Tylee will be running around!" And here we are. But she was still too little. So of course, I was thinking, "Next year...!" There were pinatas.
And Eyeball RacesAnd a Mummy Game
But most of all, there was family. And lots of it! That is why I love my Mom's Halloween party.



The last bullet post I wrote, I got several comments that it was peoples favorite post ever. I have a lot of cute little stories or milestones to jot down but nothing that is worth of an entire post. So here ya go, in all it's glory:

  • I remember the infamous "Why?" stage from when I babysit in high school. I think we may have our work cutout for us with Tylee. She is inquisitive like her Daddy and at this point, I'm so sick of hearing the words Moo, Ball, and Baby, I can't even imagine the "Why?" stage. My response is always, "Good thing you are here Tylee cause I would've forgotten that was a baby from the 12,345 other times you've told me that today. Thank you!" Tj bought her a ball at the arcade last night and between getting the ball and leaving the mall, I think we heard "Ball" over 100 times. As I put her in her car seat and handed her the ball I said, "You know what you just did to us, Daddy?" Tylee promptly points at her ball and says, "Ball, Dada." We had over an hour car-ride in front of us home. Ball. Ball. Ball. Mama. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Thank goodness she fell asleep.
  • We've also added some new words. Eye, flower, and puppy being the only ones that I can remember at the moment. This amazes me though...hang on, I'll get there. Part 1: I ordered Tylee a sign-language DVD on eBay when she was 5-6 months old. I was so excited to get it but something happened with the transaction and 3-4 months later, it all fell through and the money was put back in my account. For some reason, I never got around to ordering another one. Therefore, I've never done the sign language thing with her, although I had planned on it. Part 2: We moved all of Tylee's toys into a tote-type toy box and put them all in her room. When you walk in my living room, it's 100% kid-free. Yah! Each night after work, we make our way into her bedroom and get a tote. Before bed, we pick up the toys and put the tote back in her room. Part 3: Although the toys are in the bedroom, her books are in a cabinet/end-table shelf in the living room. Some nights, although we get the tote, it remains completely full with every toy untouched - because she is too busy reading and playing with books. Her favorite book is this Farmer Brown Golden book. I guess she likes it because it has cows, puppies, and kittys and she knows those words. Part 4: Although she enjoys the inside of the book, she likes the cover and back also. Each night we go around the objects on the back naming them. Book, balloon, bunny, flower, boat, elephant, ect. When we get to the lion, I always say, "Lion. Raaawwwwr." And tickle her chest. When we get to the train, I always say, "Train. Toot-toot." And raise my hand like I'm pulling on a whistle. Now - whenever you see a lion in another book, her automatic response is to pull her hands up to her chest and wiggle her fingers. Whenever you see a train? Her hand goes out to the side and up and down. She won't say "Lion" or "Train" but its a sure thing she knows what they are.
  • Bathtime has really taken a turn for the better! She enjoys bathtime so much now, I drain the water and she continues to play. I know she is freezing but she throws a fit when it's time to get out. The key? Bubbles! What was I thinking? Every kids dream come true.
  • I know every parent thinks their kid is the cutest dancer ever and I'm no exception. I cannot believe the moves this girl has. She cannot control herself when she hears music. And sometimes she'll dance even when she doesn't hear music. We had some technical difficulty with our video-camera so I have no videos. We need to get out and buy a new one soon because I don't want to miss out on anything. This stage is so fun!
  • Time to tell on Daddy. He took Tylee to St. Paul the other day to get my oil changed and then back to town to switch vehicles. They got in his truck and headed to Pittsburg to get Daddy's tires rotated and when they got there and got out, Tylee was missing a sock. They looked for it to no avail. In they go to the tire shop - one sock on, one sock off. Then he tells me that Tylee proceeds to play at the desk, eats a lot of popcorn, and was really good - which I interpret as: They were there for awhile and Tylee was obviously walking around the tire shop, not only without shoes, but with only one sock. He told the lady at the desk, "I lost her sock. Her Mom would kill me if she knew." The lady promised, "I won't tell."


