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The diaper of the week for the GoodMama photo contest this week is a C/P Velour. I have until Saturday at midnight to submit the picture. Please vote and I'll submit the winning photo! I know Tylee is the cutest thing alive (ha!) but this is really about the diaper and showing it off. You can leave constructive criticism and reasoning in the comments if you'd like! I'd love to hear it! The pictures are in order by #1, 2, 3, and 4.


Parents Newsletter

Does Tylee read this website when I'm not looking? It is always spot on.

From Parents.com: Babies this age are learning to point, a pretty remarkable hand skill. (...)
(She is pointing at me as I walked in the room. Yes, she is naked...and do you know how many clothes this girl has?)

"Around this time many babies also enter a super curious phase. Your child might develop a serious obsession with cupboards and drawers, say. Many a mom has left the room for just a second and returned to find her entire drawer full of Tupperware all over the kitchen floor -- or her baby gleefully unraveling the rolls of toilet paper he found in the cupboard under the bathroom sink. So get those cupboards childproofed -- even the ones that seem totally harmless. You never know what your baby may get his hands on."

I wish I had a picture...I may add one later but Tylee is totally fascinated with cabinets and drawers. The front part of our house was childproof until she figured this out. Good thing Kelly bought us cabinet locks for my shower! I need to get those on. And soon!

"As your baby gets savvier and smarter, you may notice this also extends to his relationships with you and your partner; specifically, who baby favors and when. Your baby may associate Daddy with playtime and Mama with meals, for example. Don't worry about being pigeon-holed into these roles -- your baby will outgrow this phase eventually too. But in the meantime, try mixing things up a bit and giving baby a bath together, for example, rather than sticking to your everyday routines."

Have I mentioned her new found love for Daddy? I hate being the caretaker. I wanna be the "fun mom"!


Grandpa Allen bought Tylee a new swimsuit. It fits our little Monkey perfect!



I love cows. They are fun to watch. They mind their own business. They have cute babies. I think that's about all. Except for last year when they got out of the gate and ate every single leaf off every single tree in my yard. Oh! They also ate every single flower out of every single pot on my porch. Not to mention the poop. They had free rome of the yard for awhile. Why? Because we were in the hospital delivering Tylee. What a wonderful thing to come home too. I was quite amused Friday night to come home to bawling babies and upset Mamas who couldn't figure out how to get to each other. I took this picture standing in my doorway. The pasture separates and goes around my house. It took them hours, I mean like 5 hours, to figure out how to walk around the back of the house. We've had these same cows for like 3 years now.


Picture Post

Tylee and I had a busy day. We started off at Brecca's soccer game. Took about a 5 minute nap. Literally. Played on the trampoline and in the treehouse. Went to the park.
Tried to get a picture for the GM Photo Contest
Jumped on the trampoline with Uncle Lance.

And celebrated Brax's 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Happy 10 months, Tylee!

Happy 10 month birthday, Tylee!
So, what are you up too these days?
  • You are 100% on formula. You stopped nursing shortly after your 9-month birthday. It hasn't affected you at all but Mommy is still sad.
  • You have a new love for your Daddy. If Mom and Dad are in the same room, you are hanging out with him.
  • You are starting to figure out what things do. You brush your hair with your brush (or mine, or Dad's, or Dutch...anything with hair). If your bow falls out, you put it back up on top of your head. If you see a shoe, you try to put it on your foot.
  • You don't seem to be interested in walking yet. You'll walk around pushing a chair or barstool but won't stand by yourself at all. I saw you balance on your knees without holding onto something the other day but only once.
  • You are eating more and more table food. I can put you in your highchair the entire time I cook dinner and you'll sit and eat snacks/drink juice. Rice is one of your favorites.
  • You are more generous than ever with your kisses.
  • I'm seeing signs of you saying Mama and Dada but nothing set in stone yet.
  • You point at things with your index finger.

ETA: Okay, so today after I published this post, you balanced on your knees several times and stood up without holding on for a few seconds. Figures.


Curly Sue

I know that curls royally suck first-hand. I know Chi's are expensive. This was a good hair day for Brecca. I know I hate my curly hair and have hated it my entire life. But can you resist this? I hate getting up an hour earlier if I want cute hair. I know that it's a pain not being able to swim, get back on the boat, and have decent hair. I know that sweating is horrible, unimaginable, and avoidable at all costs when you have curly hair. So, tell me again why I am excited that Tylee's hair is starting to look like this?

I know why. Because I think it makes her look like Brecca.


Big Girl Carseat

I remember watching a video that Audrey put on her blog way back when a big-girl carseat hadn't even crossed my mind. I remember telling my sister about it and was completely overly shocked in this finding. Who knew? Last week sometime the AAP changed the recommended guidelines for children in carseats. You can read about them here and here. And you can watch the video here. I used to think that cloth diapering, non-vaccinating, extended rear-facing, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping parents were weird. I wore disposables and my reproductive organs are just fine. I was vaccinated and suffered no brain damage or side effects. I sat forward in my carseat and survived many trips to the lake and back. I was raised on formula and have a college degree. So really, what's the point?

  • I think cloth diapering is fun. I don't care about the environment.
  • I vaccinate Tylee because that is what everyone else does and I haven't looked into it yet on my own.
  • After obtaining some information, what can it hurt to leave Tylee facing backwards another year?
  • I started nursing to save $$ but fell in love with the process immediately.
  • I bought my baby-carrier because it was cute. Now, I would rather have her in her carrier than in the stroller anyday, anywhere, anytime, any place.
  • I was careful not to hold Tylee while she was sleeping and have never let her sleep in bed with me. I don't know what the benefits of co-sleeping are but just don't see it working out for us.

Parenting has opened my mind more than I ever thought imaginable. I never cared about anything before I had Tylee. Now, I find myself researching and creating my own beliefs because I have a reason to care. I don't just do something because it is the norm and that is what everyone else does. (OKay, so maybe I need to check into vaccinating and get some facts for myself.) I'm really trying to do the best that I believe I can do for her. Does that mean that she'll be a better person because I nursed her for 9 months? Probably not. Will her reproductive organs function better because she didn't spend her whole infancy sitting in chlorine? Doubt it. Will she really be more social because she was up with me interacting rather than all by her little lonesome in her stroller? Who knows! (But she sure is a social little bug already!) But it definitely makes me feel like a better person because I found something that I believe in, am passionate about, and am sticking to it whether it is easy or not. Being Tylee's Mom is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done in my entire life. I love her more and everyday.

If you are open to some of these super-weird parenting ideas, I recommend checking out MckMamas and my friend Audrey's blog. Audrey is definitely a huge in-real-life role model but MckMama is hilarious and intriguing as well. (Side note: her son Stellan is having heart surgery in the AM so please pray for them.)

All that being said...we got Tylee a big-girl carseat. I'm not impressed.

We are battling this:

And this view in my rear-view mirror.

Any suggestions?



The GoodMama

Tylee has gotten quite a few new diapers lately and I haven't posted any pictures. Not that you really care, but half the fun of wearing the diapers is how stinkin cute they are. This one is Shortcake... Fluerish, courtesy of Aunt Lindsey
Whimsy, courtesy of Aunt Lindsey
And Itsy Daisy. One of my favorites. This is a new Solid CP Velour called Dragon Fruit. I like the prints better but people say these are really absorbant so I thought I'd try one.

Pretty Little Flower

I like this picture for some reason.


A Day at the Park

And the moment you've all been waiting for...

THE smile.

(Or as close as I've come to getting it on camera. This is "it" but add just a tad bit more cheesiness.)