6-12 Month Book

I have no idea why the post is labeled "Final Book". I didn't label it that but if I change it, it deletes the post. Weird. Anyways, this is what it is supposed to say:
6-12 Month book
My sister gave me the code for a free Shutterfly book the day before it expired. I'm a little behind on Tylee's Shutterfly books so I figured I'd better cram all 6 months into 1 book. I am pleased with how it turned out considering I only had 36 hours to make it - 16 of which I was sleeping and 16 of which I was at work.

Final Book

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It's a Girl!

Tj and I didn't find out what we were having when we were pregnant with Tylee. He wanted a boy and I didn't care what we had. The only reason I wanted a boy was because Tj wanted one. Not to mention the clothing-seasons with my sisters little boy matched up perfect. I wanted a girl because I was so used to my nieces and at that point, I remember them being much easier and waaaay calmer than my nephew. From an outsider looking in, the girls seemed easier.

There was a lot to think about when deciding if we should find out the sex. Of course, the obvious - being prepared as far as material things. But our decision was more-so based on our emotional state. Some people said not to find out because once he/she was here, the sex wouldn't matter. Some people recommended finding out so that we would have those 4 months to prepare ourselves emotionally as to what we were having. It would help us bond with the baby inside the womb. Others said they found out because they didn't want a single ounce of sadness surrounding the birth if it wasn't the hoped for sex.

The nurse at my doctors office and I had mutual friends. I saw my nurse and Kerri out to eat one night and whispered to Kerri, "This is awkward. She saw me naked yesterday." My nurse, of course, thought nothing of it. I also have a good friend that works in the OB at Mercy. Everyone thought we were having a boy. Including Tj and I. At one point, I was convinced that both nurses, Ginny (from an ultrasound in the office) and Gina (who was friends with the ultrasound tech at the hospital) knew and almost bought Baby Boy bedding.

After a good 18-20 hours of labor with 0, yes 0, dilation, we went down for a C-section. We had a great nurse that was super nice, very outgoing, and made Tj and I both very comfortable. The anesthesiologist was very friendly and I felt like I had formed a very close relationship with my doctor. The room was really relaxed and Tj and I were both calm. The doctor starting cutting me and I remember smelling burnt skin. I started throwing up and was somewhat distracted while everything else was still going on around me. Tj was talking to the anesthesiologist about something non-baby related and all the sudden the anesthesiologist said, "It's a girl!" Tj thought he was joking. He said it so casual-like. It was a known fact in the room that we didn't know the sex yet thought it was a boy. I looked at Tj, crying, and waited for what seemed like minutes for a cry. I asked Tj if he was okay. He shook his head yes. Tylee finally cried, I heard someone say she was covered in melaconin, and then I heard Allison say, "Chelse! She has so much hair you could braid it!" I smiled and then told the anesthesiologist that I was going to throw up. Tj must've told them he was too, and was escorted out by some nurses. They put her up on my chest but I couldn't see anything. She was too close and I didn't feel good.

I remember waking up in recovery and asking how much longer I had before I was able to go upstairs. I had given Tj and Allison strict instructions not to let anyone see her or know the sex before I got up in the room. Tj took this picture with my camera. I thought it was funny he took 1 picture. 1 picture only and it was of the scale. I remember being wheeled in but I don't remember where Tj or the baby were right off the bat. I didn't sit and stare at her or marvel over her beauty or anything. Allison wanted me to nurse her but I didn't feel like it and didn't really want too. Remember? The nursing-nazi herself didn't want to breastfeed at first? Ha! But I tried. Tylee latched on fine but I couldn't feel my arms and wanted to stop.

Remember how I had planned the big reveal? Tj's Mom wanted him to tell her the sex and I wanted to be sure they had that special moment. Tj went and got her while I was holding Tylee. She walked in and I asked if she could tell what it was. I think she guessed a girl, but I don't quite remember. Someone went and got the girls and they peeked over the bed and looked at Tylee. I said, "Do you know what it is? They both smiled and shook their heads no. "It's a girl!" They both smiled a little bigger. We got on their shirts and someone went and got my family. The thing I was most excited about before delivery, I remember nothing about now. I have no idea what their reaction was. I sent this picture from my phone to my friends and I got lots of very suprised responses. I think I got a "No Way!", "B*!lsh%t!", and a "Are you kidding?" Everyone thought we were having a boy.

