The Chicken Pox

I feel like I let Tylee down. I don't really have a personal preference and to be honest, have no knowledge about the Chicken Pox vaccine at all. I've heard that you have to have it to get into Kindergarten but I've also heard there are ways around it. Most of my knowledge about this vaccine comes from my friend Audrey's blog. Then some from our IT guy at work. I feel like I wasn't a good advocate for her a couple weeks ago when we got her shots. I walked in, signed papers, layed her down on the table, and the lady started poking away. 7 shots people, 7! (Okay, I looked at her shot record and there are only 5 but she had all the band-aids you can see here, plus 3 on her other leg...so yah, 7. I keep all her band-aids so I know there are 7. Gross, I know. Maybe some of them are combined on her record such as Tetanus, Pertussis but not combined in the shot? I know I have some nurses reading...maybe they know?) Anyways, apparently we got the Chicken Pox vaccine. I'm kicking myself now...because I think we have the Chicken Pox. She has been running a low-grade fever since her shots and now has bumps all over her. I called the Dr. and they said it is a live culture so it is possible that she get a few "pox" but they wouldn't know for sure unless I brought her in. Those 3 on her arm are the worst and those could possibly be mosquitos. The bumps on her back and belly, combined with the fever and bumps on her arm, make me wonder if we don't have a small case of the Chicken Pox.

I think I'd rather just have the Chicken Pox than just have a few bumps. But again, I don't know how this vaccine works. Wikipedia...here I come! Or actually, I'll probably just wait for Audrey and other informed readers to comment and give me some sources.


And the winner is...

Little Miss Nora, whom I've yet to meet but hope to soon! Beth and I grew up together. We spent many of summers at the lake, sleeping on the beach, on her patio...wherever our parents would let us. You couldn't pay me money to sleep in a lawnchair on the beach, or on her patio in the middle of the woods now. Now we both have little ones not far apart in age (and both use cloth diapers!) I couldn't be happier than to make a shirt for Nora! Email me and we can work out the details.

chelsetrollope @ gmail dot com

I made this one for Tylee last night but didn't have time to wash it and dry it until tonight. It was too dark to get good pictures but it's a hot pink shirt and turned out super cute. I'm sure she'll wear it soon and I'll get some better pictures. Man, I'm glad I had a little girl! Thanks for all the great ideas but whew, some of those sound hard! My mom, sister and I are getting together soon to make a batch of shirts to sell but if you would like one now, email me and we can see what we can work out. The biggest problem will be finding the shirt (especially for boys...all I've seen are white 18 month and 4T) but I'm sure that is an obstacle we can easily overcome. Thanks for participating!


First, I promise, I'm drawing for the shirt tonight! "Life" has gotten in the way and I haven't had time to do it. (And, to be honest...I need to wash and get a picture of another shirt I made for Tylee that I want to post with the drawing.) Tonight, I promise.
Second, my sister has 8 labradoodle puppies for sale. I actually think they've sold most of them but there are still 3 super cute puppies available. Check them out here and email her (or me) if you are interested.


Swim Meet

Tylee and I went to Ft. Scott Saturday to my niece Brecca's swim meet. My whole family was there and it was a lot of fun. It isn't often that we all get together, especially during the summer. Someone is usually missing but not Saturday! We were all there to cheer Brecca on!
Sorry Bubby but this is all I got! I'm sure Erin is proud. I know she did pretty well, but am not sure exactly how she did. The results weren't official when we left but I think this picture pretty much sums it up! Congrats Brecca! You are too cute!



My new favorite picture!


Goose Egg

Miss Priss fell today and got a big goose egg on her head.

So! Who wants a shirt?

Okay, let's see who is reading! Leave a comment on this post from now until Friday for your chance to win a shirt of your choice! (I've been having trouble finding shirts in little boy sizes but hopefully we can work something out.) My Mom and sister made some "Comets" shirts for some cheerleaders in Chanute that turned out super cute so you aren't just limited to just childrens shirts! I also got some different materials this weekend so now I have some boy prints....but only one idea.

So, leave a comment giving me some ideas for some cute boy shirts and I'll draw a name out of a hat at the end of the week! Thanks for reading!


