Happy Halloween!!

Not the cutest picture of her outfit but look how good she is sitting up!


We Could've Been...

A Skeleton. But we aren't.
A Flower. But we aren't.

A Pumpkin. But we aren't.

Just a couple more days!! Oh the suspense...





Well Baby Visit

Our little girl is already 4 months old! I can't really say that time flies because when I think back to all we've done since we had Tylee, it seems like forever ago that we were in the hospital delivering. I do wonder what we ever did before we had her. The past 4 months have been the best 4 months of my life. And I can only see it getting better!

Our little porker weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces and was 24 3/4 inches long. She was in the 95th percentile on weight and 75th percentile in height. Everything checked out just fine. We have a very happy and healthy little girl.

Unfortunately, turning 4 months old has it's drawbacks as well. We got 3 shots and the oral roto-virus vaccine. Her 2 month shots really affected her so I'm nervous to see what happens this round. She has been grumpy today but consolable. One of the "allergy warning signs" is a raspy voice and wheezing and her voice is definitely hoarse. (sp?) I'm watching her pretty close and will probably call the doctor in the morning if it gets worse. I got some video of her talking that I'll try to post later. It'll break your heart. :-(

Ghouls and Ghosts


A Day At The Lake





Tylee had her first solid food yesterday! I'm not quite sure why they call Rice Cereal a "solid" because it was nothing more than watery breastmilk. She really could've cared less and probably ingested less than a teaspoon. Tonight was better and I assume she will continue to improve with every feeding. I mixed it a little thicker tonight and she seemed to do better. I've read that rice cereal has no nutritional value and has no impact on keeping them full so they will sleep better. It's sole purpose is to give them practice with tongue control. We don't need help with sleeping but we do need help with the full tummy factor.

So far we've gotten by without giving Tylee any formula but I'm having trouble keeping up. I'm fine on the weekends when I'm nursing her but I'm falling behind during the week. She drinks 18 ounces (3 bottles) while I'm at work yet I've only been getting about 12 ounces a day. We've been going through our frozen bags pretty fast. I'm actually down to two bags in the freezer and I am saving those for an emergency. I really, really need a night out but can't get away because of the lack of milk.

We go to the doctor on Monday for our 4 month well-baby visit and shots. :-( I'm anxious to see what he says about our feeding issues. We might introduce some formula next week. Even just one bottle every once in awhile would help me stock up but I'm nervous of the side effects.

And now, some more pictures of Tylee...

Some Love For Daddy


Take It or Leave It


I kinda have myself in a predicament. I still swaddle Tylee at night. I guess I don't really know when it started...or should I say, it just never stopped. At what point after bringing your newborn home from the hospital do you stop swaddling them? Well, in my case, never. And now I have a 4 month old that has to be swaddled or she won't sleep more than a couple hours. Honestly, she sleeps 8-10 hours at a time if she is swaddled and no more than 2 if she is not. Take your pick. Friday night her swaddling blankets were dirty so I put her down about 8pm unswaddled. Tj and I were getting ready for bed around 10:30 and when I walked into the bedroom, she was wide awake! And then needed/wanted fed. Usually she won't make a peep until (at the earliest) 4 or 5am.
As it is now, I try to feed her around 8:30 or 9:00. I wrap her up, take her to bed, stick in her binky, and shut off the light. I put her to bed awake and she falls asleep within just a few minutes. That would in no way work if she wasn't swaddled. I would have to rock her or something and get her to sleep before I lay her down...and I think that would start other issues.
So what do I do? At what point is it going to stop? Or does it really need too? The reason I'm asking is because we are about to come face-to-face with a couple of problems. 1) The blankets are getting too small and she can now wiggle her hands out, therefore waking up. 2) It is cold outside now and all her winter PJ's are fleece. I worry about putting her in the fleece PJ's and swaddling because overheating is a cause of SIDS.
Any suggestions? Or do I worry about it?


Morning Routine


New Camera

Problem: Lots of megapixels=LONG time to upload photos. Hm. 37 minutes and 4 pictures later...

She has her Daddy's eyes!


We are officially reaching for toys! Yaaah!

