It has been a long week! I was home sick with Tylee last Friday and we are still fighting this battle. It started with with a fever and had a horrible cough toward the end of the week. I kept asking if I should stay home with her and no one would give me an answer. My sister kept her Thursday night and when I asked if I should stay home with her, she undoubtedly said yes. That was all the answer I needed. Her cough progressively got worse and I woke up Saturday morning really worried about her so we went to the ER to check for pneumonia or RSV. The doctor was short with me but said her lungs were clear and we headed home. The rest of the days seem to run together. She had a crying fit from 3am to 7:30am one morning and another fit from 4am until after 8am another. She usually calms down in the car but no such luck so I bypassed work, yet again, and headed back to the ER. (I called the doctor's office and both Tylee's doctor and the pediatrician were fully booked. Frustrating.) I got a lot more information this trip but still left without a diagnosis. Her discharge papers said, "Thrush (STILL!), Upper Respiratory Infection (a cold), a yeast infection, remnants of an ear infection, and teeth." She has plenty of reasons to be cranky but nothing that shouts PAIN the way that she was crying. We had another fit last night and shortly after I put Oragel in her mouth, she settled down. I tried that both times before and it didn't work. Who knows. Tj and I both got Tylee's cold and I know how miserable we felt. I can only imagine feeling that way being 8 months old with no medication or form of communication. Oh wait, she does have a form of communication and that is CRYING. LOUDLY. The ER Doc said that the strain in the area is lasting all of 14 days so let's hope we are on the downhill slope of things.

Thanks Daddy!

Daddy sent Mommy and Tylee flowers yesterday. Isn't he sweet? We sure love him!


Game, Giggles, & Clapping


Happy 8 months, Tylee!

8 month milestones:
  • Cloth Diapers
  • 1st Ear Infection/Trip to ER
  • Creeping
  • Crawling
  • 2 Teeth
  • Belly to Sitting Up
  • Milk Supply Dropped
  • Started playing the sharing game
  • Pulled up in Crib

Nap Time Fun

My number one rule when watching Tylee is DO NOT HOLD HER WHEN SHE IS SLEEPING. I'm not sure that this rule is followed to the extent that I would like for it to be but there isn't much I can do about it. I think the Grandmas just laugh and say, "Okay, whatever you say." Nap time and bedtime is always a breeze. I just take Tylee in her room, give her the binky, cover her up, and walk out. Sometimes she will talk or fuss for a few minutes but 99% of the time she will go right to sleep. No rocking, no bouncing, no walking or pacing. I give all the credit to my sister for that. Not because she could do that with any of her kids. In fact, it was just the opposite. When Brecca would fall asleep in your arms when she was a baby, you had to quietly tip-toe into her room and lay her down with the utmost of care so she didn't realize that god forbid someone wasn't holding her. So I tried really hard to create good sleeping habits for Tylee when she was a newborn so we didn't get in to that same predicament. Everything was perfect until recently. Now that she can sit and pull up on her own, naptime is a whole different story. Who knew that a crib was so much fun! Of course I encouraged her by taking pictures. Who needs a nap on the weekend anyways.


People kept warning me to "watch out" when Tylee started crawling. I heard lots of comments such as, "You are in for it now." Maybe it's cause I only have one child but at this point, I still think it is fun to chase her around, however we are only a week in to this crawling business. I guess the part that tugs on my heart strings is the fact that she loves to crawl around and find me. If I'm cooking, she comes into the kitchen. In the mornings when I'm getting ready, she no longers stays on her playmat...she comes into the bathroom and finds me. It is so cute to see that head peak around the corner and give me that big 'ol grin. We are finding all sorts of new toys. Such as opening and closing the desk drawer when I'm on the computer. Playing with the cottonballs or the mouse when we are in the bathroom. And Dutch's water when we are in the kitchen. She ate her first piece of dog food yesterday. I fished it out after I realized she was chewing on something but it was all crumbly and half gone. Good thing we buy Eukanuba! It must've been good cause she kept going back for more.



I don't know the rules about copyright or anything like that but I wanted to show but you guys Tylee's pictures that I finally got framed and hung. So far we have newborn, 3 month, and 6 month. I was planning on hanging them down the hallway but didn't want to take Dutch down and realized that I didn't have near as much room as I thought. I've been analyzing my wall space and if I pay attention before I go and am conservative in purchasing, I think we can make it through these first few years with a place to display everything.

And to give credit where credit is due: The newborn picture was taken by Roxie Howard Photography out of Parsons, KS. Same with the 3 month picture. The picture of Dutch was taken by Jill Hafner out of Frontenac and the 6 month picture was taken and framed by Lasha McPherson.