The Napping House

I have a little extra time on my hands tonight since Daddy kept Tylee today and they didn't get around to an afternoon nap. I've been fighting this nap thing with Grandma for awhile and my friend Gina and I came to the conclusion that you just can't tell Grandma's what to do. If you send them to G-mas with 1 rule, they always seem to break it. Apparently you can't tell Daddy's what to do either, because he knows how I feel about naps. And since Tylee didn't get one today, she is snoozing in her crib at 5:45pm.
I took Tylee to the park yesterday before we had to go get flu shots. A little bribe before I hurt her, I guess. I would've much rather taken her after the shot but you guessed it, NAP TIME. I cannot believe how big she has gotten just from the last time we were at the park. I guess it's been awhile - it seemed to have went from 100+ degrees to 50 degrees in a matter of days. She just climbed and ran like a big girl. She even backed up to the slides and went down them backwards on her tummy. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and we will make it to the park a couple more times this fall. I can't imagine what she'll be doing next year. This year baby swings - next year monkey bars.

You know what these cues mean? NAP TIME.


One Last Time

Mommy and Daddy left Tylee for the last time in a long time. Two weekends away from our girl is two weekends too many. I took last Friday off to compensate for being gone last Saturday and I took today off to compensate for being gone this Saturday. But I still hate leaving. The only good thing about leaving her is coming home. Our friends Mike and Jennifer, Curtis, Tj and I went to Lincoln for the football game. We won't talk about the actual game but the pre-game and post-game events were well worth the trip. I was so worried all week that the weather wouldn't cooperate but it was sunny and perfect. Well, perfect as long as you had on long johns, jeans, 5 shirts, a hat, and gloves. I stripped some layers at different points during the game only to put them back on and take them back off again depending on the wind and/or the sun.

Me and all 5 of my layers.

Tj and I go to at least one game every year and last year was the first time we'd ever left Tylee. After the game last year we were looking for somewhere to go and have a drink and we discovered this awesome bar. It was two stories with a balcony looking over the stage. They had a bull to ride and a really great band. We organized the trip this year to go the same weekend that the band was going to be at that bar. The drummer is Chris Ledoux's son and the name of the band is Dustin Evans and the Good Times. I don't think they are big time but they do play a lot in the Midwest. We've been hoping to go see them when they were in Manhattan but it just hasn't worked out. Within 5 minutes of them starting, I remembered why we loved them. The band itself is great but those country dancers in Lincoln, whew! I could watch them all night long. They just float across the dance floor. Most of them are older couples who have obviously has years of experience dancing together. Hopefully one day, Tj and I can dance like that. We have a long ways to go before we do...it doesn't matter though, we sure have fun trying!


Halloween Sneak Peak

I haven't been that excited about Halloween yet because I couldn't quite figure out what Tylee was going to be. I had an idea in my head but it wasn't all coming together. Something clicked today and Voila! I am SO excited. So excited as in, I went to Wal-mart in Chanute tonight to get fabric, came home and made 50% of it. And all I have to say is "Cuuuuuuute!" And it's not what you think it is...I can tell you that right now.



Tylee is also learning her body parts. So far we know nose, belly, tongue, toes, and lips. Of course, the drama-queen can't just point to body parts like normal kids. Each new part always has a big production to go with it. See above = Nose.
The tongue speaks for itself.

"Where is your belly?" brings an uplifting of the shirt followed by a lap around the living room. Apparently, one should always assume someone is going to blow on your belly when you lift up your shirt. I guess that is usually only the case when you are 1-year old and your belly is so stinking cute. Thank God. Lips get a hand to the mouth and a motorboat sound. And last but not least, her toes. The belly is sucked in and her bottom goes out so she can peek down at her toes. Mommy has that problem too but again, it isn't as cute when you are 26. Unless maybe you are pregnant, which I'm not.



