A Girl After Grandpas Heart



We are making progress with the pool. This time went better but notice there are no pictures of Tylee actually in the pool. She wouldn't let me put her down and there was no one else there to take pictures.


Welcome Back!

Guess what's back? Yaaah! Mommy's camera! My ploy with Canon didn't work but after going without a camera for 2-3 weeks, I don't care. I love my camera and it's lots better than a point and shoot. I will continue to long for a DSLR but at least I have one within my reach. I am letting my sister borrow my VB bag for Disneyworld in return for a week with her camera.



We are back home and although it was good to be in my own bed, I had a rough time being there. I thought I would be so happy but it was actually really depressing. Here is a recap of my night/morning.
Get home around 8:00pm. Open the garage door. Crap...cabinets. (-1) Park outside the house and unload everything. Get Tylee situated in her room playing with her toys. (+1) Start unpacking the stuff from the motel. Put the laundry in the basket, put away my bathroom stuff, grab the Gerber Pasta Bites and head toward the kitchen. Realize there is no kitchen counter, cabinets, or place to put her pasta. (-1) Sit it on the dresser for lack of somewhere better to sit it. Grab Tylee and get her ready for bed with fresh PJ's from her drawer and change her on her changing table. (+1) Go to get the bottle out of the diaper bag and realize it needs washed. No sink. (-1) Get the dish soap (that I bought because ours got packed somewhere) and wash the bottles in the bathroom. Give Tylee the bottle and lay her down in her own bed! (+1) Head towards the living room to check my email. No computer. (-1) Lay down in bed and play ball with Dutchy and turn on the TV. (+1) Go to catch up on the DVR and nothing has been recorded in 2 weeks. (-1) Fall asleep in my own bed. (+1) Wake up at 6:15am to find Tylee still asleep. (+1) Apparently, she was happy to be home! Realize I'm thirsty and go to get some ice-water. Our fridge is still hooked up so we should have both ice and water. Crap, no cups. (-1) Get in the tub and watch the news until the birthdays come on. My normal morning routine! Yaah! (+1) Wake Tylee up and get her dressed and ready to go. Decide to take Tj's advice and "just because insurance is paying for our meals doesn't mean we have to eat every single meal out." Grab breakfast sandwich out of the fridge, go to get a paper towel, and put it in the microwave. (-2) No paper towels and no microwave. Load Tylee up and head to town.

Pros: (+7) Cons: (-8)

Overall, I think it will be better to be at home. It's just an adjustment to be there without our stuff. I have a Wal-mart list (paper plates, paper towels, plastic silverware, plastic cups) and Tj will be home this weekend so hopefully we can get some sort of routine. We can probably setup a card table with our kitchen supplies, Tylee's snacks, and the microwave. The laundry room is fine (dangit!) and we have a countertop and sink in there. Right now it is full of stuff that needs to be packed up which I can do this weekend. Hopefully this will all be over soon!
These pictures disgust me. It's so sad to see my house like this.

Big Brother

Disclaimer: Tylee is only in dispoables because we have no washer and dryer at the moment. We are getting closer to getting back into her cloth but it just isn't feasible right now. Our bedroom is empty because we were getting new bedroom furniture delivered the next day. Pictures coming soon!




Katy Days

Tylee and I had a busy weekend! Memorial Day weekend is a great way to kick off the summer! I love summer but mostly I love the SUN. Anything sun related, I'm there. I even beg to mow the yard so that I can get a tan. Except so far, Tylee hates anything water related. She does enjoy being outside but she hated the motel pool and she hated her little pool this weekend. Living in the middle of KS with 100+ temperatures, water is usually a requirement for being outside. I'll have to keep working on her. Memorial Day weekend is Parsons "big" Katy Days festival. The "Katy" comes from the Katy Railroad that used to run out of Parsons. I was hoping there would be lots of things of interest since TJ works for the Railroad but it was mostly just a social thing. I saw lots of "railroaders" that I knew but not lots of "railroad things." But I'm a social person so that was okay. Tj was at work Saturday so Tj's Mom and I went piddling around. There was quite a bit of stuff for older kids to do but nothing really for Tylee. She liked the animals at the Petting Zoo but kept pointing at them and saying, "Utsh. Utsh." Which is Tylee-talk for Dutch. It was packed though so we didn't hang out there for long.
My camera is still being fixed...it should come today...so these are the only pictures I have from the weekend. Yaah for summer!