Our situation may've been different if everyone wouldn't have been reassuring us that we were having a boy. There may not have been that shock value. I think Nanny may've thought we were having a girl but all of those "Girl" people were pretty wishy-washy. I don't know why everyone assured us it was a boy. We totally avoided that area during the ultrasound and no one honestly knew. Even Ginny and Gina didn't have a clue. Why were we so dumb to believe everyone and convince ourself that she was in fact a he?

One of my very best friends from highschool just found out she is expecting. I've been thinking about what I would like for her to have. (Like I have a choice in the matter.) I can guarantee that her daughter would have a princess room, always be dressed to the nine's, have a big fluffy Easter dresses with tights and patent leather shoes, have big bows and be spoiled rotten. But on the other hand, I can see her having a boy just the same. She would be the booster-club sponsor, the Mom that took sandwiches to the baseball game for the boys to eat in between games, and the family that went to every sporting event proudly wearing their son's name on the back on their shirt. She is going to be a great Mom no matter what they have and I don't know that it matters to her. As it shouldn't. I sat and thought about the pros and cons of what she may have and tried relating it to our birth story. There wasn't a single reason I could come up with as to why I want her to have one sex over the other. I couldn't come up with a single reason that a girl would be bad for them. Then I switched to a boy. All I could think was good things there too.

I can't even imagine how different my life would be if Tylee was in fact, Tryp (Trip, Trypp...however we were going to spell it). Not better. Not worse. Different. Instead of fun pictures with hot pink cakes, outfits and bows, bracelets and babies, we would be playing ball, buying golf clubs, mini four-wheelers, going fishing and catching frogs. No matter how important and how anxious we were to hear the words, "It's a.....", it truly didn't matter. They were the most important, life-changing, words that I would ever hear in my whole life, but that last word truly doesn't matter. No matter how much you think it does at the time.


Splash Park

Big Hill Beach yesterday, Splash Park today. I'm trying to inflict my love of water (aka boats, beaches, pools, and sun) on Tylee. I'm not sure it's working because she isn't totally crazy about any of it. She doesn't hate it but doesn't love it. She'd rather swing.
Or hang out with her cousins.
Or pose for pictures.Anything other than play at Splash Park.


Beach Bums

Tylee and I went to the Big Hill beach today to swim. We went with Gina, Josie, and Cooper. Why we waited until the summer was almost over to go for the first time? Don't ask us. We decided we should've went more often and hope to take advantage of the last few weekends of summer. We may even go back tomorrow!

Tylee was hesitant of the water at first but warmed up to it fairly quickly. I think she liked running over the sand the best and spent most of her time out of the water. I only got a couple pictures of Tylee and none of Josie or Cooper. I think Gina got some pictures of the girls playing in the sand together but they are hard to keep contained individually, let alone side-by-side long enough to get a picture.



Rain, Rain - Go Away!

