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I'm catching up a little on videos of Tylee (especially since Blogger is cooperating for once). I caught her over in the corner kissing this dog the other day but she stopped as soon as I grabbed the video camera. It isn't as cute the second time around since I had to tell her to kiss it but I thought it was still blog-worthy.


This video is of her being a little squirt the other day in her Jumparoo. We had put the Jumparoo away but that first morning after we lost our roof, I got it out and put her in it while we were moving stuff out. At that point, any extra hands were needed to move our stuff rather than keep track of Tylee. It is still in her nursery and she was really enjoying it the other night. Well, not so much the Jumparoo but throwing her binky out of it.


I also added a video of Tylee eating her cake to the birthday post. Again, not that exciting but still blog-worthy.


Tylee has a new word. That brings us to 5 - Mama, Dada, Dutch, Bye-Bye (?), and Uhoh.


Don't mind the spaghettio's on her face from dinner. Daddy asked us to help outside real fast and she didn't get wiped off.


Birthday Extravaganza!

We had Tj and Tylees...okay, so more like Tylee's...birthday Saturday and everything went P.E.R.F.E.C.T! It was such a great day! We did things a little out of order so that people could come and go as they pleased but it all worked out. I didn't figure all of Tj's kid-less friends would want to hang around a 1-year olds birthday so we did cake and icecream first, presents, then had dinner and drinks. As I started cutting into Tylee's cake, I decided I better count to see how many slices I needed. At that point, there was over 30 people there! I cut each quarter of the cake into 8th's and barely had enough! Tylee was way more interested in her gifts than I thought she would be. I hate opening gifts at Christmas with close family watching, let alone opening 20 gifts at Tylee's party in front of all these people! I figured I would be the one opening, being suprised/acting like I liked it (ha!), ect. But nope, Tylee dug in full-force and took all the pressure off me. Despite putting "No Gifts Please" on the invitation, she had plenty. No one listens! I've heard stories of people (okay, so mostly my sister) having to literally clean the toy room after holidays and birthdays to make room for the new toys. Either I've voiced my opinion too many times or we just got lucky this time around. Every single thing we got was practical. We got some Robeez, a few books, a "My First Laptop", clothing, diapers (yaaah!), baby dolls, bath toys, a swing...my mind is going blank. Luckily, I had Erin keep track of everything for me.

Apparently my post last week was confusing. Several people asked what this post was all about. We had Tylee's 1-year professional pictures taken last week and we let her eat her cake for the pictures. I go tomorrow evening to view them and will post the link and password. This was her 2nd-go around with the cake and to be honest, neither of them were too exciting. I thought she was going to pick the whole cake up right off the bat but no such luck...

Instead she just ate it like this: Which was cute and clean, but didn't make for many fun and exciting photo-ops. Oh well, at least I didn't have to bathe her in the middle of the party.

After the cake, we had dinner and officially kicked off Tj's section of the party. Poor guy had his birthday party with a pink and purple cake, pink balloons, and no gifts. Guess that's what happens when your daughter is born on your birthday. Never fear - his party was lots more entertaining and lasted well into early morning.

I'm waiting on more pictures from our friend Sunni but wanted to go ahead and post the ones that my sister took. I think Sunni's were more of decoration and guest and Lindsey's were more action type shots. Can you believe I didn't take a picture all day long? It was a nice relief to have two very trusted photographers there. Between the two of them, I don't think we missed a thing!


Sneak Peak



Thanks Brecca, Braylee, and Brax! Tylee was so suprised when these came to the door today at G-mas!

Thanks Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Nathan, too. :-)

Happy 12 Months, Tylee!

  • The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of your 12-month milestones are your kisses. I keep catching you kissing stuff for no reason what-so-ever. You will kiss anyone good-bye almost always on command. I keep having to remember that everyone doesn't want your open-mouthed slobbery kisses like Mama does.
  • You started walking when you were probably 11 months, 1 week old.
  • I started incorporating milk around the same time that you started walking. We mixed 4 ounces of formula with 2 ounces of milk. We are now down to 4 ounces of milk with 2 ounces of formula with just plain milk every once in awhile.
  • We are almost done phasing out the bottle but it is too easy to just grab and hand you a bottle vs. making you fight that sippy cup. You throw the bottle more than take it though so I'm trying to recognize your signs that you are ready to give it up. You would MUCH rather drink out of a straw than a sippy cup and have been able to suck water up for a couple months now.
  • You are still only saying Mama, Dada, and Dutch. I've been noticing an "Uh-oh" sound when you drop (throw) something but am not going to go out on a limb and say that you are saying that yet.
  • You eat mostly table food now but G-ma keeps giving you baby food at her house. She doesn't want to give up on the fact that you aren't a baby anymore. :-)
  • Favorite toy: Definitely books
  • You still only have 3 bottom teeth and no top teeth.
  • You sleep from 8pm-6:30am, have a bottle and go back to bed until 7:30 or 8:00.
  • You made it an entire year without EVER sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed. That kinda makes me sad but once you can grasp Daddy Home = Tylee's bed vs. Daddy @ work = Mommy's bed, we will have lots of time to snuggle together!

Birthday Girl!

Bless you!

I sent her to G-mas with strict instructions not to get her shirt dirty so maybe I'll get some better pictures tonight. More to come later but I just had to say Happy Birthday to the two loves of my life! (Tylee was born on Tj's birthday)


Non-Birthday Related

I lied. But I have to mention this now because by next week, it'll be a new set of photos. I submitted this picture for another GoodMama photo contest but we STILL didn't win. I don't know what it's going to take! I waited until the last minute and thought I'd use my sisters camera to get some cute shots while I was in Chanute on Saturday. We came up with this idea and my brother-in-law Nathan was kind enough to be our prop. The name of the diaper is First Love. I assume everyone thinks that is Tylee's Dad but nope, just Uncle Nate! We got 3rd which is better than not making the site at all. Check out the winners here.