I'm sacrificing dressing and changing Tylee's diaper this morning so that I can post this. Hmm..blogging is taking priority over the pee soaked diaper my child is bathing in. Ha. I always use this reasoning: On the weekends she sleeps past 7:10am so it isn't hurting her to stay in it now. Actually, I started using that logic after the very first night she slept all night. Anytime after that very first night, I wouldn't change her diapers during the middle of the night feeding. Man, I'm a horrible mother. Ha.

Anyways, onto the exciting news.

Tj's Mom called me yesterday morning at work and said she had reached for something 3 times! Sure enough, when I got there to pick her up she was laying in her swing reaching for her mobile. By 7:30 last night, she was an old pro. However, we are already having issues. This morning she woke up at 6:30 (she slept from 8pm -6:30am with only ONE binky replacing!) so she was awake for most of my morning routine. I laid her on her play gym in the bedroom and she wiggled around and played with her toys. She kept crying in random intervals so I would get up and peak around the corner. She had a hold of her toy and was pulling on it as hard as she could but she just couldn't get it to her mouth! Man does that girl have a temper! She would pull too hard and lose her grip and it would fling into the air. Then she would grab it all over again, pull it to her mouth, it wouldn't reach, time to get mad, and repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Ta Dah!



Pumpkin Patch

What a beautiful weekend! Saturday was the perfect day just to be outside, it wouldn't have mattered what we were doing! We started the day out in Farlington at Nanny and Poppy's camper. It took awhile to get all all 9 of us ready and loaded but we finally made it to the Pumpkin Patch. I loved that place! If you are reading with young children and in the Parsons/Chanute area, I highly recommend taking your kids over there. Tylee, of course, could've cared less but I think Lindsey's kids had a blast. What's not to love about a huge sandbox, a barrel of corn to play in, hay bales to jump off, a hayrack ride, a train ride, milking a cow, a petting zoo, and of course, PUMPKINS! We all picked out pumpkins and headed back to the camper to carve them and eat smores. All 9 of us stayed in the camper, it was a packed house but there was no other place I would've rather been.


Been Awhile

Sorry we've been MIA. Mostly because I broke the camera and I don't usually have much to say throughout the week. Wake up, work, home, bed...wake up, work, home, bed...nothing real exciting so I usually just post pictures. Never fear, another camera is on the way and I'll post pictures soon.

It seems like Tylee had a developmental growth spurt this week. She is a lot more active on the floor, rolling from side to side and moving almost anywhere she wants to go on the floor. She isn't just contained to her little play mat anymore. She has found her feet a couple of times but only notices them when she is sitting up. Her legs and belly are too fat and her feet don't stretch up close enough to see when she is on her back. :-)

The biggest event this week was Daddy daycare. Tj's Mom had the flu Thursday and Friday so Tj had his first day at home with Tylee all by himself. I think it was a pretty rough day for the both of them. Tj said he isn't doing it again until she can talk and tell him exactly what is wrong. I took her to work with me for awhile Friday and then we enjoyed the rest of the day together. Tomorrow we are headed to the
Pumpkin Patch and camping with Nanny and Poppy. It should be a fun day!
P.S. - The blog construction is over. I was trying to mock this other blog I read and I could never get mine to look quite like hers. I finally gave up and went with a template. :-(


Gueda Fest

We had a really good time this weekend. It was a beautiful fall day and it was great to be outside for most of it. Tylee was so good all weekend. She was very observant and just couldn't stop taking everything in. We got a couple of naps in but not many. She probably slept 18 out of the 24 hours in the day on Sunday. It wore her plum out. (And Mom and Dad too!)

Lesson learned: SUNBLOCK! It never even crossed my mind that she could get sunburnt. I was conscious of the wind and kept her ears covered up most of the day but never thought someone could get sunburt on a day like Saturday. The sun was shining but it wasn't hot and I never had that "tanning" feeling on my skin. Poor little Tylee has a farmers tan and rosy red cheeks but like I told Kerri on the way home, her skin tanned nicely so hopefully she'll have my complextion. Ha.



Not Tj and I's Anniversary...but the oh-so-important 1 year anniversary of when we found out we were expecting. I found an email to Kaylee that I wrote a couple days after we found out.