Miss Personality

I can't imagine the terrible two's being any worse than the stage we are in now. But I'm sure they are. Yay - more fun stuff to come! (Did you get the sarcasm in that?) So far, parenthood has been a breeze. I can't believe how lucky we've been. I didn't really realize how good we had it until my friend Darci had Jack. It seems like they had to jump so many hurdles right off the bat. That isn't fair for a 1st-time Mom! I remember my sister telling me how tired I'd be and her saying that her gift to me would be to come and stay all night and let me sleep all night long. I never even had to take her up on that offer! So needless to say, now that times are trying, I'm not enjoying it. At all!
People always said, "Watch out when she starts crawling! You'll wish she wasn't." Same with walking. I would say the exact opposite. I don't remember much changing when she started crawling but walking made things easier. Now we can go to the park and she can walk from thing to thing rather than crawl around in those yucky rocks. She can walk around outside and not put 50 jillion things in her mouth because she isn't on ground-level to see them.
No one ever said, "Wait until she gets bigger and her personality really starts shining through. Then you'll really be in for it." I guess I just haven't been prepared for this stage and this whole "bad-baby thing" has really snuck up on me.
All that being said...Tylee has evolved from a perfect, sweet, innocent, little baby into a total brat! I'll give you some examples:
  • As soon as I take away the "trap", Tylee walks right to the dog food bowl. She used to just sit and eat it but now, she thoroughly enjoys throwing handfuls across the room. No matter how I seem to punish her, she walks right back over there and throws more.
  • Dinner and meals used to be a breeze. She would sit through all of her meals at home and eat whatever was put on her tray. In a restaurant, as long as you continually kept a full stream of food in front of her, she would sit and eat like an angel. Now, most of her food ends up on the floor. We went and ate at the Japanese Steak House in Joplin and she fussed the entire time. Try to feed her rice, one of her favorites to distract her? Nope...thrown across the table. I played into it for awhile because I thought all the crazy cooking may've scared her but she was still fussing and wanting held after the chef left. She then proceeded to cry and throw a huge fit which in return, got her taken outside...which is what she originally wanted.
  • She has developed the worst temper. It's cracks me up (at home, not in public) when you take something away from her, you would think that you had stepped on her foot or something. She screams, cries, and throws herself backwards on the floor.
  • She is no longer enjoyable to take to Wal-mart. She will not sit still! She turns around backwards in the seat and grabs/throws stuff out of my cart. She also fights me to stand up in the seat when she gets tired of riding. If she sees something she wants in the cart but can't reach it, she wines and fusses until I hand it to her. I try not to give in but those public places always get me!

There seems to be a line that we've crossed in the past couple months. We went from her being a baby and maybe being a little fussy...to being a little girl and purposefully being bad. I ask Cathy everyday how she has been. I used to ask that wondering if she cried and fussed...in which case I'd think her tummy hurt, she was teething, or something along those lines. Now I ask how she's been and I'm meaning, "Did she behave today?"

I just don't know how to deal with this stage. I don't think she understands why she is in her bed if I put her in there after she has thrown dog food. As soon as I get her out and set her cute little feet on the ground, she walks right back over and throws it again. I feel like I'm making her sound like a horrible child! She isn't really at all. She just has an attitude that is starting to peek through and I don't like it nor know how to deal with it! She is old enough to know what "no" means and normally obeys when it comes to not grabbing something, putting something in her mouth, or telling her no to stop from getting into something. It's just this attitude thing that has me puzzled because I don't know how to punish her so that she'll understand why she is being punished. Whatever we are doing now, definitely isn't working. We've gotta get this attitude under control! And fast! Any suggestions?



Edit: I started to type - Tylee needs a lesson on the definition of, "Uh-oh!" But apparently she has this whole language thing figured out.

Uh-oh is a ubiquitous interjection or expression of dismay in the English language, usually said after something bad has happened. The speaker often gives vent to the expression immediately upon learning or perceiving of something that presages disaster. It is an expression usually acquired very early in life, typically as early as the toddler stage. It is one of few words or phrases in English commonly pronounced with a glottal stop.

