Long Day

Birthday Party

It was worth a try...

Soccer Game

A Dip in the Pool

Happy Morning


Growing and Growing

Tylee is growing so fast! It seems like she has changed so much in just one week. If only we learned as much every year as we learn in the first year of our life. Apparently Tylee has found her voice and LOVES listening to herself talk. She has been cooing and talking for quite awhile but nothing like the past week. She has woke Tj up twice this past week laying in her room talking while I'm getting ready. There is no other way that I would want to wake up than to a happy baby girl.

I put Tylee in her bed for the first time last night. She woke at 7am and as I opened my eyes, I could hear her talking. I peeked over her bassinett to stick her binky in and she was gone! My heart sunk until I soon realized that she was in her own room. She slept from 8pm until 7am. I don't know if she woke up somewhere in between but if she did, she fell back asleep on her own. I don't notice her noises in the night by my sister said she was a noisy sleeper. I think we'll both sleep better with her in her own room because I won't jump up to feed her at the first peep.

I don't have any pictures...can you believe it? It's been almost a week since I've even had my camera out. I am headed to Chanute to Brecca's birthday party tomorrow and am sure there will be plenty to post when I get home tomorrow night.


More Weekend Pictures


Happy Girl


A Momentus Occasion

Ugly outfit, drool, and Dutch walked by right at the end but at least I got it on video.


I laid Tylee down on her tummy, turned around to sit down on the couch, sat down, and when I looked at her she was on her back!! I flipped out and started screaming..."SHE ROLLED OVER!" So I flipped her back over and tried it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke! I told Tj to get the camera and the battery was dead. Why can't you do this when I'm prepared Tylee? But sure enough, she did it again. I finally got it on video the third time.