Go Hawks!

Tylee and I went to Uncle Lance's wrestling tournament in Chanute today to help cheer on his team. He is the head Coach at Olathe East and I'm sure he was proud to come back to his hometown tourney as a Coach. We didn't have any orange or navy so we had to make our own shirt. I think Uncle Lance was proud to have the cutest little supporter in the stands.



Miss Tylee went to Daycare for the first time today! Tj's Mom is out of town for awhile and we were lucky enough to find someone that will take part-time/drop-in's. Turns out, the daycare provider is related to some very close family friends. When we went to visit yesterday, one of her twin boys gave Tylee a kiss and the other tried to through a tub of blocks at her. Daddy said he'd rather them throw blocks at her than kiss her!
Even though I got great recommendations, I still had butterflies in my tummy dropping her off this morning. I called around lunch-time and everything was going great. She is more structured than I've ever even thought of being. She asked if she needed to wake her up to feed her lunch cause it was getting close to 1pm. I, of course, told her no. Sometimes we don't eat a whole jar of baby food all weekend!
Well, American Idol is calling my name. Just wanted to note the big day. Maybe I should mention that it is only Tylee and this girls 3 year-old twin boys at "daycare?" Or maybe not. :-)

1st Snow

Tylee was so excited about her 1st snow.

Don't worry, she recovered quickly.


This started out to be a video of Tylee clapping but ended up being a video of her new laugh. Apparently Dutch is pretty funny. We started clapping last week but I've yet to get it on video. It's pretty darn cute.



Rocking Chair

Thanks for the chair Papa Randy!

Tylee and I went and visited Papa Randy on Sunday morning and Tylee found a new toy. She just giggled and giggled as Papa rocked her back and forth in the chair. We are going to use it for our 9 month pictures but Papa was nice enough to let us borrow it until then. Maybe we'll forget to give it back. :-)


Happy 7 Months, Tylee!

7 month milestones:
  • Gerber Puffs
  • Goldfish
  • Thrush
  • Belly Laugh
  • Daycare


The Plunge

I've been considering cloth diapering for awhile now but have been gun-shy on actually ordering any. Let me backtrack a little. Before Tylee was born, my friend Audrey mentioned the idea to me. I read the links that she sent me and had a couple different thoughts. First and foremost: GROSS! Second: Those things are expensive! (At that point, I wasn't spending $50+ a month on diapers!) So I hit the little red X and it didn't cross my mind again for awhile. Shortly after I had Tylee, I reread some literature and started getting some specifics from Audrey. I put a few diapers in my cart on several different occasions but couldn't ever make myself hit, "Order." After linking to several of Audrey's blogs and reading about cloth diapering daily/weekly, the idea began getting more and more doable.
This quote is honestly what pushed me over the edge:
"If you don't have children yet, you may find this entire discussion revolting. However what you may not realize is when you become a parent, you have to deal with body fluids and wastes. Body fluids made you a parent, and body fluids will be part of your life for a very long time. Whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, you will be dealing very closely with all of them." (I have no idea how to give credit for that quote other than linking to this.)
I don't really have a good answer when people say, "Why would you want to do that?" The biggest reason is probably to save $$ and secondly, they are so stinkin cute! The site linked to above and this site both have some really good info about cloth diapering. It is very overwhelming because there are tons of different brands, sizes, and styles. It isn't something I'm necessarily passionate about and if I'm being honest, I'm not really taking the environment into consideration either. I just want to try it and see what happens. I can already tell that diaper buying is going to become an addiction along with those darn Baby Legs.
Anyways, I finally took the plunge! I ordered my first 3 GoodMama diapers today (this one, this one, and this one) and can't hardly wait for them to come. My birthday is Februay 9th and Tj and his Mom are both giving me $100 to spend on diapers. I keep asking for the money early but neither one of them will cave. Only 2 more weeks.
So, if you are totally turned off by the idea, you may want to stop reading for awhile. I'm sure there will be lots of talk about poo, stains, washing, and diapers. It'll kinda be like cloth diapering 101 with me at Stage -1 and Ms. Pool being my teacher. Good thing she checks her email several times a day!


1st Time for Everything

We got home from the ER tonight (more on that in a second) and walked into the house. As always, I sat Tylee's car seat down and hollered for Dutch. I shuffled through some papers in the kitchen and headed into the bedroom to take off my shoes. I realized that Dutch still hadn't came and found me yet and my heart sank for just a split second. I lifted the covers on the bed and no Dutchy. Hm. So I walked into the closet to put my shoes up and voila! And now back to Tylee...Dutch just needed some blog love. When I picked her up yesterday from Grandma's, she had only eaten 1 bag of milk. Woo-hoo! That means an extra bag for the freezer! (That means NOTHING to you until you've nursed and pumped for 7 months.) When I picked her up today, there was a bag left in the fridge again! Still a woo-hoo...but a little trigger went off that she wasn't eating quite right. I went upstairs to grab her and all she had eaten was about 3 ounces out of the 1 bottle that she did take. After I took a second and recovered from seeing the wasted 3 ounces of breast milk sitting on the coffee-table, I grabbed her and tried to feed her before we ran errands. No such luck. We ran our errands, unfed and without a peep. We got home, played for awhile, and then it occurred to me to look at her tongue. Yep, white as white can be. Yuck. The doctor at the ER assured me that "thrush was nothing serious and if I had any questions...blah, blah, blah." I know lady. I'm not here because I'm a hypochondriac parent that thinks that my baby may not survive because of the white goo on her tongue, therefore needs rushed to the ER immediately. I'm here because it is only $5 more of a copay with insurance and this way I don't have to use any sick leave. But thanks for your concern! And because a post isn't a post without pictures, here is my sick little thrush baby.