The "perceiving of something that persages disaster" part is what made me change my mind. I can't say I know what persages means and I don't want to take the time to look it up, but I assume that phrase means, "preceding disaster."
  • Tylee walks up to the laptop with her big plastic toy monkey. "Uh-oh" She then proceeds to sit the monkey on the keyboard. "Uh-oh"
  • Tylee sits in her highchair, leans over the edge with her French Toast Stick. "Uh-oh" Then hands it to Dutch. "Uh-oh"
  • Tylee walks over to the dog food bowl and grabs a hand-full of dog food. "Uh-oh" Then throws it. "Uh-oh"
  • Tylee is drinking her juice in the backseat completely content. "Uh-oh." Then throws it. "Uh-oh"

Let's hope she keeps this up in highschool and tells us before she sneaks out.


Weekend in Pictures

Friday night my Mom came over and we made some more shirts. She brought her sewing machine and gave me a refresher. I made a quilt in high-school and purses in college but hadn't sewn since. I guess it was kinda like riding a bike because I picked it right back up. I made these two shirts for my nieces, a shirt for Tylee's friend Josie's 1st birthday coming in August (Tylee ended up with a matching one because I loved it so much), a 2-year old birthday shirt for my friend Audrey's little boy Ben, and a suprise shirt for a fellow-blogger/friend that is going in the mail tomorrow. I'll show pictures of the other shirts once they are delivered but my nieces are the only two surprises that I am going to spoil. I need a favor later in the week and am thinking of doing a give-a-way from the comments. I keep running into people who read my blog that I had no idea read it. I want draw some secret readers out-of-the-closet and what better way than free shirt! Saturday we went and met my Dad and some of his friends at Galesburg Days. They rode their bikes over to see one of their childhood friends and since I'm only a few miles from there, Tylee and I went over to say hi. I think the only thing going on there was the makeshift Tropical Snow. It was my first one of the season though so I was excited.
Tj was at work so Tylee and I went on the boat with our friends Zach and Kerri. People kept commending me on how good Tylee was. "I would've never brought so-and-so when they were 1-year old." To be honest, it didn't really cross my mind not to take her. Although, now that I think about it, I didn't really have a choice. She was really good but being on a boat with a walking toddler sure adds a LOT more responsibility for the day. And who wants responsibility when they are on a boat, in the sun, with great company, and beverages? Definitely not me. I was glad I took her but it really changed the dynamics of the trip. She really, really liked floating in the water with her life-jacket but it totally stressed me out. I may've been okay closer to the shore but I was nervous out in the middle. She did great though and giggled the whole time! Check her out drinking her Capri Sun like a big girl.

I guess that is all. I really just had a couple of cute pictures I wanted to share but they didn't really go together without text. Stay tuned later this week and I'll give you the details for the give-a-way. I get over 50 different IP Address hits each day and only 1 or 2 comments per post so be ready to de-lurk. The favor involves ideas for boy shirts and songs for Tylee's Montage so get your thinking caps on!


Hi. My Name is Dutch.

This is Dutch. He is our 12-year old Boston Terrier. Check out that smile! If you walked in the door right now, you would have no idea that he was that old. He has lots and lots of energy. I met Dutch when he was 5-years old. I hated dogs but told Tj that I would tolerate him as long as he didn't smell, minded, and didn't jump on people. He met all three criteria. He does anything and everything Tj tells him to...me, not so much. We were nervous when we had Tylee because Dutch was the center of attention for so many years. He hasn't really paid a bit of attention to her. He could care less if she was here or not. Now that she is more active, they've been interacting more and more. She loves to throw his ball for him but it never goes far enough. He just sit and looks at her like, "That is not even worth my time to go get. Throw it farther." She'll toddle over and get it, walk back over to him, and hand it to him. He has a bucket full of toys but usually has a preference. Whenever he is playing with one and not paying attention to her, she'll get in his bucket and get another one out. She'll walk over to him, bend down on eye level, and hand it to him. He won't even look up. Poor girl!

Maybe I should say, "Poor Dutch!" Yet again, unphased.