Tylee must've just woke up one day and thought, "Ya know what? I'm tired of saying 'Eeeeh, Aaaaah, Eeeeeh' and making my Mom guess what I want before rearing back in a fit of rage because, for God's sake, she can't figure out what I am trying to say. I think I'll start talking now. And I myswell excel quickly since I've been behind - or so Mom thinks. So today, I'm going to learn lots of new words and blow Mom's socks off." Because just like that, all of the sudden, we are talking. And picking up new words faster than ever. Of course when I start to write them down, I can't remember them all. (So if you truly care, come back as I may update more.) So far though, we are saying: mama, dada, dutch, sissy, ya-ya (bye-bye), keh-cca (brecca), dink (drink), dink-dink (binky), night-night, hi (aka Hhhhhiiiiiiiii in a very high-pitched excited voice!), baby, bubbles, hot (and blows on her food), cat, kitty, moo, and up. I would say 5-7 of those were learned in the last week. Before, we were stuck on the same 4 words for months!

We rearranged her room the other day so she can see her TV. Ridiculous, I know. But hey, whatever works so that I can actually get ready in the morning without having a little terror destroy everything in the house. It is not unusual to be missing a shoe and find it in the bathroom drawer. Or go to get in the shower and step on a baby doll. She goes crazy in the bathroom opening cabinets and drawers, pulling stuff out, putting stuff in. So our solution was to move her bed so she could see her TV and watch cartoons first thing in the morning, still trapped in her crib. The only drawback is that the hall light shines toward her bed now if I leave it on. I left it on the other night when Tj was gone and apparently Tylee woke up, realized she could see, and thought it was time to get up. It was 4:30am. Once you get used to sleeping all night, 4am wake-up calls are not fun. I heard her wine for a second then she started saying, "Baby. Dink-Dink. Baby. Dink-Dink." I had to smile, which is a big feat at 4am. I thought she had dropped her binky and knew there was no way she would go back down without it. Nope! There was an extra binky on her toybox she could see and another baby laying on the floor. I handed her the binky and baby and she went right back to sleep. Maybe this talking thing isn't such a great thing.

Another big development is that she understands things more-so than I ever thought she could. Which is kinda scary actually - because she knows what you are saying even when you aren't paying attention. Such as when I'm talking to Tj on the phone and say, "Well, I may stop at Quick Stop and get a fountain drink and get Tylee a Bug Juice." And Tylee from the backseat says, "Dink-Dink." Or when I say, "Tylee! You wanna go outside and show Grandma your new princess car?" And she runs to the door, runs into the garage, shoves her Big Wheel out of the way, and proudly stands right next to her princess car. Have I ever told her it was a princess car? No! How would she even know it was a car? Or that those were princesses? It's intriging to say, "Time to eat." And see her toddle over to her highchair. If only we learned as much every year for our entire life as we learn in our first years - we would all be genius!


Gueda Fest

The plan was to take Tylee to Chanute on Friday and then head to Gueda for the weekend. When I realized that it was time to head that way, I immediately got that home-sick feeling and a big lump in my throat. My mom had called when she got off work and I pushed back the lump and proceeded to tell her I needed to finish packing Tylee and we'd be there in a little bit. Tylee was in the front room with Tj and when I went in to check on them, she was dancing around and being oh-so-cute. Of course, being a little charmer to make Mama's heart-break even more. I've left her tons of times but never for two nights in a row. I never would've imagined it to bother me like it did. I called my Mom crying and asked if she could meet me bright and early Saturday so that I could have the evening with Tylee. She laughed and said, of course. I felt bad because I knew that she was excited to keep her but at that point, I didn't care. I wanted to be selfish and keep her all to myself. And that I did!
Morning came and I was fine. I dropped her off and enjoyed the rest of my kid-free weekend. We had a good time, as always, and I look forward to going back in November. The next trip will be for our good friends Wedding Reception rather than this weekends agenda of Lawnmower Races, Lip-Syncing, Karaoke, and drunken Jenga. I think weddings are more Tylee's speed.


Because I can't resist...

and I know at least Aunts and Uncles, Grandma's and Grandpa's will care.

Today is the Day!