I warmed up Tylee's Sippy cup, got her night-time diaper ready, changed her, fed her, and layed her down. I planned on getting a Diet Pepsi, sitting down at the computer, turning on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, and writing this post. Then I needed to finish up diaper laundry, load the dishwasher, and pick up the toys. However, Tylee had another plan and wouldn't stop crying from her crib. She hasn't fought bedtime in months. I grabbed her and settled down into the rocking chair. She layed across my chest on her belly with one arm curled up under her and the other stretched around the other side of my neck. It thundered and she squeezed me a little tighter. The power went off and although I wasn't prepared at all, I knew I was where I needed to be. It was pitch black and we were guided to my bedroom by the light of my cell phone. Tylee tossed and turned back and forth while I text, called, and made sure nothing major was headed our way. Toss and turn. Toss and turn. Lighting, thunder, and noises I've never heard before surrounded us. Should we go to town? Should we stay in bed? Is it safe to sleep? Should I stay awake? The storms died down and I got Tylee situated up next to the headboard. She sleeps right up against the crib rail in her room and apparently a cold, hard, piece of wood is better than Mama's warm body. At least she was close to me and I could keep her safe.
It has stormed the past 3 nights now and I've discovered a direct correlation between thunder and Tylee's sleeping. In other words, THUNDER = NO SLEEP. Tylee made it almost 14 months without ever sleeping in our bed but when I realized that she was crying because she was scared, I didn't even think twice. I think she likes sleeping in her own bed even more than I like her being in it. Over the past three nights she has tried every sleep position available. You name it, she probably tried it. Finally, last night I realized that she needed that hard surface. Since Tj was working, I was able to situate us both horizontal with her against the headboard and we both actually got a little sleep. Our power came back on around 3am and I think it stopped storming somewhere between 4 and 5am. Until last May, I wouldn't have thought twice about a storm. Something about hiding in your closet with your 11-month old, getting your roof torn off, moving all of your belongings out, and living a motel for a couple weeks makes you rethink things when you hear a thunderstorm is heading your way. Thank goodness there are no storms in the forecast for the next 10 days.


Operation: Sippy Cup Update

Operation: Sippy Cup is in full force and seems to be going well. The first couple days she ate solids like a horse but was only eating an ounce or so of milk. I was starting to worry about her milk intake but Friday night, she took her whole Sippy Cup full! 9 ounces! She was getting sleepy so I got her (warm) milk ready and went into her room. I left the light off and held her in the chair. She ate like a champ, finished it, handed it to me, and started to sit up on my lap. I grabbed her binky and put her in the crib hoping she wouldn't start to fuss. She rolled over and went to sleep without any problem.
We've done the same thing every night since and she seems to be getting in around 18 ounces of milk with her morning and bedtime feeding. I gave her a sippy cup several times during the day throughout the weekend to no avail. Who knows what her problem is but at least she has transitioned easily through bedtime. I think 18 ounces is plenty for her daily intake as long as we throw in some yogurt, cheese, or other dairy throughout the day.


Busy Bees

Tj called me Friday when I got off work with a plan for the weekend. 1) This was shocking because he doesn't make plans (you can blame the railroad for that one) and 2) It was a GREAT plan that involved lots of fun things. Friday night we cleaned the house and got everything wrapped up for the whole weekend so there would be no more chores! Yaaah! Saturday, Tylee and I headed to Chanute bright and early to swim at my Moms. Except it rained all afternoon so we spent most of the day playing inside.

This was the best we could do of Grandma Ann with all 4 grandchildren. Hey, at least everyone is looking the right direction! Saturday evening we had another 1st birthday party to attend and the only picture I got all night was of Tylee and the chicken. Not much to say about that but thought it was a cute picture. She wasn't sure what to think.

(Click to Enlarge)
I should've known...if she thought that chicken was scary, the zoo wouldn't be much better. I was most excited for the Petting Zoo and she clung to Tj tighter than I've ever seen her cling. She wanted nothing to do with those goats. It was fun though and although I can't really say I remember what any other Zoo is like, I thought Tulsa's was great! All the animals were out, it wasn't overly crowded, it was very spacious, and they had several air conditioned buildings along the path to cool off. We were only there for a couple of hours but saw everything we wanted to see. I knew Tylee was a little too young to enjoy it but wanted to take her to see the animals. She was most fascinated by the fish and bird exhibit and moo'd everytime we saw a larger animal. Cow/Rhino - it's all the same to a 1-year old.


Moo and Bye-Bye!




Another cute outfit, courtesy of my sister. I was really taking these pictures to show you that her Excezma is completly gone!

But then I got her ready for bed.

And it looks like she has ringworm again. But I know it's not. So it must just be excezma. I'm assuming that it is somewhat heat related but we haven't been swimming, at the park, or really out in the heat. Who knows. As long as our ointment works (it is pretty much gone this morning) I guess I'll keep chasing it around her body. She isn't really scratching at it or anything so I guess it isn't hurting anything.