One year ago today...

Gosh, I haven't been emotional until I went back and read my blog posts from last June. One year ago today we were showering, picking up the house one last time, and heading to my doctors appointment. At that point, we had no idea what sex our little bambino was. We both thought she was a boy...almost to the point that I was going to buy this bedding and get the nursery set up (knowing that I could sell it on Ebay if she came out a girl).
Although sometimes I worry that I share too much on the blog and it truly bothers me that people who want nothing to do with us in real life can read it and know what is going on with Tylee, I am so glad that I have documented her entire first year. I would remember the big stuff...such as when she rolled over, when she started crawling, and her first word. But I wouldn't remember the first time I ever left her, my first beer and her first cold, the first night in her own bed, the exact day I gave her solids, her first experience in a cloth diaper, the first time I gave her forumula..you get the point. None of that is really pertinant information but it's fun to go back and read it.
Tylee started crying last night right around when Tj and I were headed for bed, which was strange. I went in her room and she was completely soaked from head to toe. I don't know if she threw-up (stupid croup) or if her bottle leaked (?) but either way, I picked her up and changed her. I sat down in the rocking chair to make sure she was going to go back to sleep and she covered my whole body! I remember sitting in that same rocking chair nursing a teeny tiny baby girl yesterday! Okay, so maybe it wasn't yesterday but it sure seems like it. It sounds so cliche but time goes SO fast!
The one piece of advice I have for a new parent is to savor every moment. It goes so fast.


Birthday Week

It is officially Tylee's Birthday Week. If you want to read anything about anything other than Tylee's 1st Birthday, you are in the wrong spot.

Invitations have been mailed Shirts have been made

    1-year pictures have been taken (hopefully we get a Sneak Peak soon!)

    Party supplies have been purchased

Now, all I have to do it sit back, wait, and enjoy my last few days with my baby girl. In 3 days, I will have a Toddler.


You Give A Mouse a Cookie

Or in this case:You Give A 1-year Old Her Birthday Cake


Candy Crush

Is this not possibly the cutest diaper you've ever seen? Have I said before how much I LOVE having a girl?

Saturday Morning

Do you know how nice it is to wake-up on Saturday morning and have my computer back? As we speak Tylee is watching a Baby Einstein movie toddling around the living room while I check Google Reader, my Email, The Goodmama Forum, and my Old Navy tracking information. Important stuff, ya know. (Ya know what really makes me mad? We have pictures on Monday so I overnighted an extra outfit from Old Navy on Wednesday and although it was supposed to come yesterday, yah...it's in Tulsa and will arrive Monday. Hopefully it comes before her pictures but either way, I have to drive to work and get it before heading the complete opposite direction for her pictures. Grrrr...)
Another side note, Tylee is still not feeling well. She is coughing a lot but it seems to be a lot looser cough. Which is good. She is still running a temperature, still isn't eating that great, and is extra cuddly. We went back to the doctor yesterday (because she started throwing up too) and upped her steriod and gave her strict instructions to rest and cuddle with Mommy. We go back next Friday for her well-baby check-up and hopefully will pass with flying colors. Croup is not fun. Neither is throwing up.
And because a post isn't a post without pictures:



I picked Tylee up yesterday from G-mas and headed around town to run some errands. She coughed and I literally started pulling over in the middle of Main Street because I thought she was choking. 2 seconds later I hear, "Huh?" coming from the backseat, glance back there and she is pointing out the window...just fine. What was that noise coming from my daughter just seconds before? 4.5 hours later, I find out that it is Croup. Our insurance co-pay is only $5 more for the ER or Express Care so rather than taking off work, I decided just to take Tylee there. Express Care isn't really Express Care though. A better term would be "Plan-on-being-there-all-night-long Care". We got there shortly after 5:00 and I didn't get home until after 9:00. We waited in the lobby forever, then in the room forever, on the lab forever, on the results forever, and for them to check us out forever. So, with nothing else to do...I took pictures.The RSV test was negative and her white blood count was negative. That left us with croup. We got her started on a steroid right away and got a couple of prescriptions to fill today. If she isn't better in 1-2 days, I need to follow-up with Tylee's regular doctor and probably get a chest X-ray. I guess I should've had them go ahead and do a chest x-ray last night but needless to say, I was ready to go home!
And so was Tylee...



How could I forget to tell you! Tylee made the GM site again. They said that there were over 120 entries! I was so excited last night but totally forgot to post! Scroll to the bottom!


More Videos

I know that Tylee walking is not that exciting. Give me a week and it'll be old news! I can't stop videoing and taking pictures of her! I am still in shock that she is actually walking. (And again...sideways! It isn't sideways on her montage which is really the only thing that matters.)



She has also mastered bending down grabbing something, and standing back up without losing her balance. (And why miss an oppurtunity to show off her cute diaper!)

In other news, we went swimming again yesterday and she LOVED it. Whew! Boy was I relieved. The funniest thing was that she kept sticking her hand down in between her raft and pulling water into her mouth. She must've been thirsty!



We've made quite a bit of house progress. Things went from rock bottom to almost done very, very quickly. Hopefully things will be back to normal by the end of next week. The hardest part has been containing Tylee to 2 rooms for a month. Living with a 1-year old in a construction zone has not been fun. Thank God it's almost over.