6 Month Pictures

The waiting is over!!
Go to:
Click on Clients
Password: Tylee
They were well worth the wait!! I love them!


Getting Closer!!


This isn't really a good "show" of her trying but we are getting closer to crawling. She gets one leg up under her but can't quite get the other one. She has the hand part down pat. I think she'll be able to sit up from her tummy in the next week or so. She gets on her side and gets halfway up but isn't quite strong enough. She somewhat does it at the very 1st of this video but of course, everything is half*ss when the video camera comes out. Her friend Josie is 6 weeks younger than Tylee is already crawling. Josie even bear-crawls with her bottom up in the air. I know that I'll be saying that it was better when she wasn't crawling but the 1st-time Mom thing kicks in and I can't wait!



Picture Troubles

Does anyone notice a recurring theme in these pictures? Tj always gets annoyed with me because I take probably 60 pictures of Tylee in one setting but these are my two options...
Or this:
Watching Dutchy

Watching TV

Or Binky.
So! I still don't have one single cute picture of her in this outfit and she looked so darn cute! (I know I am over critical but I am her mother and I'm the one taking the pictures so that makes it all okay.) I'm wondering if I'm going to have the same problem with her 6 month pictures that we get to see tomorrow. I sure hope not.



We are lacking in the bath toy department!



What a busy, busy day! I got Lindsey's kids gift certificates to Build-a-Bear for Christmas and today was the big day! Ah, peace and quiet. A car ride with 4 kids to Kansas City and back is eventful in itself; then throw in Build-a-Bear and Chucke Cheese! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves cause I'm off to bed!


Blogging Addiction

No one ever told me that blogging could be so addictive. I wish someone would've warned me. I started a blog after reading Elizabeth Hasselbeck's blog on Dreft.com after having her second baby. I searched for "baby blogs" and found some generic site that I used for awhile. Then someone gave me a link to a Blogspot blog and the addiction began. I transferred Tylee's blog over and have had this blog for over a year now. When I was pregnant I only updated 5 or 6 times a month because honestly, who has anything to talk about before they have children? I printed off every single post and put it in a scrapbook with pictures for Tylee. Now, I am hoping that someone creates a sight to "slurp" up this blog and put it into book form someday. (Such sight does exists but does not support Blogger at this time.)
My morning used to consist of nursing Tylee at the computer before work while frantically checking each and every blog to see if they had an update. She always finished nursing before I was done checking. Dangit! Then, someone posted a comment on another blog I read about Google Reader and my life became 1,000 times easier. If you have the same addiction, I highly recommend this.
I added a "blogroll" on the side of my blog but if I'm being honest, my addiction goes way beyond those. I read 4 or 5 CDH babies off Sofia's blog daily and several more from links on those pages. I read two links off of Kepley Kid's blog and use the coupon website weekly. (To save you time, if the word coupon has you begging for more, just click here rather than looking.) I read two of "House of Boys" friends blogs and another blog off of one of those friends. I read "Bring the Rain" off of "My Charming Kids" and "Green Lite Bites" off of "Roni's Weigh". I could go on. And on. And on. I only listed the people that I know personally on my blogroll because I don't want people to link to me and see that I have them on the side of my blog when they have not a clue who I am. Ha. I will say that my all-time favorite blog is http://www.sundrymourning.com/. I've been reading her blog since I was in college. I guess I never realized that it was "blog" and not just a "website." Websites aren't near as addicting.


Drum Roll, Please!

I finally finished Tylee's nursery. You can call me a copy cat all you want but I just had to copy Jennifer's safety pin. It was just too cute to pass up. And it makes it okay since I'm giving her every ounce of credit, right? I'm not "in love" with the room. I think it kinda looks like an Easter Egg. And to be honest, I hate pastel colors. So what the heck am I doing?! I actually think they are okay up against the grey though. I haven't liked the yellow cushion on the rocking chair since Day 1 but I found out a couple weeks ago that my Mom recovered my sisters kitchen chairs. Hmmm. Tj and I are also in the midst of a discussion about a shelving unit/toybox but we have different ideas and haven't made it to the city yet. The rocking chair may be changing rooms soon and I honestly think that is what is throwing it all off for me. We don't use it anyways. Thanks Papa Randy for the Safety Pin for Christmas and thanks to Uncle Lance for making Tylee's "t".