You wanna know what Tylee had for dinner last night? A little can of beef ravioli and a whole 16 oz. can of peaches. You wanna know what she had for dinner the night before? A couple noodles, a piece of Turkey, and a whole can of Mandarin Oranges. If only I loved fruit as much as that girl, I wouldn't weigh what I weigh.
Before I got pregnant, I had lost almost 50 pounds and was as small as I ever remember being. Tj and I were trying (okay, so we tried for like 2 weeks but I had purposely stopped taking my pill) to get pregnant but I really hoped to reach my Weight Watchers goal first. That never happened. I'm around 25 pounds from what I weighed when we got pregnant but am still 25 pounds under what I would call my heaviest. I teeter-tottered between 10 and 15 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight the whole time I was nursing. It's hard to diet and nurse so I was eating whatever I wanted and was okay with hanging onto those extra pounds as long as it allowed me to nurse. Nursing stopped, eating continued, and now I've gained another 10 pounds.
The only excuse that I feel is legitimate is that I don't have time to excercise. Of course, I could go to the gym before I get Tylee but she goes to bed at 8pm and I feel like I hardly get to see her as it is. Before it started getting dark so early, I was walking in the evenings after she went to bed but that is out the window now! I have a "Walk Away the Pounds" video that I guess I need to make a priority. There is always something to do other than that. Dishes, laundry, blogging, watching Grey's Anatomy...okay, so this excuse is no longer legitimate. I have the time, I just haven't been making excercising a priority.
But today is the day! I stocked up on healthy foods last night at Wal-mart, have a big bowl of salad, and a baggie full of Turkey for lunch. The salad should last me all week and I got some Turkey Burger and Chicken to make for dinner so I can take leftovers to work. I know what I need to eat, I was (successfully) on Weight Watchers for over a year and truly, 100% believe in the program and what it can do for you. It's just so hard to get going. My husband doesn't help requestion Turkey & Noodles and Pumpkin Pie! No more excuses (or reasons) though! Today is the day! Let's see how I do...



Tj and I disagree on the difference between an excuse and a reason. He thinks everything is an excuse and I think sometimes it is not an excuse, but a reason.
"Did you clean the dogs pen?"
Excuse: "No, I got home from work late and Tylee needed her diaper changed. It was messy so she needed a bath and then she got me all wet. I had to change clothes but didn't have any clean T-shirts so I had to start some laundry. By then it was getting late and was kind dark outside and it makes me nervous to be back there after dark."
Reason: "I thought about it but already took my shoes off and didn't want to put them back on and go out there."
See? Totally different. In one case, I made up 10 excuses. The next one I was honest and explained that I flat out didn't want too with an explanation - which makes it a reason. Who's with me here? Haha.
I have a confession to make. And if you read my last comments or know me IRL, you won't be surprised. I've been on a cloth-diapering hiatus. My reasons being:
  1. We fought horrible diaper rash for a good 6 weeks before I went on hiatus. I switched detergents, rinsed the diapers 4-5 times each wash, changed her more often, bought different natural creams, used liners .... NOTHING worked. I finally used 1 (of the 2) disposables left in the bin with a huge hunk of Budreaux's Butt Paste overnight and voila, the rash was gone. Went back to cloth and sure enough, the rash was back. It wasn't just your average diaper rash - it was like a bleeding, blistery rash. I'm too lazy (and cheap) to take the time to order several different detergents off the internet and find one that doesn't break Tylee out. Her excezma got the best of me. Part of the convenience in doing this was that I could use my regular washer, regular detergent, and just do an extra load of laundry every few nights. It became WAY more than that and was no longer fun.
  2. My pocket diapers stink and I cannot figure out a solution. This is a common fight that some CD'ers have. Some don't have it at all. Again, way too many variables to try to get to the bottom of this and I wasn't having any luck. Detergent build-up? Hard water? Brand of diapers? I dunno. But I really feel like I exhausted all my resources and I wasn't going to win unless I shelled out the cash for a Water Softener. I tried Vinegar, washing more often (nightly!), rinsing more (which brought me up to like 3 extra cycles of just plain water each load), Dawn dishsoap, RLR, sunning...I dunno. I just ran out of time and energy.
  3. Although I went crazy buying GM's, I just feel like Tylee is too old now to go around in just her diaper. I was using my pockets more and more and my GM's less and less. I only had 12 pockets so I was washing like crazy, staying up late to restart the washer and setting the alarm for 5am so I could get up and get them in the dryer. Fun? No! So I sold a few GM's to fund part of my camera and the plan is to buy a few more pockets so I'm not washing as often, can soak longer, and treat one load with RLR without having to worry about having diapers for the next day.