Poor little Tylee has been a mess the past couple days. We had projectile vomiting all over Mommy on Wednesday night, fever and extra whiny on Thursday, just plain fussy on Friday, and a cough that kept her up all night and continued into the day on Saturday. I finally gave in and took her to the ER Saturday morning in case it was pneumonia or RSV. Her cough is a deep cough and I started worrying that it was in her lungs. I'm still not convinced that it isn't but the on-call doctor is also a pediatrician and thought it was just a virus. He probably knows a tad more than me about diagnosing babies. :-) I guess these two little guys are probably contributing.He also said that the effectiveness of antibodies from nursing slow down between 6-7 months and that breastfed babies usually begin coming down with stuff around this age. Makes sense to me. Speaking of nursing, I found 21 bags of frozen milk in the freezer! So as long as I can keep up on the weekends and continue making at least one bag of milk/day...the nursing continues for at least another month.


Crawling: Phase 3



Yay Tylee!

Well, we didn't win but we got on the site! Tylee's poor little crying face is there for the world to see! I am so excited! If you want to see for yourself, go to:
www.thegoodmama.com (the winning photo is on the homepage)
click "cloth diapers" on the left navigation bar
then click "fitteds"
then click "switched"


Tylee and Grandma have been working on sharing. If you take her binky, act like you are munching on it, give it back to her, and then ask for a bite...she'll take it out of her mouth and put it in your mouth. (I found this hard to believe too until I witnessed it myself.) So last night we were playing the sharing game with a Gerber cookie. She was a mess and would gladly share the mess, I mean, cookie with Mom and Dad if we asked for a bite. It was so cute. We sat her down on the floor to finish off her cookie and she decided to share it with Dutch. Um, Dutch didn't give it back. She started SCREAMING! What mean big brother.


Crawling: Phase Two


The Milkman

I'm starting to think we aren't going to make it the whole year without formula. My milk supply has dwindled about as fast as Tylee developed all her new tricks. I've had a couple of lulls and it has always picked back up but I don't know if we can make it through this one. (Dad and Bubby, you may want to stop reading now. Ha.) Tylee is more efficient at nursing than my pump is at pumping so I always get more milk on Mondays than I do on Fridays. Unfortunately, I didn't even make enough yesterday for today. The problem is that Tylee is eating more and more solids and nursing less and less. On Saturday she nursed at 11am and not again until 6pm. Since she didn't eat, my body didn't make the milk. Yesterday I went and pumped and needed to get two bottles, I barely got one. I am truly, truly sad about this but I can't say that it won't be a HUGE relief.
Before I had Tylee, I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to nurse. I told people I was going to but really hoped that it wouldn't all work out. After I had her, the thought never even crossed my mind to stop. I mean, really. It was honestly just as routine as taking a shower or eating breakfast. Of course, other than the grueling, dreadful, unfathomable PAIN. Nursing has become the single most important thing that I have done in my entire life. The next president? Either/Or. Public School/Homeschool? To each their own. Abortion? Situational. I have just never really cared or judged anyone or anything in my life. Part of me feels like that makes me easy-going. The other part makes me feel like I'm shallow and uneducated. But when it came down to me nursing Tylee, I am more passionate, had more determination and will than I've ever had about anything. Even graduating college!
The bond is unexplainable. Sure, it was better for Tylee and we were saving tons of $$ but it is the bond that has kept me going. I keep typing and deleting because words just can't explain the feeling.
All that being said, I have either been carrying a child or nursing for 18 months now and it will be nice to have my body all to myself! The main perk is that I can officially go back to Weight Watchers. It has been hard to find the exact equation to lose weight yet feed myself enough food in order to keep my milk supply up. Plus, I'm always hungry! Everytime that I started to diet my milk supply would decrease. I'm officially going back to Weight Watchers tonight and am really excited. I have about 10 pounds to lose before I'm back to my pre-baby weight but that still wasn't at my goal weight.
I'm not going to stop nursing completely but giving Tylee a little formula will take a huge weight off my shoulders. I still plan on exclusively nursing whenever I am with her but I will be SO relieved to not have to mess with this stupid pump anymore. I hope to shove it in the closet and not see it again for a VERY long time.

Contest Update

Well, we didn't win the green diaper contest. Here is the link to the contest and this is the winner. I'll keep my opinions to myself. :-) Haha. I actually won a free photo keychain a few weeks ago so am assuming she didn't want the same person to win twice. The contest was to send her a picture of something Green. The diapers were green in color and environmentally green. Oh well, maybe we'll get on The GoodMama sight.