On another note, we are going on 48 hours without much milk. She takes the sippy cup and starts to drink until she realizes that it is milk. She did, however, carry her sippy cup around all night with apple juice in it chugging away. She ate really well at dinner so I know she is hungry. I gave her yogurt for a snack last night so she would have some dairy intake for the day. I held her and read her books in the chair last night with her milk but she was too busy pointing and jabbering at the book to drink any milk. We'll keep trying but how important is her milk intake? How many days can we go without it if she keeps refusing?


Operation: Sippy Cup

Confession: When I stopped nursing, I didn't think about the repercussions and heated up the water for that first bottle of formula. I realized what I was doing but wanted the formula to be as close to breastmilk as possible so that it was a smooth transition. Well, the heating up never stopped and then all the sudden it was time to switch to milk. I tried to heat the water less and less but it was tap-water and how can you really tell how hot it is? It was quickly time for whole milk and surprise, surprise...she didn't like it cold. So I heated it too. I started off the microwave on 1 minute and am now down to 40 seconds. Woah - look at me go. So not only is Tylee drinking warm milk, she is drinking it from a bottle. I've tried warming the milk up less and less but let's face it, I'm lazy and handing her a bottle of warm milk and letting her sleep for 10 hours straight is waaaaaay easier than handing her a sippy cup of cold milk and having her throw it out of the crib 30 times. She will finally fall asleep without ever drinking it at all only to wake up at 2am because she is hungry. Once you are used to sleeping all night again, it really sucks to get woken up.
I've tried lots of different sippy cups (+1 more with a straw which is her favorite for juice but isn't practical for milk because she drinks her bottle laying down) and although they all work fine for juice, put milk in it and you get one very upset little girl.

None of that matters. I've wasted enough time and we've gotta get rid of the bottle. (Although to be honest, I don't really understand why. What is really the difference between a normal bottle nipple and this slightly shorter and wider sippy cup nipple? Both put milk in their mouth, one goes a little deeper than the other but so what? Milk is getting on their teeth more with the sippy cup nipples because it doesn't go as far back. Is it because they have to close their lips tighter around the bottle, thus pushing their teeth in strange directions? I think a phone call to my Dental Hygienist friend Jayci is in order soon. We need to catch up anyway.)

So Operation: Sippy cup starts right now. And the winning cup?

It's the cheapest, has no "plug" to put in the lid, and is most like a bottle. I think it is a good transition cup to the hard(er) cups and is the one that I've gotten the closest to her actually drinking milk out of. I'm definitely taking my Mother-in-Law's bottles from her house and considering packing mine away too. It's too easy to just grab a bottle when times get tough, or maybe I should say at 3am when I'm rudely awaken. We won't even go into how old my sisters kids were when Nanny and Grandma Ann still let them have bottles at their house. We'll just say that the kids were old enough to tell on them. You think they cared though? Grandmas do no wrong.



Update: She woke up this morning clear as can be! Yaaah! Here is a cell phone picture of her right after I put the ointment on.

I got lots of advice today and I appreciate all of it. I'm going to try a few things and see what happens. If I can't get it under control, I'll probably take Tylee to a dermatologist. It can't hurt, can it?

I picked the ointment up at lunch today and got it on her as soon as I saw her this afternoon. I would say that she looked better in the hour. I caked it on again before bedtime and put on an old shirt so she could soak in it all night. Oily baby hair, an oily mama, and an oily carseat later, I think we may be on to something. Keep your fingers crossed.


Our Friend, Excema

I read a lot of blogs. 37 to be exact. Most of them, unfortunately, I start reading because someone is sick. This little girl was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. This little boy has EB, a skin disease where big blisters form anytime he is touched. This little girl almost didn't survive at birth. This guy's wife died less than 24 hours after giving birth to their first child. Okay, I'll stop. Kinda depressing, huh?
That being said, I know that this isn't that big of a deal. Tylee is a very happy, perfectly healthy little girl and I am truly blessed. But she has excema. Or something. And I hate it.

I am headed to the pharmacy tomorrow to get the cream to put on. She started itching and was pretty fussy tonight at our friends birthday party. I use Tide Free and Clear (and have since I started using Cloth Diapers), don't have new sheets, haven't introduced a new food group, haven't switched juice...anything. I wish I could figure out what is causing her to break out though. Excema is a reaction to something. Some outside variable is causing it but how do I even begin figuring out what it is?