Sneak Peek

I got a sneak peek of Tylee's pictures!
Me: I'm not overly impressed. Her head looks so round!
Lindsey: Her head is so round!
Me: It isn't that round.
Lindsey: Yes, it is.
I am really excited to see the rest of the pictures. I know that there are some good ones. (I saw a couple over her shoulder!! Ha.) I am sure that it is hard as a photographer to figure out which ones a parent will like. I didn't order either one of Tylee's Newborn or 3 month sneak peeks. Two different studios have made poster sized prints of my sisters girls to display and my sister didn't order either print. Tylee's main smile is with her mouth WIDE open and I'm sure that isn't what a photographer is looking for. All that being said, we had to change our appointment for the viewing until next Tuesday evening. The doctor called and rescheduled Tylee's shots for this afternoon and I couldn't miss anymore work this week. The anticipation is killing me! Thank goodness for the sneak peeks!


Taste Test

Well, the experiment with the new foods didn't go so well. She hated the Chicken and Noodle dinner so much that she gagged every time she took a bite. And I guess she isn't quite ready for the diced Peaches and Pears either because she kept choking on those as well. Actually, she choked the first time and I took them away. She didn't realize that the Gerber Puffs were food and kept intentionally dropping them over the side of the high chair and then looking down at them and smiling. :-) But here are a couple cute picture of her in her highchair!


Boring Saturday

Tylee and I are bored waiting on Daddy to get home from work. What to do, what to do? Guess I'll just take pictures and post them on the blog all day. Our newest thing is standing. I'll try to sit Tylee down on the floor and she won't bend her legs for anything! I lean her up against the couch and she'll stand there forever! That's gotta be a step in the right direction! The doctor told me that we could start introducing some "people" food and at 6 months she can eat any of the baby food. I bought some Chicken and Noodles and Mac and Cheese at Wal-mart. I also bought some Gerber puffs and some peaches and pears to dice up. Guess we'll go try those. Until then...



Well, pictures went great this morning. I'm not trying to brag but I think I have the happiest baby girl EVER. I will be somewhere for like 20 minutes (the Dr.'s office, a New Year's Eve party, the Grocery Store, Dinner, Pictures, my office, a Christmas Party....I mean almost anywhere) and people say, "Is she always that happy?" The answer is YES, yes she is. I don't know how she is at G-ma's all day (supposedly she is good) but I swear from 6am - 9 pm on Saturday, she doesn't make a peep. She will play on the floor unattended with a few toys in front of her for two hours straight with no adult supervision what-so-ever. I walk by and talk to her and she will glance up at me, smile, and continue playing. As I said, no bragging intended. Just documenting for Tylee's sake so she can kill me when her 1st born cries from 9pm-6am. :-)
So! Back to pictures! They went GREAT. She cooperated 100% through 4 outfit changes and 2 full hours of pictures. I can't wait to see them. I will post the link on the blog ASAP. I figured out that less is more and I can already tell that my least favorite outfit is already my favorite.
We also had our 6 month well-baby visit this afternoon. She is a very healthy baby. She weighed 17 lbs 8 oz and was 26 1/4 inches long. We dropped from the 95th percentile to the 75th percentile on height, weight, and head circumference.



Life is back to normal with a full week of work ahead of me and not another holiday until Tylee is almost 1. Wooo-hooo. Fun, fun. Actually, I'm kinda glad that we are back in the swing of things. As much as I love the holidays I am a teeny-tiny bit happy that they are over and life is back to normal. I am really looking forward to the next couple of months. I think Tylee will be pulling up soon and I just love watching her grow and learn. Things have been pretty quiet lately. Other than perfecting sitting up and rolling over, it has been a pretty boring month or so developmentally. No new foods, no new tricks, no new sounds. We are working on clapping, pulling up from sitting to standing, and getting up on all 4's but aren't quite there yet.
I wanted a boy for Tj's sake and because I loved having an older brother but deep down, I wanted a little girl. She is like my little doll that I can dress up, play with, and teach things. The first time I left her in Chanute overnight with my Mom my main rule was not to take her anywhere without a bow in her hair. :-) All that being said, we have 6 month pictures scheduled tomorrow with Lasha. I feel like tomorrow is prom or something. I've been busy getting outfits, tights, shoes, and bows ready. Off to bed for a busy day tomorrow!



I left the living room like this: Went and checked my Google Reader and came back to find this:

Where, oh, where is Tylee?There she is! Whew! Note: That 1st picture is staged. I do not take random pictures of Tylee playing in the living room floor. :-)


The Finley Christmas

I'm waiting on pictures from my Dad and Lindsey but thought I'd put these pictures of Tylee in her dress on here for now. We had an undershirt for the dress but since it was 74 degrees when I got to Chanute today, we decided we didn't need it.