"We got home from Gueda Fest Sunday and I had a weird feeling. I had taken a pregnancy test last Friday and it was negative. When I woke up Sunday morning and still hadn't started, I had a pretty good feeling. As soon as we got home I went into the bathroom and took the other test. I sat it on the ledge next to the stool and went into the computer room and sat on the futon. Tj was on the phone and didn't know I had taken it. I went in and checked after a couple minutes and it was positive. I carried it into him but had to wait until he got off the phone. I handed him the stick right as he was hanging up and his eyes got great big. I was taking my temperature to see when I was ovulating but we really didn't think it would happen the first month! I was mad whenever I found out Megan was pregnant cause I had taken a couple tests and they were negative. I was so jealous of her but turns out I was pregnant all along! I think we are only a few days apart. But anyways, once I saw that positive sign, I was scared to death. I'm excited now but it is all still a little overwhelming. We really didn't think it would happen this fast! Okay, I'll stop typing now and let you ask questions."

It is so funny to read that and just think about how much our life has changed in a year! Megan had her baby boy exactly a week before Tylee was born. We were due a day apart but little Miss Tylee didn't want to come out! And the room that I walked into and showed Tj the + stick isn't even close to the same room. I can picture all that and remember it as if it were yesterday.

We are off to Gueda Fest again this weekend. It is a little town around Ark City that has a fall festival. Our friend Curtis is from there but there are several of our friends from Parsons going. This will be Tylee's second trip to Gueda Fest...but only her first time outside of my belly!!

The PAT's meeting went fine. Tylee was on track with everything except reaching for things and making noises with her saliva. I'm not so sure that I want her to meet that saliva milestone. :-S She is way ahead with her head controll, tummy time, and rolling over and the lady gave me some things to work on for her hand-eye coordination. She was reaching in her carseat the other morning but hasn't done it since. Anyways, I think Tylee and I are really going to enjoy the program.



You don't know how excited I am to tell you...Tylee reached for a toy this morning! I know, I know...it was ridiculous for me to even be worrying, but I was. I wasn't losing sleep over it or anything but that is all we worked on in the evenings during play time. I could tell she was getting close but her movements weren't quite intentional. They were more a swoop with hopes of catching something that she could drag to her mouth. This morning it was an actual reach-up and grab for the toy hanging from the carseat. It'll be nice tonight to focus on something else. :-)
We almost had a clothing disaster yesterday. When I woke up it was 44 degrees outside and I had nothing warm to put on Tylee! I have a few sweaters and fleece's from Lindsey but the high was 75 so it was still too warm for those. We were in dire need of long-sleeved shirts and pants. Tylee must've grown an inch in less than a week. It seems like her pants fit one day and didn't the next! Aunt Lindsey came to the rescue, went to JCPenney's in Chanute, and brought us the new pants last night. I'd taken all the clothes in the closet for granted and hadn't really paid attention to the lack of winter clothes. Not only is my 3 month old wearing 6 month outfits, but even if she was in the correct size, the seasons are mismatched with Lindsey's girls so we still wouldn't have the right size for the season. We should be set for awhile.
Our PAT's appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday.



Everyone is still happy and healthy at the Trollope homestead. We are all adjusted to our new routine and everyone seems to be getting along great. I am learning to appreciate my weekends more and Fridays at quitting time have a whole new meaning. I can't wait to get off and spend the whole weekend with my baby girl.
Tylee weighs a little over 15 pounds now. She is pleasantly plump. :-) I need to get some 6-9 month onesies next time I go to Wal-mart, the 3-6 month are just too small.
I am still nursing and plan on doing so until she is at least a year. I take 3 breaks at work and try to pump everytime she is supposed to eat. So far I am able to keep up but it is getting kinda close. If we have to supplement with formula while I'm at work, I guess we will but I am going to try everything I can so we don't have too. I am axious to introduce solids in a couple weeks so maybe she won't need as much breastmilk. Wishful thinking because I don't think it works that way.
I've signed up for Parents as Teachers and have our first appointment on Tuesday. I'm anxious to see what that is all about. I think we just go over milestones and make sure she is on track. I am under the understanding that it is just information for parents on how to make sure we are focusing on the right stepping stones. I am a tad worried about her hand-eye coordination because we still haven't had an intentional "reach" for a toy yet. She holds onto them and takes everything to her mouth but still no reach. We also aren't laughing which is another 3-month milestone. Tj says maybe we just aren't funny. :-) Of course, we are only 10 days past turning 3 months old but that motherly instinct kicks in and I start worrying.


Watching Baby Einstein Video

Daddy was upset because she didn't have any Nebraska Gear on

Lazy Sunday