This snowsuit was too bulky for Tylee to even sit up. I was trying to think of what else we had that was somewhat water-proof so she could play.
Can you tell that I live in the middle of nowhere?

Snow Storm

This was at 1:00pm yesterday.
These were taken at 1:30.

And these at 3:30.


Happy 9 months, Tylee!

I was going back the other day and reading about this time last year. It seems like yesterday, it really does. I've been wishing I was pregnant again for a few months now (Tj says no) but going back and rereading about it makes me wish it even more! My pregnancy and the last 9 months have been the best part of my entire life. No question. Yes, I said my pregnancy. It really wasn't that bad. I think I was lucky.

So! New 9 month milestones:
  • Kissing
  • Waving
  • Pulling Up
  • 1st bottle of formula
  • Cruising

They Come in 3's

We've had a rough couple of weeks at our house. People say death comes in 3's so maybe we are done. Last week, we lost both of Tj's maternal Grandparents. His Grandma passed about about 12 hours after his Grandpa's funeral. They would've been married 56 years. That is true love. Yesterday, we lost his only remaining grandparent, his Grandpa on his Dad's side. Please keep us in your prayers as we start the process all over again.


A Love/Hate Relationship

Okay, so my opinion has flip-flopped 1,000% in less than a week.
10 reasons I love formula:
1) Tj can feed Tylee while I take a nap, mop, do laundry, go to Wal-mart, go to Weight Watchers, drink beer, eat dinner, cook dinner...the list could go on.
2) I can lay Tylee on the floor or in her bed and she can eat ALL by her little-lonesome
3) She can eat in the car on the way to ________. (Fill in Blank)
4) She is sleeping all night again cause her little belly is full.
5) I can drink beer, wine, and eat hot-wings.
6) I've lost 10 of the last 20 pounds I've been hanging onto since starting Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago.
7) Anyone can take Tylee for a few hours during the day, leave me at home ALONE without having to worry about pumping, wasting a bag of milk for no reason, or what time she eats again.
8) My pump is beginning to collect dust.
9) No more bi-weekly purchases of $10 Gerber Breast-milk storage bags at Wal-mart.
10) More Freezer Space (I'm reaching here...)
10 (or more) Reasons I'm still sad...
1) Tylee can survive without me.
2) I am not her sole source of food anymore.
3) No more cuddling, soothing, and nurturing.
4) Dad can do everything I can do.
5) She doesn't NEED me anymore.
6) It stinks.
7) Her spit-up stinks.
8) She needs to poop.
9) I have to wash a bottle at least 4 times a day.
10)Preparing items for the diaper bag: Bottle, Formula, Water, Calculating times she will eat in alotted time gone from home.
11) I miss her.
12) I miss the unexplainable bond.
13) It just isn't the same knowing that I can't provide for her 100% (If Wal-mart closes down. Haha!)



I've been noticing a recurring theme in my wardrobe.
16 Long-Sleeved9 Short-Sleeved6 Dress Shirts31 Striped Shirts all of which fit. That means that I could wear a striped shirt for an entire month without missing a day. Maybe I should try and see who notices.

Be on the lookout for the striped-shirt extravaganza. Jennifer and Rebecca cannot participate. :-)

Just Because


Edit: Pulling Up

I added a video to the Pulling Up post. Click here if you want to watch it. I went ahead and put it way-back-when. That is old news now. She can get from here to there and stand up in a matter of seconds. Yesterday I was changing her diaper in the living room and didn't realize that she has pooped. I literally ran to the changing table, grabbed a wipe, and ran back into the living room and she was clear across the floor standing up on the entertainment center. She is fast!

Hermit Crab

We have no idea why Tylee started crawling like this but it cracks us up! She doesn't do it all the time though. Just sometimes.


Alarm Clock

Turn up your volume.


My Mom and Nanny love to tell stories about me waking up in the morning and just playing in my crib until someone came and got me. I always have to wake Tylee up whenever I'm working so I've only really only noticed her doing this a few times. Since I've been off, we've been sleeping in and this has been our alarm clock. There is no other sound in the world that I would rather wake up too.