I was trying to get a picture of the rash this morning but the lighting was messed up. However, this series of pictures crack me up and I wanted to share. Could Dutch look any more annoyed? Can Tylee drink her juice any cuter?

*I try not to post two posts in one day but wanted to show my sister these pictures and this is way easier than trying to email large images.

Babysitters Club

I know I take it for granted that I have such a close family and someone is always willing to take Tylee at the drop of a hat. Not to mention TJ's Mom is right across town and even after having Tylee all day, will volunteer to keep her almost every evening as well. I couldn't imagine raising Tylee without them. Mostly, I love that she is growing up being extra close to her Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neices and Nephew. But also, I couldn't imagine never getting that break. I completely respect parents that raise their children without any family around. My family and Tj's Mom would keep Tylee so I could go lay out. Or go to Wal-mart. Or take a nap. Or clean my house. But so far, I haven't taken them up on keeping her for any of those reasons. I love having her with me. But it's having that option that eases my mind and makes life so much easier.
That being said, we made some last minute plans last night and left Tylee with someone, other than family, for the first time! Eeek! I asked Tj all.day.long if we were going to do something and never got anywhere. I think I got the go ahead to make plans around 6pm. Although I know my Mom or Nanny would've came and got Tylee, I hate making them do that at the very last minute. Plus, that means a trip to Chanute today to get her and I hate waking up without her. Mornings are my favorite time with her and I only get to spend 2 mornings a week with her as it is.
We made plans with our friends Mike and Jennifer and lucky for us, they have a teenage daughter. They also have a little boy that Chelsea (their daugher) has helped babysit since he was little. So she is an old pro. We kinda got a late start and I probably could've put Tylee down before we left but I knew they wanted to play with her. I think we left our house shortly after seven. Jennifer text a little after 8 and Tylee was already asleep. Since we were with her parents, I wasn't worried about getting home, taking her home too late, or if she was okay. (Although, maybe I should've been worried about getting home a bit earlier considering the way I feel today.)
Tylee has slept all night long (8pm-7am) without waking up for a good 4 months straight. I think we've had a couple nights where she has been sick or something and was up but I was confident that she wouldn't wake up after Chelsea got her to bed. Of course, I was wrong. I have no idea why she was up but Chelsea called me and said Tylee was awake and wasn't sure what to do. I told her to just give her a bottle and she should go back down. Guess who was standing up in their crib when we walked through the door?
Everything went great and we'll definitely use Chelsea again. Maybe next time she'll want to stay all night though and get up with Tylee at 6:15 (!!) so that I can sleep-in.


Little Cowgirl!

I remember when Lindsey bought this outfit for Brecca. She was "ooohing and aahing" over it and I thought it was ridiculous. She said the other day that it was one of her favorite outfits. That says alot since Tylee has a whole closet and 2 dressers full of clothes that fit right now. My mind was changed though when I put it on Tylee the other day. Now, I agree. It is one of the cutest outfits ever. Boy how having your own little girl can change your perspective.


And some more...

lake pictures. More than you probably care to see unless you are directly related to us.
Tylee is totally out! Check out the girls playing Jenga right next to her. She wouldn't leave the duck alone. She kept dragging it down to the water wanting to play with it. It was supposed to storm one night so the duck got brought inside. She woke up at 5am, saw the duck, and wouldn't stop whining for it. Two (out of three) of my favorite girls.Nathan and RallyThis picture cracks me up. I was too busy cheesing to notice Tylee trying to take a drink of my beer.Gotta love Uncle NatePapa and Tylee, driving the boatLook how uncomfortable that dang life-jacket has to be. She is such a big girl, sitting in the seat all by herself drinking her juice. Brax caught some fish but Tylee wasn't so sure about them! This is Tylee's favorite book. Tj calls it the "Hamburger Book" and I guess he is right. Tylee will play with this book for hours on end.

Time to go home! What a great weekend! I'm already ready to go back!