Tylee has had a busy last few weeks. It seems like she turned from a baby into a little girl almost overnight. One day she was rolling and the next morning she army crawled. A couple days later she was up on her hands and knees. Now she is doing a combo army crawl along with using her feet. I'd say we'll be full-fledged crawling in the next week. It's amazing to watch her learn.
Typically, Tylee usually eats around 5am, I put her back down and then I start getting around for work. I went to get her out of bed this morning after I got ready and she was sitting up playing. I thought to myself in a groggy haze...did I really sit her up after I fed her this morning? I brought her into our room and sat her on her play mat. She made her way into the bathroom and when I turned around she was sitting on the rug by the shower. I've yet to see her do it but apparently she can go from her belly to sitting up.
Two tricks in one day? Yep! Tonight in the bathtub she grabbed onto the side and pulled herself up. I couldn't marvel over her for long because that pull-up was quickly followed by a large splash and a crying baby. :-( We tried it again in her crib before bed and she wasn't successful. That is good though. It gives us one more night to get the crib lowered.
We noticed this weekend that when you hold her and pat her on the back, she will pat you on the back too. It's so cute. She also won't stop clapping. It's hard for Mom or Dad to get a clap but all Dutch has to do is walk by and he gets some. Speaking of Dutch, they are becoming such good friends. Tylee will crawl over to one of his toys and about as fast as she gets there, he takes it away. She'll switch directions unphased and head towards a different one. As soon as she gets the new one in her hand, he'll drop the one he has and grab the one she just got. What a fun game!
I mentioned this in a post a few days ago but I'm kinda summing up 7-8 month milestones for future reference so I better mention teeth. She has her bottom right tooth and I can feel a couple more but no visible signs of any.
I cloth diapered 100% this weekend and it was great. It was just as easy to change the cloth as it was with the disposables. The only thing I noticed was that the cloth took up more room in the diaper bag. Other than that, there was not a single difference. I washed last night and need to go get them out of the dryer. I'm still working on the organization and am waiting on my WetBags to come but am really, really liking the whole process. I started a savings account for Tylee and am putting the $20/paycheck I was spending on diapers into her savings. Now if I can just keep myself from spending that on diapers, we'll be ahead of the game.

GoodMama Photo Contest

The GoodMama website has a weekly photo contest that I entered Tylee in last week. Each week is a different diaper and if you have that diaper you simply take a picture of your child in the diaper and submit the photo. One person wins a free diaper but there are several runners-up that get their picture on the site. Last weeks diaper was "Smashing Grape Dot" and we just happened to have it! It was cold and Tylee was fussy so we didn't get a good picture but I submitted anyways. We'll see if we win!

"Life is always better with a little Whine!"


Happy Valentines Day!

These were Tylee's Valentines that I mailed out. I can't wait until she is in school and I actually have a reason to do all this stuff. Oh well!


New Moves

I was trying to get some pictures for a photo contest tonight and I got some pictures of Tylee's new moves. We can get up on all 4's now and are kinda rocking back and forth. In no particular order... And the photo contest submissions:

Notice I didn't say which contest. :-) I'll post it if we win. I'll give ya one guess...it has to do with green diapers. And yes, I am obsessed with these things. Don't worry, the new will wear off soon. My checkbook sure hopes so anyways.


Fluffy Mail

Guess what came on Monday? Who would've ever, ever guessed that I would be this excited to get diapers in the mail. I definitely started at the wrong end of the spectrum by ordering my GoodMamas' first. I have to admit I am a tad disapointed in these...they aren't as cute or as soft but also quite a bit less money per diaper. I started at the wrong end of the spectrum. I should've ordered these 1st and then I would've been super impressed with my GoodMama's rather than being disapointed in these.
Bum Genius
The GoodMama
We've yet to use the other diapers. They came on Monday but Tj and I had plans for my birthday and Tylee was super fussy by the time we got home so off to bed we went. Tonight, I went out with the girls and Tylee was asleep by the time I got home again. I want to try them on her and see how they fit and such before I wash them all and get them ready to use. Then I think I want a trial run before I ship her off to the sitter in them. Hopefully we'll get all the kinks worked out this weekend and we can go all cloth. I only have a few Pampers left so I'm hoping we get by without buying another box!



Tylee and I ventured to the park today to enjoy the nice weather! When Tylee was a newborn, going outside was a great cure any time that she was fussy. She hasn't gotten to play outside much since she has been active and able to enjoy it. We met her friend Mason there and let them play awhile. There wasn't much to do other than swing but she really liked the swings!


Tylee is starting to make her way around the house. She found the one opening to the outside world from the living room this morning. She was pretty fascinated by the new texture of the cement so she didn't get far.She is still tugging at her ear quite a bit but we do have a tooth through. I could feel it last week but noticed this afternoon that you could actually see it. I hope the ear infection and tooth is just a coincidence and we don't fight this every time we get a new tooth.