11 months Old

Geesh Tylee! You are 11 months old already! What have you been up to?
  • For the most part, you sleep from around 8pm-6am, have a bottle and then go back to sleep until around 7:30am
  • You STILL only have 2 teeth. You've had these same two teeth for 5 months now.
  • You have just starting to stand without holding on to anything.
  • You can go from crawling to standing-up without using something to pull yourself up.
  • You have said your 1st words: Mama, Bye-Bye, and Dutch.
  • You are wearing 12-18 month clothes.
  • You weigh just over 20 pounds.
  • You crack up and smile at people for no reason what-so-ever.
  • You dance when you hear music.
  • You walk holding onto someones hands. Even just one of their hands.
  • I've seen you take a step while standing alone but only while you were totally preoccupied with a toy. As soon as your foot touches the ground, you lose your balance and fall down. The wheels are turning! It won't be long!



I should've made a list. People always say that but I thought I'd remember everything. I think I did. If I didn't remember everything, I remembered enough.
I took Tylee to the doctor last week because she has all these little bumps on her arms, legs, and face. I assumed it was Eczema but I wanted to be sure it wasn't some other sort of nasty fungus. And I thought that maybe we would get a prescription cream of some sort. It was, in fact, Eczema but we didn't get a cream. He said that it is non-scarring and she may or may not grow out of it. I need to get some ointment-type lotion such as Eucerin and try to keep her skin moist. Other than that, I left with not much more information than I went in with.
Tylee also has had a little nub next to her bottom tooth that has been there for almost 5 months now. I have been starting to wonder if it is even really a tooth. Or if she even has teeth. Her big toothless grin with her scrunched up nose won't always be cute. He said that he doesn't worry about teeth at all until a child is between 16-18 months old. Teeth can arise to the surface and just "hang out" there for several months. He wasn't concerned.
We've also been fighting a yeast diaper rash for oh, 6 months now. It's been a vicious cycle. I'll put her in sposies, treat the infection, and it'll be all but gone. Then one little bump will pop back up and within hours, she is broke out again. I'm sick of it! Niastatin isn't working so he told me to use Lamisil...athlete's foot creme. Gross, I know! He said it is pretty harsh and doesn't jump to use it 1st thing but that it should do the trick. The yeast was practically gone overnight. (We are still treating her, going to soak her cloth diapers in Vinegar to make sure it isn't living in them, and then finally get back into her diapers this weekend.)


Play Date

Tylee and I had a play date at the park yesterday with Gina, Cooper, and Josie. Josie is 6 weeks younger than Tylee and I'd assume from all the time we'll spend together throughout the years, they will be great friends. It's either that or hate each other like sisters.
We used to see each other a lot but things have been busy lately and we haven't seen Josie in 6 weeks or so. They used to be pretty aggressive towards each other but yesterday they played pretty well together. Now are you ready for the shocker?
Josie is walking! She is 6 weeks YOUNGER than Tylee and has probably been walking for 3-4 weeks. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Gina!) She crawled a month or more before Tylee too and I told Gina then that she needed to submit her to the Guiness Book of World records. Cheesy, I know. She is so cute! She would just get tired of playing with Tylee and get up and walk off! I kept telling Tylee to take lessons. Gina kept promising me that life is much easier when they aren't mobile.
And because we can't forget big brother Cooper...
Poor little guy. He's in for it with these girls.


It's probably a good thing that I didn't have this blog when we were building our house. People would've stopped reading. I will try not to bore you with every detail but I am going to somewhat keep this updated because I have a lot of family that reads and this is the main way that they stay informed. I pulled up to the house last night to find this! Yaaah! Everything is all ready for the tin...if it ever comes in. It was supposed to be here Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully it comes today.
I opened the garage door to find this! I was excited. Things are getting closer to being on the mend.