I dunno if those are reasons or excuses. I feel like they are reasons but it probably depends on your interpretation. After talking about this at length with some friends, I decided I just needed a break. Once I figured out night-time diapering, I left the last couple disposables in the bin and never looked back. Whether we were at the lake, Eureka Springs, or when I left her in Chanute, we were 100% cloth. I think I just got overwhelmed. So as of now, I'm on cloth-diaper hiatus.

I felt really guilty for awhile but was lurking on some forums the other day and another Mama posted that she used disposables for something or another and it commented that it was just so easy! A few Mama's posted about filling up the landfill or something or other but most of the other mamas were very supportive. Even the lady that has over 700 diapers said that she uses disposables now and then and she always finds her way back to cloth. And hey, MckMama even openly admits using cloth only sometimes. So after hiding in my guilt and realizing that I have to do what works best for me, I'm coming clean! And hoping I find the cloth love again soon. But for now, I'm enjoying my break - and my washer is too!


Road Rally

What a great fall weekend! You can't hardly beat riding around in the country, looking for clues, and acting like a kid again. I think this is the 5th Road Rally that we've attended and guess what? We won! There is usually a carload of us and although we usually finish thinking we did awesome, we usually have not. I know we got 2nd one year and 4th or 5th another, but I don't remember the other years. Probably for good reason. Everyone was busy this year and there was only 3 of us in the truck (one of which was not Tylee.) We could've used an extra set of eyes but there was a lot less confusion and we were a little more focused. Oh! So you don't know what a Road Rally is? Well, if you ever have the chance to go on one, I HIGHLY recommend it. Everyone lines up at Point A. Whomever is putting it on lets a car go every 3 minutes. They hand you the sheet(s) of clues when you are pulling away. You quickly start looking for answers so that you know where and what direction to turn. An example of a clue would be, "Who was Edward A. Schmidt?" The next clue may be, "Turn right at next oppurtunity." Meanwhile, you are driving down a gravel road looking for anything that may tell you who Edward A. Schmidt is. Because this is our 5th one, it is obvious to us that we are probably looking for a bridge, mailbox, or politic sign. You may come up on an intersection but do you turn? It depends on if you found the clue or not. You may've missed it and yes, you should turn. Or, you could possibly need to go another mile until you figure out who Edward A. Schmidt is. 195 Questions just like those that lead you to Point Z, which is where you turn your paper in, they check your mileage and your time. It ends with a big party and is always tons of fun. And to top things off, we won!
* I just noticed these pictures are grainy. I edited them on Tj's laptop and didn't use my Canon software. They weren't grainy when I was looking at them earlier! That must be the problem.

Today, we woke up and Tj requested a Pumpkin Pie. I think my response was, "Are you serious?" Of course he was serious. And he wanted some turkey to go with it. So we loaded up and went to the store. He got the turkey on the grill and I made homeade noodles and the pies. The meal was great but more importantly, I love the way my house smelled all day! Welcome fall!

A Case of the Giggles



Baby Must-Haves

I remember when I was pregnant with Tylee. I sent email after email to mothers before me asking what I needed. The list is SO long and you feel like there is no way that you'll ever get everything together in time. In all honesty, the only thing I needed for the first three days of Tylee's life was a place for her to sleep, diapers, wipes, a binky, and a blanket to swaddle her. I don't think any of my fancy schmancy baby gear got used until well into the second week of her life. Kelly's Korner is doing a Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear and I thought I'd participate for the sake of my friend Chelsea.

Must Haves/My Favorite Things:

  • Newborn Boppy: This thing is a MUST. I was going to find a picture of Tylee on hers but then I realized - EVERY picture I have of Tylee from the 1st 3 months of her life is on this thing. She spent many of hours on this thing. I couldn't have lived without it.