I've been MIA and off work the past couple of days cause Tj's Grandpa Hurley passed away. Thanks for all the cards and support. We have some great friends. My days have kinda been running together but I thought I'd do a quick picture post to keep you updated. Here we are having a pic-nic on the front porch the other morning.
Here we are playing our new game. Unloading the basket of toys one-by-one until it is empty. Mommy puts them back in and we do it all over again.
And here we are sharing crackers with Dutch. Dutch - the dog that doesn't get people food. I guess the flip-side is that he isn't at our feet bugging for bites anymore.

I have some videos to post but they error like crazy so I'm going to go ahead and publish this and hope to get some videos up soon. They include: The 3-legged Hermit Crab Crawl, Playing Ball with Dutch, and my morning alarm clock.


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Daddy has a St. Patty's Day shirt too but he is at work. :-(


My Grandpa Rides A Harley

But he didn't get me this shirt. He got Brecca one but somehow that didn't get passed on with the clothes. The Grandpa that doesn't ride a Harley got Tylee this shirt and we love it! We almost missed out because all the 12 month clothes were packed away for summer. June 25th = Tylee's 1st Birthday = SUMMER. Who would've guessed we'd be in 12 month clothes in February.
After cleaning out closets and organizing clothes, we put on some pants so Tylee didn't get her diaper dirty (ha!) and played in the garage with Daddy. Tylee had a blast! Spring Fever!


Formula is Okay

Repeat after me: Formula is okay, formula is okay. Lots of very intelligent, perfectly healthy babies were raised on formula. Lots of very loving and caring Mothers have given their babies formula. I am now one of those Mothers. Well, actually, Tj is one of those Dads. I couldn't do it. I fixed the bottle, shook it up, gave it to him, sat and watched him give it to her, and cried. And cried, cried, and cried. (Did I mention it stinks, it is grainy, her spit-up stinks, it stains her clothes, the leftovers dried up gross in the bottle and I don't want my baby drinking that? Ugh.) I gave it my all but we just couldn't do it anymore. I've been fighting it for 3 or 4 weeks now and Tylee just wasn't getting enough food. The recommended amount of breastmilk/formula per day is 28 - 30 oz. Making sure she HAS food is more important than WHAT food. (It took me 3 weeks to agree with that statement.) We were down to 2 bags of frozen milk and I just wasn't making enough. I tried Oatmeal, Fenugreek, Guiness, Water...every home remedy I could find. She has been up every hour nursing the past couple weeks and I finally gave up. So far she has only had one bottle but will probably have another one tonight. I gave her a bottle of breastmilk last night before bed and she slept from 8pm-4:30am, nursed and went back to sleep until 8am. Boy was that nice! I'm going to keep pumping at work, nurse in the evenings, and on the weekends but I'm just not keeping up. I know introducing formula is going to make it worse because my body only makes what she eats. The less she eats, the less I'll make. Time to buy more bottles, I only have 1. Yes, 1 bottle. :-)
I tried. I gave it my all. I am okay. I didn't quit because it hurt and was inconvenient. I didn't quit because I was selfish and wanted my body back. I tried my hardest but I guess my body is just done. We are just a few days shy of 9 months old.



I was completely overwhelmed when I started thinking about Cloth Diapering. There is just so much to it: Tons of Brands, All-in-Ones, Pockets, Fitteds, Covers, Soakers, Wool, Snappies, Trimfolds, WetBags, Diaper Pails, Spots. It is a whole different world. And to complicate things, everyone in the CD community uses acronyms. CD = Cloth Diapers, AIO = All-in-One, FB = Fuzzi Bunz, BG = Bum Genius, ISO = In Search of, IHA = I Have Available, GM = GoodMama, DD = Dear Daughter, DS = Dear Son, DH = Dear Husband, NIP = New In Package, EUC = Excellent Used Condition. Thank goodness for Audrey. I couldn't have done it alone.

Now, however, it is second nature. Today for instance, everything is washed up. We will CD all weekend and I'll wash again Sunday night to get ready for the week. I take a clean WetBag full of diapers to Cathy on Monday and pick up a dirty Wetbag full that evening. I bring them home and throw them in the washer. I run the rinse cycle and leave the diapers wet in the washer, all rinsed out. I take the other Wetbag full of clean diapers to Cathy's on Tuesday and pick up the dirties that evening. I throw them in with the other diapers and rinse again. If I get around to washing, great. If not, that is okay too. I am washing once during the week, Friday, and Sunday.