We are still in the motel but hope to be checking out soon. Actually, they are kicking us out because Katy Days is this weekend and the motel is full. Whenever we checked in way-back-when, the lady asked if I wanted to reserve through Memorial Day and I said no. That was SO far away and surely we'd be back in our house by then. Guess I should've said yes because now we are homeless for the weekend. Hopefully the tin comes soon, we can get that back on, and then move back in. We could technically stay there but those tarps are SO noisy and it smells so bad. We need to get all that wet insulation out and get the sheetrock taken down. It is a whole different story since we have Tylee. Hopefully all that will happen in the next few days and we can get moved back in.
The adjuster camer out on Monday and boosted my confidence 100%. He said to get the cabinets redone, resheetrock, get new doors, paint, redo the trim, polish the floor, get new carpet...whatever needed done. No one from the insurance company had been out since the inside was damaged and I was panicking that they would second guess us on some stuff. The doors apparently are either warped from water or shifted from the wind and aren't opening correctly. I'd like to hope they would've believed us when we said why we replaced them but it just gives me piece of mind knowing that our adjuster saw it with his own two eyes.
It'll be bittersweet getting back home. It's been kinda nice not having to clean, do laundry, go grocery shopping, ect. Every night after I get off work is just a play-date with Tylee. I couldn't ask for anything better than that! Whenever we get back home, there will be no kitchen cabinets, pantry, spices, dishes, glasses, or silverware. No couches, computer, desk, dining room table, or decorations. But at least we'll be home. Tylee will have her room to play in, her bed to sleep in, and her bath to bathe in. Tj and I will have our bed, our bathroom, closet, and washer/dryer. I will be able to get Tylee back into her cloth diapers and Tj will have his
Traeger. Oh! And Dutchy! We'll learn to appreciate the small things in life again.



Tylee got 3rd in the photocontest! We are going to win one of these days. I'm sure of it!
Click here:

This picture should have won a couple of weeks ago. I don't know that we'll get a better one than this. Unfortunatley, it was a free-for-all week and I'm sure there was hundreds of submissions.


Motel Fun

Has anyone seen my baby girl? This made me sad. She was playing in the the Pack-n-Play like a big girl. She knew that she was cracking me up. I guess she knew that it had been a rough week I needed to smile. I dunno...I can't really put it into words why but this made me realize it but she is no longer my baby girl.

Tylee HATED the pool. We tried twice and she just wasn't having it. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a sun fanatic. I love the lake, boats, pools, sun...it doesn't matter, if the sun is shining, I'm in it. This is going to be a long summer if Tylee doesn't come around. She played outside for awhile yesterday and rode in the Beco while I worked in the yard. She has a little tan on her arms. It is so cute! Let's hope that she tans easily and doesn't burn.



Tylee had a long day picking stuff up at the house!


Frequent Visitor

I took Tylee to the park yesterday so that she could have a little fun for the first time in days. She has been so good given the fact that her whole world has been rocked. She has never slept with us and I don't hold her when I give her bottles. Now that I'm trying to hold her while feeding her and trying let her sleep with me, it isn't working out so well. Who would've guessed that NOT letting her sleep in our bed would backfire. The 1st night in the motel was a long one. I would get her to sleep by walking with her but as soon as I would lay down in bed, she would try to roll over on her belly, realize she was in a different place, and wake up. Around midnight, I loaded her up and went driving around. 45 minutes later, she finally fell asleep. I realized the bed wasn't working and made a pallet on the floor. I hardly slept at all because I was afraid she would wake up and crawl off. At home, she sleeps way up in the corner in her crib against the two sides. Everytime I checked on her that night, she was under the bed up against the baseboard and in-table. Whatever works, I guess! We finally got a Pack-n-play (mine is in Chanute) and she has slept a little better the last two nights. She never sleeps good in different environments.


Just Kidding....One More Post

Betcha can't guess what's in there?
I got a sick feeling in my stomach when it started raining Tuesday. I knew more rain was coming but I guess I didn't really want to believe it. I had this false sense of security that everything was taken care of and we would be able to live in the house with the tarps keeping out the rain. I even almost hooked the computer back up Monday night. I kept telling myself that everything would be okay. Boy was I wrong. Once it started raining, I called Tj from work and asked how things were going. All he said was, "Not too good." I could tell in his voice that things were worse than he was leading on so I headed home immediately.
I walked in to find an inch of water on my kitchen floor and water dripping down from the ceiling onto our cabinets. Water was also coming out the bottom of the cabinets and the trim around the floor. I felt so helpless as it continued to rain. We decided we better move everything out and take down the cabinets in hope of at least salvaging them.
We moved everything that we could out of the front room...

and eventually into a semi.

Tj, Tylee and I are staying in a motel until we can either get a camper or the tin comes in. It rained more last night and I was pleasantly suprised to only find a half-inch of water in the kitchen this morning. Things are improving! Nothing more can be hurt, ruined, or done so we are just playing the waiting game now. I plan on taking Tylee swimming in the indoor-pool at the motel tonight and just try to remember that the most important part of all this, is that we still have each other.