  • Boppy - If you are planning on nursing, this thing is a must also. I wouldn't really say to go buy one new because you figure out how to situate the baby using anything after awhile. I remember when my friend Jill came to visit Tylee with her little girl Maddie. She just sat in my chair and nursed without pillows or a blanket or anything. She was totally covered up and looked so comfortable. I was like, "What?!" It takes me 30 minutes to get everything situated to nurse and even then I'm situating the blanket over me, moving Tylee around, ect. 4 weeks later I was sitting in a chair at someone elses house nursing with Tylee propped up on my leg. No pillow needed. It is handy when you first come home though. ETA*- Yes! Darci is totally right, we used this a LOT when Tylee was learning to sit up. So yes, definitely need to buy one.

  • Bumbo - I left this thing at my friends house one day and about went crazy without it. Once Tylee started eating, she was in this thing daily. I would set her up on the counter with me (safe, huh?) while I cooked dinner and did dishes. It was also good to sit her up to let her watch her Baby Einstein videos.

  • Baby Carrier/Sling - I didn't really get into baby-wearing until Tylee was a little older. I had a sling for when she was a newborn but didn't ever use it. To be honest, I was worried about her being carried and held too much. That is definitely something I will research before we have baby #2. I think Tylee is a very strong and independent girl but she definitely is not attatched to me and it hurts my feelings...but that is another whole post. I got my Beco when Tylee was 6 months old and have only used the stroller to walk at the park since. I wear her anytime I go anywhere else.

  • Play-Mat - I didn't think we would need one of these at first but we used it a lot. I just got a cheap one from Wal-mart. They don't use it very long and there really isn't much difference between a $40 Baby Einstein one and a $10 one. Toys hang the exact same and honestly, your 1-month old won't know the difference.

  • Jumparoo - Tj wanted to set this thing up from Day 1. I think we got her in it around 3 months and it was fabulous. She was always content and I could shower, cook dinner, put away laundry...basically, I could leave the room and know she was safe and wasn't going anywhere.

  • Pack-n-play - Who needs a crib when you have a Pack-n-Play? Tylee slept in hers in our room until she was around 6 months old. It was very handy to pack up and take to G-mas when she was babysitting also. I still have mine in the back of my Jeep. You just never know when you need to trap her may need it!

  • Then, of course, there are the basic necessities. Don't worry though, they accumulate quickly and you will have plenty of time to pick up the little things that you realize you don't have. Blankets, books, onesies, Q-Tips, Lotion, Shampoo, Wash Rags - and if you have a traditional shower, you'll have more than you know what to do with.  

Didn't need/use as much as I thought I would:

  • Swing- It was handy here and there but if someone doesn't give one to you, I wouldn't buy one until you had the baby and knew he/she liked it. I know a lot of people will say that they couldn't live without it but again, I was worried about Tylee getting used to the rocking motion and was careful how much I put her in it. We used ours but if we didn't have one, I would've been okay without it. We got this Boppy one and it was great. I really liked that it was low to the floor. It made me feel safer that she wasn't so high up and took up WAY less room.

  • Baby Bathtub- A total waste of money. If you buy one at all, buy the cheapest one you can. It is such a pain to store, fill-up, dump out, ect. I, of course, wanted the best one they carried and totally wasted my money. I would recommend buying a $10 bath sling and use it in the big bathtub.

  • Bouncer - We used our Boppy Lounger and never needed a Bouncy Seat. I had my sisters and used it a few times outside when I didn't want to lay the lounger on the ground. But I think it pretty much serves the same purpose as the Newborn Boppy.

  • HighChair - Again, we used our Bumbo. We do use the high-chair now but it's only because I have one. In hindsight, I think the Bumbo with the play tray would've been just fine. We are about to switch Tylee to a booster-seat type thing anyways and could've saved the expense of a highchair.

  • Baby Monitor - I really wish I wouldn't have ever taken it out of the package. We have never, ever used it. I took it to my Mom's once so she could put Tylee in the other room to sleep but of course, G-ma broke the rules and let Tylee sleep in bed with her.

I may come back and add more later. It's kinda overwhelming to come up with all this stuff at once. So tell me, what could you not live without when you brought your little one home from the hospital? It is crazy how everyone needs/uses way different things.