I've only been using my GM's on the weekends because they are 100% Cotton, aka Fitteds. (They actually aren't cotton...they are Organic Bamboo Velour but we'll go with cotton so you understand.) This means that there is no plastic covering and after awhile, the outside of the diaper becomes damp. You can buy covers for them but who would want to cover up such a cute little bum? We can't wait until summer so we can wear our diapers and a T-shirt while out and about! I remember telling my sister that Audrey told me to "throw on a T-shirt and BabyLegs and your good to go!" I thought that was so weird and I "probably won't do that!" Haha. Throughout the week we wear the BumGenius and FuzziBunz. They are a lot slimmer and more clothe-friendly. I can actually say with honesty that they are NO different than a disposable. You take it off, roll it up, and stick it in the wetbag.

The GoodMama's are by far the best. I've neither read about nor seen anything that even comes close to comparing. They are very high in demand and right now, the demand completely outweighs the supply. I guess I can't say completely. They have diapers in stock right now but they aren't the hard to find (HTF) or extremely cute prints. If you want to get certain prints, you have to be in the know. It starts with The GoodMama herself uploading pictures to her Flickr account. (Click here to see every GM made. There were only a handful of some of these made. Lime Rickey and First Love are very HTF. My favorite is Paislig. I'm searching for it now.) Once they show up on there, they will be stocked in the store at some point in the following days. Sometimes they give hints as to when and sometimes they are random. But you have to know where to find the hints. There are a few sites with forums such as DiaperSwappers, The Diaper Pin, and The Goodmama website itself. There are also two blogs. A blog on LiveJournal and a blog on TypePad. Lots of places to check! Last Friday morning a GM Employee announced that there would be a stocking around 12:30. So I set my timer at work and made sure I was at my desk and ready! Rainbow Spectrum and Inked stocked, I added them to my cart, nervously punching in buttons and headed over to Paypal to pay. By the time my transaction was complete and I went back to the site, both diapers were out of stock. It was nuts! There is a Rainbow Spectrum selling on Spots right now for $87. I paid $35 a week ago. They had another stocking on Wednesday and although I saw the diapers stock, there weren't any prints that I had to have so I passed. Some of those diapers are VERY high in demand. I could make lots of $$ scalping diapers!
I know this is getting lengthy but I have one more thing to say. The BEST part about all of this is all the GoodMamas that I've met. If you use the same ScreenName and Avatar on the forums, people start to recognize you. You know who the good people are and you know who the trouble makers are. People get very angry very fast when it comes to these diapers! You should read the forums about the seller selling Rainbow Spectrum! Whew! Although it is an AUCTION and the buyers are willinging paying over retail for it, lots of people are upset because she took advantage of the stocking by ordering a diaper that she knew was going to be HTF to make a profit. If she does this too many times, people will recognize her name and she will have a hard time selling/buying anything. The community surrounding all this is probably my favorite part. Other than Tylee's cute little bum.
I'm not sure why I started cloth diapering. I don't really have a reason. I said it was to save money but that definitely isn't working. :-) The GREAT part about all this is that the diapers hold their value really, really well. A used diapers sells for $5-$10 less than a NIP diaper and if it is HTF then it can go for over retail. I'd guess once Tylee potty-trains that I can sell my SuperGirl and Rainbow Spectrum for at least what I paid for them. Maybe more. I'm still putting the $20 a week I was spending on diapers in a savings for Tylee and now the diapers I buy come out of my "fun" money rather than my "Tylee" money. It is definitely turning into a hobby. And a fun one at that!


Wash Day


GoodMama Soakers

Bum Genius

Fuzzi Bunz

Boring 'Ol Soakers

GoodMama WetBags

The Stash

BumGenius Stuffed

Fuzzi Bunz Stuffed

Sugar Skulls, Winter Bouquet, Sassy, Prism

SuperGirl, Bella Floral, Charm School, Smashing Grape Dot

Inked, Rainbow Spectrum, ScubaDoll, Clementine

GoodMama Stash



And the two diapers we are missing: One dirty in the wetbag and...