(See those two Kongs in the background? That really drives her nuts. He'll be chewing on one and she'll take the other one to him. Somehow he knows which one he wants and he'll never switch and take the one out of her hand. She'll throw it and he won't even look up. You can see the wheels turning in her head.)


Sneak Peak


I was in charge of Tylee the other night while Tj was out side in the garage. I locked her in the only 100% baby-proof room in the house and was putting away laundry in her room. I heard Tj come in and say, "What are you doing?! Where is your Mom?!" I ran in there and Tylee was sitting on the couch! We couldn't figure out how she got up there for the longest time but alas, I caught her Wednesday night.




We now have top teeth! Apparently, I'm a bad mother and never thought to look under her top lip. Not to mention she had been fussy, running a low-temp, and had major diaper rash for a pretty long spurt awhile back. It never even crossed my mind! I just thought it was a bug. Tj noticed it the other day when she was eating dinner. One whole entire top tooth is like 1/8 of an inch through and the other one is already breaking through. Boy what top teeth can allow her to eat! When we were in Eureka Springs I gave her a whole banana and she just held it and ate it like a big girl. Tuesday night we went to Chanute and Tylee was sitting at Pizza Hut between me and Braylee, my 4-year old neice.
Braylee: Grandma Ann, Tylee took my piece of pizza!
Grandma Ann: Well, Braylee, next time be careful not to lay your pizza down in front of Tylee. Put it on your plate and then she can't reach it.
Braylee: I didn't lay it down in front of her. She took it out of my hand.
By the time we noticed, Tylee had made the perfect little bite mark in it. I grabbed Bray another piece off the buffet and Tylee carried on with her big piece! Last night, we had enchiladas and rather than cutting it into 1/2 inch pieces, I just cut it half and let her have at it! She ate the whole thing, bite by bite! So much for cutting stuff up!



Yankee Doodle Dandy

Tj and I decided to use the 3-day weekend and head down to Eureka Springs for the 4th of July. We had went down there a couple years ago on our 1st anniversary (June 3rd) and had the time of our life. Last year, I was 9 months pregnant and since the main attraction (for us anyways) is all the little pubs, we decided we had better pass. I was also due in 7 days (June 10th) and didn't figure that would be smart. Little did we know Tylee wouldn't come until June 25th.
There isn't a whole lot going on down there, which makes me wonder why it's such a tourist attraction. There are mostly just lots of little shops, candy stores, icecream shops, old-time photos, souveneir stands, and lots of neat little bars, generally with live music. It's kinda like Branson minus the mini-golf and Go-Karts, minus Silver Dollar City, White Water, and all the shows. Weird, I know. However, I love the town. It is so relaxing and shockingly beautiful...which I guess is what draws others there as well. So! A recap in pictures:
Tylee had an experience with a lemon. Posed on a bench for some pictures.
Swam in the motel pool and of course, modeled her new swimsuit.
Posed for more pictures.
And got hat-head. She wears it nicely, huh?
Tj's Mom was down there for the weekend as well, which freed us up for an evening out on Friday and a day at Table Rock with friends on Saturday. The rain kinda put a damper on the weekend but apparently it was raining in SEK as well as at Grand Lake. We grabbed some Fireworks in Missouri on the way home Sunday. I mostly wanted them so I could see how Tylee reacted and lets be honest, to take pictures. She enjoyed the smoke-bombs but that was about it. (Okay, so really she didn't even notice that they were going off but at least she wasn't scared!) We didn't even buy anything that made noise but she didn't enjoy the show at all.She liked playing with the un-lit fireworks but wasn't impressed with any of the fountains or sparklers. It's probably a good thing we only spent $6.98 and missed out on all the big firework shows.
Before we went, I was torn as to whether to spend the weekend at home starting traditions with Tylee or to have a halfway kid-free weekend with my husband. I was kinda sad after reading my sister's blog and seeing all the fun we missed out on but boy, it good to get-away. I guess it was a blessing in disguise since Tylee was totally freaked out by all the fireworks. I can't wait until next year to see if she enjoys them any more. 4th of July kicks off the 1st holiday that we've celebrated 2 of with Tylee. We've came along way since last year! It'll be fun comparing from year to year. I can't believe how fast it's went!