Creepy Crawly


Diaper Update

Our diaper experience last Sunday really wasn't all that exciting. The three diapers that I had lasted us for around 6 hours. They may've lasted longer but I was excited to change them. Ha. We wore and washed that evening but since I only have 3 diapers, it really wasn't worth my time to wash them. Everyone (aka Audrey) recommends running them through 3 cycles and that was quite a bit of water to waste for just three diapers. I loved them though! They were so soft and squishy and I'm really excited to get more. I have 3 more GoodMama's on the way, 6 BumGenius, and 6 FuzziBunni's. As soon as they come, Tylee will have 18 diapers and we should be able to start wearing/washing daily.



You guys may remember Tylee's Birth-2 Month book. I made her 2-4 Month book on Snapfish and can't publish it for anyone to see. Anyways, here is her 4-6 Month book. I keep thinking I'll get more months per book but no such luck. :-)

4 to 6 Month

View Project at Shutterfly


Sick Day

Me and the monkey are home sick again today. I just couldn't leave her with someone else when she wasn't feeling good. Maybe Grandma or Aunt Lindsey but no Grandma's are around right now. Not only is she in a horrible mood, I'm getting snuggles that I've never gotten before. There is nothing better than her nestling into my neck and resting her head on my shoulder. She is down for her morning nap so I have a second to note a milestone. We are creeping! She was playing on the floor this morning and used her arm/elbow to pull herself towards her book! Watch out crawling, here we come! And some pictures from the weekend that I never got around to posting...What a beautiful weekend! (Note the ear tugging...)



Because I know you were all wondering (ha!), Tylee does have an ear infection. She also has a yeast infection from her thrush last week. I wasn't sure if I should take her or not but she was tugging on her ears, fussy, snotty, coughing, and running a low-grade fever. All of that on top of the yeast in her diaper, I figured I had enough validated reasons to show up to the doctor. Glad I did.

Not Me Monday!

I actually have a few things to tell about this week so I'm going to participate in Not Me Monday. These are all things that I definitely did not do. If you would like to participate, head on over to MckMama's blog and join in on the fun.

I am not typing this during Super Bowl and scheduling it to post tomorrow. I am way cooler than that. I am definitely watching the Super Bowl at some awesome party and not sitting at home by myself wishing it was bedtime already. Tylee has not been a grump all day and I am not ready to go back to work.

I did not let my dog up on my counter Friday night so that he would feel more involved while we were playing a game. Gross! I would never put an animal on the same surface that I eat dinner on. And I was not drinking those Michelob Ultra's in the background. I am a nursing mother and I would never, ever throw away precious breastmilk because it had alcohol in it. I do not wish I would have moved those cans before taking the picture. ;-)

I did not take pictures of Tylee in all 3 cloth diapers that I put on her yesterday. I also didn't change her shirt when I put the purple diaper on because the pink shirt didn't match. I am not trying to figure out how I can maneuver my money to buy 3 more diapers because The GoodMama just stocked some new prints. I am not addicted to these diapers already.



Oh my goodness! Tylee's diapers came in the mail on Friday and they are the softest, coziest, cutest thing that I have ever seen! It was definitely love at first sight/touch. However, 24 hours later, I still hadn't put one on her. :-S I was having major diaper anxiety. I've went over this whole process time and time again and I know how it works but when it came down to it, I was a nervous wreck!
I am truly shocked at the negative response that I've gotten about cloth diapering. I have a few supporters that are excited and anxious to see the process but I would say that 90% of the people that know, aren't supportive. Let's see:
  • "Gross! You are going to have poop on your clothes? I wouldn't want to wash my clothes in a washer that had poop in it.
  • "Tj needs to work a little bit more if you can't afford diapers."
  • "I'd work all day Saturday and Sunday to buy diapers before I would wash them."
  • "Whenever Tylee is at my house, she is going to wear the regular diapers."
  • "Weird."
  • "Oh, Chelse. You don't know what you are getting into. You don't want to do this."
  • "Is Tj's Mom really going to want to mess with these?
Maybe I need new friends. 1st off, why do people care? They aren't the ones changing Tylee's diapers anyways. They won't be the ones buying them, changing them, washing them, or wearing them. Maybe through all this, I'll change a few peoples minds. So! Just cause I'm curious, I put a poll on the side of the blog. What do you think? (I promise, if you felt this diaper, you would be sold!) The diapers we ordered are "fitteds" and need a cover if you want to wear them with clothing. I don't know why but I didn't order a cover. I need to get one. Since we are hanging out at home today, I finally got brave and put one on. It is so stinking cute! Tylee seems to like it and keeps grabbing at the flowers. We've yet to have a diaper change but I'm anxious to see how everything works. These three should last us through most of the day and then I'll wash tonight.

(I'm wondering if we have an ear infection...)